Winter Chill 5K #1 2023 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Saturday January 07
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

It was nice to see so many people out at the first Winter Chill 5K today—with 132 starters, it was our third largest Winter Chill race ever! The warmer-than-usual weather and clear Waterfront Trail made for excellent running conditions. We hope you had a great time!

Unfortunately, the unexpectedly large turnout, combined with challenging wet conditions for the timers and some large clumps of runners finishing together prevented our timing team from recording entirely accurate results. Next week we’ll have video backup. We think we’ve corrected any and all timing errors, but if you notice your time or place is significantly wrong, please email Adam Engst so we can correct it.

Detailed results are available on Webscorer.

Thank you for the outstanding turnout. We’ll see you on Saturday, January 14th, for Chill #2!

5K Results

1Isaac MazzeoIthaca, NY27Male17:57
2Patrick MilanoIthaca, NY33Male18:15
3Chelsea BensonIthaca, NY40Female18:22
4Ryuki YamasakiIthaca, NY20Male18:26
5Andrew NorbyIthaca, NY32Male18:57
6Tetsuya YamasakiIthaca, NY43Male19:33
7Aaron KingIthaca, NY39Male19:42
8Adam SchoeneIthaca, NY41Male19:56
9Walter SilbertIthaca, NY52Male19:59
10Keith EgglestonGroton, NY63Male20:08
11Claire McNallyCanton, NY22Female20:16
12Tuli KuckesIthaca, NY24Male20:31
13Aidan LazzaroIthaca, NY14Male20:36
14Brian LazzaroSyracuse, NY48Male20:52
15Scott DawsonTrumansburg, NY49Male20:54
16Damian ClemonsPhelps, NY48Male21:05
17Dan ScalesDryden, NY48Male21:10
18Alistair HaydenIthaca, NY33Male21:21
19Sarah CoddDowningtown, PA23Female21:26
20Robert SwizdorIthaca, NY57Male21:34
21Sarah Woodyear-25Female21:55
22Michael LeonardFreeville, NY59Male21:59
23Steven VanekIthaca, NY51Male22:02
24Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY61Male22:17
25Caitlin LoehrIthaca, NY57Female22:26
26Patrick BoyleIthaca, NY39Male22:32
27Alan LockettLansing, NY65Male22:49
28Hadley StuartIthaca, NY31Female22:56
29Lynn Hart-52Female23:08
30Nathan Scinto-MadonichIthaca, NY28Male23:18
31Emily MadanIthaca, NY37Female23:20
32Richard Caddy-34Male23:40
33Joel LeffIthaca, NY72Male23:42
34James DeanIthaca, NY49Male23:45
35Michelle WoodsIthaca, NY47Female23:53
36Bill BegealIthaca, NY52Male23:59
37Klaas Van WijkIthaca, NY62Male24:04
37Ilana BritoIthaca, NY42Female24:04
39William BosciaIthaca, NY14Male24:11
40Anurag AgrawalIthaca, NY50Male24:13
41Kurt BrosnanIthaca, NY37Male24:16
42Chad Purdy-51Male24:25
43Daniele VisioniIthaca, NY31Male24:36
44Gillian Haines-SharpIthaca, NY61Female24:39
45Bill KingIthaca, NY63Male24:48
46Ted BosciaIthaca, NY42Male24:54
47Kyle ReynoldsPine City, NY44Male25:02
48Matthew ClarkNorth Syracuse, NY60Male25:03
49Breana PabstIthaca, NY31Female25:04
50Lawrence GlickmanIthaca, NY59Male25:08
51Wendy WolfordLyme, NH, NH52Female25:17
52Sarah Von SchraderIthaca, NY50Female26:01
53Graham MuellerIthaca, NY8Male26:11
54Benjamin MuellerIthaca, NY40Male26:12
