Winter Chill 5K #1 2020 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Sunday January 05
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

Ithaca saw some great winter running weather right up until two days prior to the first Chill. Then, as if on cue, we got slapped with that windy snow dusting that we’re used to in early January—just in time for the race.

Nevertheless, 106 Chillers turned up at Cass Park for FLRC’s first race of the decade, and handled the multi-directional headwind with aplomb. By definition, the (slightly) new course means course records for our first week winners Michael Stewart and Amelia Kaufman.

Hang on to your bibs to reuse at any/all of the remaining 2020 Winter Chill races. Same place, same time, same course, next Sunday for Chill #2, where the theme is to dress as your favorite animal. Note: Please do not park in the Ice Rink parking lot; use the lots by the fields, adjacent to the start/finish. Also, we have Winter Chill Series long-sleeve shirts available for $15. We now accept credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay on site, in addition to cash or check.

See you next Sunday!

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5K Results

1Michael StewartIthaca, NY38M19:18.7
2David KaniaFreeville, NY39M19:21.0
3Scotie JacobsBrooktondale, NY44M19:30.5
4Benjamin MuellerIthaca, NY37M20:05.6
5Amelia KaufmanIthaca, NY26F20:26.0
6Tobias BrissonIthaca, NY19M20:46.9
7Tristan Lambert-43M21:02.9
8Leo BrissonIthaca, NY16M21:04.9
9Brennan BrockwayGroton15M21:17.5
10Katherine DurrantIthaca, NY46F21:19.6
11Steve Vanek-48M21:22.7
12Pete KresockIthaca, NY37M21:34.4
13Stephen SauerIthaca, NY50M21:56.2
14AJ Darling-21M22:06.5
15Alan Lockett-62M22:07.1
16Robert SwizdorIthaca, NY54M22:09.7
17Mark JauquetIthaca, NY53M22:12.2
18Kieran Loehr-21M22:24.7
19Caitlin LoehrIthaca, NY54F22:26.6
20Aliza ProulxIthaca, NY14F22:34.9
21Steve Nathans-KellyIthaca, NY50M22:37.8
22Nancy KleinrockIthaca, NY59F22:40.2
23Kate BlackwoodIthaca, NY42F23:00.2
24Matthew ClarkIthaca, NY57M23:07.4
25Nick Marnell-16M23:25.1
26Liz KluzIthaca, NY40F23:32.2
27Aaron Snow-35M23:55.6
28Catarina Massa-29F24:03.8
29Anais Vanek-16F24:11.6
30Bill Begeal-29M24:12.1
31Christine ReynoldsNewfield, NY49F24:20.8
32Amy Parker-24F24:26.8
33Oliver LambertLansing, NY14M24:33.4
34Bill KingIthaca, NY60M24:39.6
35Grant BriggsWindsor51M24:41.2
36Lorrie Tily-58F24:48.4
37John Simonds-55M24:55.2
38Chris ProulxIthaca, NY51M25:02.5
39David CornebyBarton, NY49M25:09.9
40Jennifer TotiNorwich, NY42F25:13.3
41Kahl CountsCandor, NY36M25:18.3
42Mia Slotnick-57F25:22.4
43Margaret FrankIthaca, NY34F25:29.8
44Lawrence GlickmanIthaca, NY56M25:35.1
45Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY58M25:52.9
46Steve ShaumIthaca, NY54M25:53.0
47Kim JacksonIthaca, NY51F26:03.1
48Thomas MoorhoffIthaca, NY34M26:32.3
49Mickie JauquetIthaca, NY50F26:48.6
50Tonya EngstIthaca, NY52F26:54.7
51Yinghua WangLansing, NY46M27:03.6
52Steve Sumner-56M27:24.8
53Michelle DardiaFreeville60F27:39.8
54Kerra QuinnDryden, NY44F28:06.6
55Sandy KellyLansing, NY59F28:18.8
56Anne ShakespeareIthaca, NY64F28:25.0
57Joseph ReynoldsNewfield75M28:35.2
58Jennifer WilkieIthaca, NY51F28:57.6
58Elizabeth Rechtin-29F28:57.6
60Kieran StewartIthaca, NY15M29:10.8
61Benjamin LambertLansing, NY13M29:16.8
62Ronald CunninghamDryden, NY62M29:20.7
63Shawn James-54M29:22.9
64Samuel Farnum-30F29:24.0
65Meredith Rogers-29F29:30.8
66Stephanie MulinosDryden, NY55F29:31.3
67Michael AllingerNewfield, NY62M29:31.8
68Michael BoggsJacksonville, NY60M29:32.5
69Jon ShaffIthaca, NY63M29:33.1
70Brenda MichaudTrumansburg, NY57F29:35.7
71Brian HenryDryden, NY43M29:41.3
72Ava HenryDryden, NY14F29:42.9
73Wendy KozlowskiLansing, NY49F29:49.1
74Edie WilliamsSkaneateles, NY51F29:55.4
75Julie WhittenIthaca, NY41F30:24.3
76Laurel GilmerIthaca, NY34F30:25.4
77Kristine Walker-47F30:30.8
78Ruth SproulIthaca, NY67F30:37.6
79Trey WarnerLansing, NY18M30:40.8
80Lisa DannLansing, NY46F30:52.0
81Dave TalcottOwego, NY59M31:06.5
82Jesse ClendenningIthaca, NY45M31:13.1
83Judy DrakeLansing, NY50F31:18.3
84Daniel ReynoldsLodi, NY32M31:30.5
85Kole CharskyIthaca, NY9M32:02.1
86Dennis CharskyIthaca, NY46M32:03.2
87Leo MorseIthaca, NY7M32:11.2
88Laura MorseIthaca, NY39F32:18.0
89Traci Washburn-50F32:19.8
90Paula KiltsNewfield, NY61F32:26.9
91Nicola FoxLansing, NY41F32:27.2
92Cheyenne Cardamone-KnewstubIthaca, NY46F32:51.6
93Heather CobbGroton, NY34F33:31.9
94Dan FravelWaverly,, NY45M33:36.2
95Erika ClendenningFreeville, NY40F33:59.0
96Becky CharskyIthaca, NY46F34:10.0
97Brad TreatIthaca, NY48M35:24.3
98Kim KelchnerCortland, NY42F35:53.1
99Trisha LadleyIthaca, NY37F37:11.4
100Jessica SchillmoellerWaverly, NY45F38:46.3
101Scott Burun-37M39:53.1
102Diane Lebo WallaceIthaca, NY62F41:24.8
103Peter FrazierIthaca, NY41M41:25.6
104Sophia FrazierIthaca, NY13F41:26.0
105Deanna KilanowskiMcgraw, NY25F42:04.5
106Loren DuceyKing Ferry, NY34F42:04.6
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