July 2017 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday July 18
Lansing High School | FLRC

Thanks to all the runners, volunteers, and teams (the Auburn Pulsars, Team PREFO, and Southern Tier SOAR) who made our July track meet a success. It was a relaxed meet on a humid summer evening in Lansing, where we’ve received a warm welcome from the school track and cross country coaches.

The meet led off with the 3000m, where masters standout Scott Weeks from Groton schooled everyone in how to run evenly and hit your predicted time: his 9:31 was a single second off his seed time and a 5:06 average pace that would have won the mile as well. Taylor Farrell of Team PREFO won the women’s race in 16:09.

The 200m sprint next up provided the most fireworks of the meet, with Eric Ryan (24.18) nipping Tobi Akintayo (24.97) for the win. Akintayo gets bonus points for having taken the bus up from New York City to Ithaca for the meet, then taking TCAT out to Lansing before discovering that TCAT doesn’t run later in the evening — we made sure he got a ride back to the bus station. On the women’s side, Gillian Coar ran a 27.25 for a commanding win.

In the mile, Jordyn Naylon ran an impressive 5:24 to win the women’s race and take fourth overall. On the men’s side, after a couple of guys with sub-5:00 seed times failed to show up, Phil Kwasney of STRC outpaced Ethan Reilley of the Auburn Pulsars to win in 5:15 to Reilley’s 5:19.

Speaking of the mile, we’ve updated the standings in FLRC’s MITHACAL MILE SERIES, so you can see where everyone stands with a single race to go — we’ll definitely have some awards that come down to the last race!

Samuel Voak literally ran away with the 400m, winning by almost 6 seconds in 54.68. Kristin Angierski was almost as dominant for the women, winning by over 3 seconds in 1:15.01.

Finally, in the 4 by 800m relay, the Auburn Pulsars fielded six full teams, including the winning team of Josh Cuddy, Ethan Reilley, Chris Mason, and Jack Cavenaugh, who finished in 10:03. If only we’d gotten Scott Weeks to race all the relay teams on his own.



PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Eric RyanM16-19Unattached24.18
2Tobi AkintayoM20-29Unattached24.97
3Christopher SmithM16-19Unattached25.75
4Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached25.84
5Marcus BabbM20-29Auburn Pulsars26.87
6Gillian CoarF16-19Unattached27.25
7John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO27.39
8Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached28.70
9Billy RussellM11-15Team PREFO31.86
10Kristen AngierskiF20-29Unattached31.92
11James SaundersM1-10Team PREFO33.93
12Marcus HomaM11-15Team PREFO34.26
13Michael MillowM11-15Southern Tier SOAR34.76
14Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR34.86
15Jack NegleyM11-15Unattached36.00
16Gregory HomaM1-10Team PREFO37.33
16Katelyn FentonF1-10Team PREFO37.33
18Julia RossmannFUnattached37.75
19Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO37.77
20Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR41.95
21James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR43.75
22Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR44.63
23Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR46.19
24Alice MouF1-10Team PREFO55.10
25Anna GasperF1-10Auburn Pulsars57.07
26Miley VitaleF1-10Auburn Pulsars1:12.68


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached54.68
2Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached1:00.27
3John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO1:01.69
4Benjamin FentonM11-15Team PREFO1:03.91
5Billy RussellM11-15Team PREFO1:12.64
6Kristen AngierskiF20-29Unattached1:15.01
7Leigh MillerF16-19Unattached1:18.67
8Faithe KetchumF11-15Team PREFO1:19.23
9Marcus BabbM20-29Auburn Pulsars1:19.45
10Stephen HalebskyMUnattached1:20.63
11Kevin NelsonMUnattached1:21.18
12Jack NegleyM11-15Unattached1:25.43
13Benjamin NegleyMUnattached1:26.15
14Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO1:27.18
15Colten KetchumM1-10Team PREFO1:27.29
16Michael MillowM11-15Southern Tier SOAR1:27.63
17Julia RossmannFUnattached1:30.41
18Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR1:30.62
19Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO1:33.46
20James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR1:47.94
21Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR1:51.32
22Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR1:56.70
23Alice MouF1-10Team PREFO1:59.44
24Anna GasperF1-10Auburn Pulsars2:07.84
25Miley VitaleF1-10Auburn Pulsars2:36.81