55Jamie LoehrIthaca, NY60Male26:14
56Dane Percy-43Male26:16
57GG KingIthaca, NY9Female26:27
58Mia SlotnickIthaca, NY60Female26:31
59Annalee PrattIthaca, NY17Female26:46
60Steph BaileyCanandaigua, NY41Female27:15
61Augusto Diemecke-61Male27:25
62Jennifer KozlowskiIthaca, NY51Female27:30
63Quinn KingsleyIthaca, NY23Female27:35
64Amy DawsonTrumansburg, NY49Female27:44
65Diana HackettIthaca, NY39Female27:45
66Katie GannonGreat Falls, MT27Female28:10
67Travis WhiteDewitt, NY45Male28:17
68Laurel GilmerIthaca, NY37Female28:25
69Terry MatticeIthaca, NY64Male28:30
70Melissa WallaceIthaca, NY49Female28:55
71Rachel NeugartenIthaca, NY40Female28:58
72Mickie JauquetIthaca, NY53Female29:06
73Jessica SmithIthaca, NY41Female29:07
74Ballard SmithIthaca, NY42Male29:07
75Michelle DardiaFreeville, NY63Female29:16
76Monika WoodPainted Post, NY60Female29:19
77Laura HelmerickIthaca, NY63Female29:19
78Timothy LyonsIthaca, NY44Male29:26
79Dina MaxwellIthaca, NY52Female30:04
80Kathy PutnamIthaca, NY55Female30:08
81Katherine BellIthaca, NY25Female30:47
82Anngel DelaneyIthaca, NY51Female30:54
83Esperanza Shenstone-29Female30:58
84Dylan KuckesIthaca, NY59Male30:59
85Stephanie MulinosDryden, NY58Female31:00
86Tom JohnsonBrooktondale, NY47Male31:06
86Maya JohnsonBrooktondale, NY21Female31:06
88Bryce JauquetIthaca, NY18Male31:14
89Christie HillenbrandDryden, NY35Female31:15
90Melanie SmeeIthaca, NY37Female31:15
91Jeffra RuesinkIthaca, NY52Female31:16
92Joseph SullivanIthaca, NY65Male31:17
93Caryl Peck-56Male31:24
94Deb JamesLisle, NY51Female31:26
95Gretchen GilbertBrooktondale, NY54Female31:33
96Sara Scinto-MadonichIthaca, NY29Female31:36
97Scott NissensonIthaca, NY60Male31:45
98Tonya EngstIthaca, NY55Female31:51
99Wendy KozlowskiGroton, NY52Female32:01
100Eileen RandallNewfield Hamlet, NY42Female32:09
101Peter RandallNewfield, NY50Male32:10
102Grace PetrisinIthaca, NY35Female32:10
103Rahmon DailyCortland, NY13Male32:23
104Marie FitzsimmonsHector, NY64Female32:35
105Nana PotenzaTrumansburg, NY43Female32:58
106Jessica DailyCortland, NY42Female33:07
107Leo MorseLansing, NY10Male33:16
108Laura MorseLansing, NY42Female33:17
109Virginia FishelTrumansburg, NY13Female33:24
110Debby ReynoldsPine City, NY42Female33:33
111Jennifer MellottTrumansburg, NY50NB33:33
112Laura TaylorIthaca, NY56Female34:40
113Carl FranckIthaca, NY70Male34:42
114Christopher CrookerIthaca, NY57Male34:44
115Andrea Romeo-HallIthaca, NY56Female35:35
116Shari SproleIthaca, NY60Female36:01
117Spencer HillIthaca, NY57Male36:17
118Jenny Barnett-58Female36:18
119Sarah Teed-30Female36:55
120Erin PietrasVestal, NY11Female37:04
121Kuwanna Dyer-PietrasVestal, NY46Female37:08
122Aviya King-6Female37:18
123Amanda KingIthaca, NY35Female37:18
124Jeff Ryan-35Male37:33
125Chelsea Ryan-36Female37:35
126Kim KelchnerVirgil, NY45Female38:38
127Jameson Romeo-HallIthaca, NY56Male38:56
128William TaitIthaca, NY26Male39:28
129Cori MeloneyGroton, NY47Female45:11
130Amelia HabichtIthaca, NY56Female1:59:41
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