Winter Chill 5K #1 2018 Results
Brave the Ithaca winter!
11:00am Sunday January 07
Cass Park | FLRC | 5K

The FLRC started off the calendar year at the tail end of a “cyclone bomb,” which handed us much more frigid conditions than usual for the first Winter Chill of 2018. The theme for this week’s race was 1950s, but costumes were in short supply thanks to the arctic blast. Nevertheless, 61 runners and one dog finished the 3.1 miles, which included a half-mile or so plowing through 3-4 inches of snow.

Next week’s race will be at the same time and place, with a 1960s theme and (most likely) significantly warmer weather. Remember to keep your bib for all four series races. For those wishing to register, you can do so online, and you may also renew your FLRC membership online or onsite at any of the races. Winter Chill registration is free for club members. See you next Sunday!

Detailed results on Webscorer.

1Nery TriguerosIthaca, NY41Male21:16.8
2Michael SurrenaIthaca, NY27Male21:26.7
3Klaas Van WijkIthaca, NY57Male21:37.3
4Andrew AlexanderIthaca, NY31Male22:25.2
5Stephen Sauer48Male22:34.5
6Robert SwizdorIthaca, NY52Male22:56.0
7Pete KresockIthaca, NY35Male23:08.0
8Frances ChenIthaca, NY27Female23:23.4
9Jesse Koennecke47Male23:41.3
10Gerrit Van LoonIthaca, NY56Male23:50.5
11Matthew Clark55Male24:37.4
12Elizabeth KluzIthaca, NY38Female25:14.6
13Zachary Batterman27Male25:40.7
14Mark JauquetIthaca, NY51Male26:36.3
15Marcus May29Male26:45.6
16Lorrie TilyIthaca, NY56Female26:47.5
17Sophia DarlingGroton, NY43Female26:57.4
18John Whitman63Male26:59.4
19Jessica Boulia25Female27:05.7
20David KeiferDryden, NY71Male27:15.6
21Thomas Munson33Male27:53.7
22Rachel NascimentoIthaca, NY39Female27:54.1
23Kristina HugarIthaca, NY33Female27:54.5
24Tonya EngstIthaca, NY50Female28:09.2
25Terry MatticeIthaca, NY59Male29:02.5
26Kerra Quinn42Female29:36.5
27Ron Cunningham60Male29:37.0
28Evan Kurtz61Male29:48.9
29Hillary CreedonIthaca, NY27Female29:52.6
30Chris ProulxIthaca, NY49Male29:59.5
31Michelle DardiaFreeville, NY58Female30:02.5
32Nick Gilbert27Male30:32.5
33Steve RyanIthaca, NY66Male30:41.1
34Wendy KozlowskiLansing, NY47Female30:43.4
35Julie CrosbyTrumansburg, NY44Female30:43.7
36Bob Congdon72Male30:58.5
37Patricia Ristow43Female31:19.7
38Shelly Ebel35Female31:20.8
39Joe Reynolds73Male32:11.1
40Deb SiegertFreeville, NY61Female32:23.0
41Chris AndersonIthaca, NY49Male32:53.0
42Kristen AngierskiDepew, NY27Female33:07.1
43Lucas DarlingGroton, NY12Male33:48.7
44Kevin Nines29Male34:04.4
45Lane Darling9Male35:19.5
46Kael Eldred13Male35:21.2
47Kate AndersonIthaca, NY43Female36:10.6
48Christopher CrookerIthaca, NY52Male36:11.0
49Gina Giambattista53Female36:30.5
50Amy RossSpencer, NY50Female36:49.8
51Lisa DannLansing, NY44Female37:29.1
52Bonnie Jo CoughlinIthaca, NY50Female37:32.4
53Heather FortenberryIthaca, NY44Female40:12.3
54Linda OrkinIthaca, NY67Female40:45.7
55Stephanie Ard26Female42:31.8
56Hyunwoo Yu24Male42:53.1
57Sungho Yu54Male43:11.7
58Philip GarinIthaca, NY38Male48:15.7
58Marilyn Garin33Female48:15.7
60Carsten Hess47Male49:26.2
61Asha Miles27Female49:30.8
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