Winter Chill 5K #1 2022 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Sunday January 09
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

We did it! Thank you everyone (racers, timers and volunteers) for being flexible. The path was super icy so we decided on a safer cross country approach. I know the conditions were less than ideal, running in a frozen field is my idea of a bad time, but y’all were really good sports about it. We had 59 racers complet five laps, at somewhat varying distances, with notable finishers Brian Lazzaro, Liz Hartman, Sarah Codd, and Banyan Love. Check out our race photos here (more coming soon), and join us next Sunday when we all wear black. Thank you Chillers!

-RD Sarah Drumheller

5K Results

1Brian LazzaroSyracuse, NY47M19:36
2Banyan LoveNewfield, NY16M19:37
3Roger MoseleyNew York, NY47M19:48
4Tommy PerryTrumansburg, NY40M20:07
5Scott DawsonTrumansburg, NY48M20:46
6Aaron KingIthaca, NY38M20:47
7Liz HartmanIthaca, NY39F20:55
8Sarah CoddDowningtown, PA22F20:56
9Aiden BegealIthaca, NY21M21:29
10Rodney EgliNewark, NY21M21:33
11Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY60M22:09
12Amy ParkerIthaca, NY26F22:10
13Michael LeonardFreeville, NY58M22:20
14Aidan LazzaroIthaca, NY13M22:41
15Damian ClemonsPhelps, NY47M22:52
16Kate BlackwoodIthaca, NY44F23:18
17Bill BegealIthaca, NY51M25:03
18Gary WilliamsIthaca, NY57M25:15
19Nicholas KleinIthaca, NY42M25:46
20Mark JauquetIthaca, NY55M26:05
21Milo Moseley-10M26:10
22Hillary CreedonIthaca, NY31F26:23
23Asher Moseley-10M26:30
24Matthew ClarkIthaca59M26:50
25Verity Platt-44F26:54
26Jennifer TotiNorwich, NY44F27:04
27Kyle ReynoldsPine City, NY43M27:13
28Amy DawsonTrumansburg, NY48F27:42
29Diana HackettIthaca, NY38F27:45
30Jamie HomIthaca, NY30F27:49
31Elizabeth RechtinIthaca, NY51F28:03
32Vanessa BellIthaca, NY15F28:09
33Josef HauserIthaca, NY30M28:19
34Yinghua WangIthaca, NY48M28:27
35Patty LarkinIthaca, NY47F28:59
36Caroline RasmussenLansing, NY63F29:01
37Stephanie MulinosDryden, NY57F29:03
38Sophie RistowIthaca, NY16F29:17
39Kelly BellIthaca, NY46F29:18
40Katherine ForrestBrooktondale, NY44F29:19
41Michelle DardiaFreeville, NY62F29:36
42Steve RyanIthaca, NY70M29:40
43Spencer HillIthaca, NY56M31:25
44Thad DemulderIthaca, NY57M32:01
45Bradford BellIthaca, NY47M32:06
46Guy HoffmanIthaca, NY48M32:53
47Amy SpadoliniCortland58F33:42
48Carl FranckIthaca, NY69M34:27
49Thomas JohnsonBrooktondale, NY46M34:34
50Tonya EngstIthaca, NY54F35:01
51Kate AndersonIthaca, NY47F35:19
52Lisa DannLansing, NY48F35:35
53John DannLansing, NY48M35:35
54Dina MaxwellIthaca, NY51F35:54
55Bob CongdonIthaca, NY76M37:13
56Lori CrandallLansing, NY44F37:21
57Joe ReynoldsLansing, NY77M40:06
58Genevieve BruceIthaca, NY45F40:58
59Chris SpadoliniCortland, NY57M42:14
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