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Phil KwasneyM30-39STRC5:15.40
2Ethan ReilleyM16-19Auburn Pulsars5:19.20
3Max DauerheimM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:23.60
4Jordyn NaylonF20-29Unattached5:24.30
5Oliver BaroodyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:33.40
6Miles BaroodyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:36.30
7Keegan BradyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:37.00
8Jack CavenaughM20-29Auburn Pulsars5:44.80
9Keith EgglestonM50-59Unattached5:46.30
10Karen Simmonds-BradyF40-49Auburn Pulsars5:50.40
11Ethan LyleM11-15Cortland5:53.30
12Owen GasperM1-10Auburn Pulsars6:01.60
13Jesse KoenneckeM40-49Unattached6:02.30
14Faithe KetchumF11-15Team PREFO6:05.20
15Connor GasperM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:06.50
16Elizabeth BaroodyF11-15Auburn Pulsars6:10.90
17Jerry CzyzM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:14.30
18Caleb BelangerM11-15Southern Tier SOAR6:15.40
19Samuel PerezM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:23.10
20Kevin NelsonM50-59Unattached6:32.40
21Jacob BryantM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:44.00
22Mason VitaleM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:44.30
23Gabe DauerheimM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:54.00
24Gregory HomaM1-10Team PREFO6:55.50
25John HummelMUnattached6:56.20
26David KeiferM70-79Unattached6:57.90
27Tucker FlaitzM1-10Southern Tier SOAR7:00.90
28Samantha OakesF11-15Southern Tier SOAR7:02.60
29Cerce PerezF11-15Auburn Pulsars7:09.50
30Colten KetchumM1-10Team PREFO7:11.40
31Isaiah BabbM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:12.30
32Josh CzyzM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:18.40
33Ella VargaF11-15Auburn Pulsars7:20.90
34Cassandra CollinsF11-15Team PREFO7:31.10
35Carl FranckM60-69FLRC/HN7:33.20
36Eric BehrmanM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:43.60
37Kyleen BradyF1-10Auburn Pulsars7:47.30
38Ellen MillerF16-19Unattached7:57.70
39Julia RossmannFUnattached8:20.90
40Stephen LyleMUnattached8:23.40
41Gina FennessyFAuburn Pulsars8:26.10
42Freddie CollinsM1-10Team PREFO8:40.60
43Kaelin FennessyF1-10Auburn Pulsars8:53.80
44Kaiya ReilleyF11-15Auburn Pulsars8:54.30
45Kristen SchuliarFUnattached9:18.40
46Irene VargaFAuburn Pulsars9:28.30


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Scott WeeksMWeeks9:31.00
2Mikhail KernM20-29Unattached9:54.00
3Josh CuddyM16-19Auburn Pulsars10:26.00
4Chris MasonM20-29Auburn Pulsars10:30.00
5Benjamin FentonM11-15Team PREFO10:48.00
6Marcus HomaM11-15Team PREFO13:13.00
7Kevin NelsonMUnattached13:14.00
8John HummelMUnattached13:31.00
9David KeiferMUnattached13:34.00
10Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO15:14.00
11James MouM1-10Team PREFO15:21.00
12Benjamin NegleyMUnattached15:43.00
13Taylor FarrellF11-15Team PREFO16:09.00


PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team CavenaughAuburn Pulsars10:03.6
2Team Czyz 1Auburn Pulsars11:16.7
3Team SaundersTeam PREFO11:30.6
4Team GasperAuburn Pulsars11:37.5
5Team VargaAuburn Pulsars12:57.8
6Team Cyzy 2Auburn Pulsars13:01.9
7Team Miller-MauserUnattached13:14.1
8Team BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR14:19.3
9Team MouTeam PREFO14:37.3
10Team ReilleyAuburn Pulsars16:09.0
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