June 2017 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday June 20
Lansing High School | FLRC
After a brief threat of rain during registration, the weather turned gorgeous for a relaxed meet with tons of kids from the Ithaca Youth Bureau, Team PREFO, and Southern Tier SOAR. In the leadoff 2 mile, Andrew Davis ran a 10:08 for the win, with Team PREFO’s Victoria Collins taking the women’s title in 13:02.
The eight heats of the 100m started off with children who weren’t entirely clear on the concept of staying in their lanes or stopping after crossing the finish line, and ended with Thomas White running a powerful 10.48 for the win. Charlie Slusser of Southern Tier SOAR was the first woman in 13.58.
The 800m was fairly close, with Andrew Davis doubling his victory count with a 2:06 over Stephen Thompson’s 2:07. Team PREFO’s Faithe Ketchum won for the women in 2:35.
In the mile, which is the fourth (or fifth, for masters) running in the MITHACAL MILE SERIES, Ethan Seltzer (4:51.76) outkicked Joseph Thompson (4:52.37) by half a second. The women’s race was almost as exciting, with Cassandra Collins of Team PREFO outkicking her teammate Lydia Keys, 6:33 to 6:35. I’ll get the updated MITHACAL MILE standings done soon.
The 4x400m relay pitted an ad hoc team composed of Samuel Voak, Joseph Thompson, Michael Dee, and Stephen Thompson against Team PREFO’s Ben Fenton, Thomas Bovairo, Nate Wilsoncroft, and Jim Derick. The ad hoc team pulled it out in the end, running 3:54.5 to Team PREFO’s 4:00.1.
Special thanks to the strong volunteer team that made it all happen. Scott Wehrwein took the lead as head timer, Ved Gund entered day-of-race registrants and results, with help from Aaron Proujansky. Julie Quinn did backup timing and Keith Eggleston recorded finishers. Bruce Roebal returned to his starter duties after the winter off, Kevin Nelson helped with timing the 100m, and Tom Rishel and David Keifer helped with setup, lap counting, and runner wrangling. Tonya Engst and Carl Franck served as clerks of course to arrange all the heats, and Lansing track coach Becca Lovenheim provided on-site assistance with the facility and sound system. And when it was all done and the runners had left, the volunteers all shared sub sandwiches on a glorious summer evening before packing up all the gear.


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Thomas WhiteM30-39Unattached10.48
2Eric RyanM16-19Unattached11.59
3Patrick SkinnerM30-39Unattached11.70
4Nathan WilsoncroftM11-15Team PREFO12.04
5John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO12.92
6Gregory GreenM40-49Unattached13.13
7Charlie SlusserFSouthern Tier SOAR13.58
8Leila VargasF11-15Team PREFO14.23
9Aidan GallagherM11-15Unattached14.98
10Garrison BalashM11-15Southern Tier SOAR15.17
11Samir GulatiM11-15Southern Tier SOAR15.29
12Michael MillowM11-15Southern Tier SOAR15.36
13Nadia AliF11-15Team PREFO15.75
14Samson TelfordM11-15Team PREFO15.80
15Noah RufferM11-15Team PREFO15.82
16Noah HilkerM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau16.09
17Katelyn FentonF1-10Team PREFO16.31
18Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR16.40
19Jezabelle BrowneF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau16.46
20James SaundersM1-10Team PREFO16.50
21Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO16.54
22Elena RufferF1-10Team PREFO16.98
23Kiran GulatiM1-10Southern Tier SOAR17.08
24Aidan VoorisM1-10Unattached17.14
25Breanne KeaneF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau17.64
26Hugo TemplierM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau17.69
27Jona YamaguchiM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau18.10
28Freddie CollinsM1-10Team PREFO18.18
29Amine BakhriM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau18.21
30Olivia MosherF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau18.23
31Koen AndersonM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau18.41
32Katie MayF1-10Team PREFO19.32
32Julia LovenheimF1-10Unattached19.32
34Tristin WeeksM1-10Unattached19.48
35William ParkerM1-10Team PREFO19.56
36Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR20.37
37Vera Mae CamelF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau20.90
38Robert KongM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau20.93
39Adriana AlonzoF1-10Team PREFO21.38
40Claire RufferF1-10Team PREFO21.46
41Keita YamaguchiM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau21.54
42Fiona CowleyF1-10Team PREFO21.57
43Sean SkinnerM1-10Unattached21.76
44Geneva MatusiakF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau21.89
45Sophie TemplierF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau22.36
46Sawyer RadcliffeM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau22.67
47Kathryn HollowayF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau23.12
48Emily WinansF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau23.50
49Ella GrecoF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau23.77
50Natalie LovenheimF1-10Unattached26.13
51Madelyn WeeksF1-10Unattached26.70
52Alice MouF1-10Team PREFO27.09
53Ian CowleyM1-10Team PREFO27.23
54Judah WhiteM1-10Unattached34.71
55Steven KongM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau42.30


