Winter Chill 5K #3 2020 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Sunday January 19
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

Results coming soon!


We’re three Chills deep and finally got some of that winter weather that gives this series its name. Week 3 was another solid turnout with 83 runners. Next Sunday, January 26, is the fourth and final Winter Chill race of the year. The theme is “favorite sports team.” Be sure to stick around after the race for brunch and awards, which will be (thankfully!) in a heated indoor venue—most likely Kelly’s Dockside, just around the corner from Cass Park.

38 runners have completed all three races, and series awards are based on the average finishing times of those who complete all four. We hope to see all 38 of you serial racers again next week, plus many more of you who haven’t run all three!

Series Standings

Webscorer Results for Week 3

1Alexander Simpson-17M17:58.8
2Bill WatsonIthaca, NY31M18:26.7
3Kris Norberg-31M18:59.7
4Michael StewartIthaca, NY38M19:29.4
5Scotie JacobsBrooktondale, NY44M19:34.4
6Tristan Lambert-43M21:33.6
7Brennan Brockway-15M21:37.4
8Nick Marnell-16M22:04.6
9John HohmIthaca, NY35M22:12.5
10Stephen SauerIthaca, NY50M22:14.6
11Mark JauquetIthaca, NY53M22:22.3
12Liz HartmanIthaca, NY37F22:28.0
13Caitlin LoehrIthaca, NY54F22:46.9
14Steve Nathans-KellyIthaca, NY50M22:56.3
15Aran Hubbell-26F23:09.0
16Sean KasperBrooklyn, NY26M23:09.7
17Bill BegealIthaca, NY49M23:37.5
18Adi FairbankIthaca, NY43M23:50.1
19Matthew ClarkIthaca, NY57M23:53.2
20Bill KingIthaca, NY60M23:55.7
21Kate BlackwoodIthaca, NY42F24:12.9
22Jason Archbold-31M24:26.5
23Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY59F24:31.6
24Yinghua WangLansing, NY46M24:35.8
25Oliver LambertLansing, NY14M24:54.2
26Pete KresockIthaca, NY37M25:31.2
27Grant BriggsWindsor, NY52M25:34.8
28Liz KluzIthaca, NY40F25:38.5
29Kahl CountsCandor, NY36M25:43.2
30Anais Vanek-16F25:45.9
31Thomas MoorhoffIthaca, NY34M25:47.9
32Mia SlotnickIthaca, NY57F25:59.2
33Michael AllingerNewfield, NY62M25:59.9
34Christine ReynoldsNewfield, NY49F26:12.8
35Lawrence GlickmanIthaca, NY57M26:28.5
36Steve ShaumIthaca, NY54M26:38.3
37Augusto Diemecke-59M26:56.7
38Jennifer TotiNorwich, NY42F26:58.9
39Sophia DarlingGroton, NY44F27:02.5
40Annoura StewartIthaca, NY13F27:37.1
41Jonathan LadleyIthaca, NY38M27:45.3
42Jamie LoehrIthaca, NY57M27:49.1
43Michelle DardiaFreeville, NY60F27:51.9
44Jamey JonesIthaca, NY48M27:52.8
45Stephanie MulinosDryden, NY55F28:32.9
46Steve RyanIthaca, NY68M28:38.6
47Gilly LeshedIthaca, NY48F28:49.9
48Elizabeth RechtinIthaca, NY49F28:51.5
49Courtney RoyalIthaca, NY38F28:54.3
50Carina Ramsey-36F28:54.9
51Rebecca IrwinWebster, NY26F28:57.0
52Joseph Reynolds-75M29:11.9
53Kieran StewartIthaca, NY15M29:16.9
54John Donaldson-56M29:27.9
55John KopalekBinghamton, NY69M29:33.3
56Wendy KozlowskiLansing, NY49F29:34.9
57Anne ShakespeareIthaca, NY65F29:39.0
58Dan StantonApex, NC60M29:42.2
59Ram VenkatIthaca, NY44M29:44.9
60Kerra QuinnDryden, NY44F29:52.7
61Katie KellyIthaca, NY42F30:41.2
62Jesse CanfieldApalachin, NY40M30:41.7
63Ruth SproulIthaca, NY67F31:13.6
64Benjamin LambertLansing, NY13M31:18.6
65Gary Morton-67M31:42.1
66Amy Spadolini-56F31:53.1
67Tonya EngstIthaca, NY52F32:04.6
68Julie WhittenIthaca, NY41F32:04.6
69Lisa Dann--F32:20.0
70Judson Powers-38M32:53.8
71Brad TreatIthaca, NY48M33:38.6
72Jesse ClendenningIthaca, NY45M33:49.1
73Cheyenne Cardamone-KnewstubIthaca, NY46F33:55.0
74Daniel Reynolds-32M34:16.8
75Loren DuceyKing Ferry, NY34F34:38.6
76Erika ClendenningFreeville, NY40F35:25.8
77Christy Reynolds-34F36:16.7
78Lane DarlingGroton, NY11M36:58.7
79Lucas DarlingGroton, NY14M36:58.9
80Trisha LadleyIthaca, NY37F37:42.0
81Chris Spadolini-16M38:54.0
82Diane Lebo WallaceIthaca, NY62F41:52.4
83Marcia BeckleyGroton, NY61F43:53.4
84Heather CobbGroton, NY34F44:15.3
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