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached2:06.18
2Stephen ThompsonM16-19Unattached2:07.04
3Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached2:10.69
4Ethan MurrayM16-19Unattached2:12.33
5Nicolas TemplierM30-39Unattached2:18.51
6Phil KwasneyM30-39STRC2:25.80
7Gregory GreenM40-49Unattached2:30.34
8John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO2:31.14
9Faithe KetchumF11-15Team PREFO2:35.84
10Katie HaleF11-15Team PREFO2:49.08
11Lydia KeysF11-15Team PREFO2:54.37
12Abby PerryF11-15Team PREFO2:56.62
13Cassandra CollinsF11-15Team PREFO2:59.82
14Kevin NelsonM50-59Unattached3:02.62
15Benjamin EastonM11-15Team PREFO3:02.81
16Victoria CollinsF11-15Team PREFO3:03.61
17Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO3:07.28
18Samir GulatiM11-15Southern Tier SOAR3:09.63
19Carl FranckM60-69Unattached3:21.53
20Elena RufferF1-10Team PREFO3:27.65
21Michael MillowM11-15Southern Tier SOAR3:32.03
22Garrison BalashM11-15Southern Tier SOAR3:32.18
23James MouM1-10Team PREFO3:32.92
24Katie MayF1-10Team PREFO3:34.98
25Koen AndersonM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau3:39.97
26Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO3:41.94
27Elise GulatiF1-10Southern Tier SOAR3:54.17
28Oscar JenesM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau3:55.22
29Geneva MatusiakF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau4:03.40
30William ParkerM1-10Team PREFO4:07.28
31Ana KielyF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau4:08.30
32Kamryn SlusserFSouthern Tier SOAR4:11.95
33Adriana AlonzoF1-10Team PREFO4:14.05
34Fiona CowleyF1-10Team PREFO4:25.32
35Vera Mae CamelF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau4:28.25
36Alice MouF1-10Team PREFO4:40.41
37Emily WinansF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau4:52.50
38Ellis BergmanM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau6:09.86

1 mile RESULTS

PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Ethan SeltzerM16-19Unattached4:51.76
2Joseph ThompsonM16-19Unattached4:52.37
3Michael DeeM20-29Unattached4:55.52
4Stephen ThompsonM16-19Unattached5:02.88
5Benjamin FentonM11-15Team PREFO5:03.58
6Phil KwasneyM30-39STRC5:24.60
7Hayden BelangerM11-15Unattached5:50.73
8Jeremy WheelerM30-39Unattached5:55.03
9Gerrit Van LoonM50-59Unattached6:08.20
10Noah RufferM11-15Team PREFO6:10.47
11Noah HilkerM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau6:17.52
12Aidan GallagherM11-15Unattached6:19.30
13J. Matthew GenselM11-15Team PREFO6:29.01
14Cassandra CollinsF11-15Team PREFO6:33.28
15Lydia KeysF11-15Team PREFO6:35.23
16Katie HaleF11-15Team PREFO6:36.28
17David KeiferM70-99Unattached6:52.44
18Benjamin EastonM11-15Team PREFO6:53.39
19Jona YamaguchiM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau6:57.46
20Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR6:59.72
21Ryann SlussserFSouthern Tier SOAR7:00.40
22Taylor FarrellF11-15Team PREFO7:06.46
23Tucker FlaitzM1-10Southern Tier SOAR7:07.16
24Parker VoorisM11-15Unattached7:07.44
25Aidan VoorisM1-10Unattached7:10.27
26Hugo TemplierM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau7:23.71
27Benjamin KadlecikM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau7:27.51
28Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO7:28.12
29Freddie CollinsM1-10Team PREFO7:35.49
30Ben GauntM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau8:10.62
31Breanne KeaneF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau8:22.07
32Oscar JenesM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau8:39.52
33Ana KielyF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau9:39.91
34Caleb BergmanM1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau10:10.32
35Sophie TemplierF1-10Ithaca Youth Bureau10:16.34
36Rui TemplierF30-39Unattached10:18.18

2 mile RESULTS

PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached10:08.30
2Nathan PrisellaM16-19Unattached10:14.70
3Joseph ThompsonM16-19Unattached10:19.20
4Michael DeeM20-29Unattached10:21.80
5Hayden BelangerM11-15Unattached12:29.20
6Victoria CollinsF11-15Team PREFO13:02.30
7J. Matthew GenselM11-15Team PREFO13:33.80
8Caleb BelangerM11-15Southern Tier SOAR14:08.60
9Kevin NelsonM50-59Unattached14:11.00
10Jayden JacksonMSouthern Tier SOAR15:44.40
11Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO15:44.90
12Tucker FlaitzM1-10Southern Tier SOAR15:45.40
13Parker VoorisM11-15Unattached16:00.10

4x400m RESULTS

PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team ThompsonUnattached3:54.4
2Team DerickTeam PREFO4:00.1
3Team KetchumTeam PREFO5:05.0
4Team KeysTeam PREFO5:37.6
5Team BelangerTeam PREFO5:52.2
7Team EastonTeam PREFO6:09.9
8Team TemplierIthaca Youth Bureau6:28.9
9Team GenselTeam PREFO6:28.9
10Team KielyIthaca Youth Bureau7:13.9
11Team MayTeam PREFO7:16.9
12Team BakhriIthaca Youth Bureau7:38.5
13Team GauntIthaca Youth Bureau7:44.2
14Team HollowayIthaca Youth Bureau8:57.2
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