August 2017 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday August 15
Lansing High School | FLRC

Last week’s track meet at Lansing High School’s track was the final FLRC track meet of 2017, and 91 runners managed to escape getting seriously wet as the torrential downpour let up in time for the events.

Adam Pacheck led off the meet with a masterful 5000m, which he won in 15:29, beating out Andrew Davis’s 16:03. Only one woman ran, Jacquie Huben, but her strong 17:59 was good for third overall and would likely have won regardless of who else was in the race.

In the 100m, Thomas Randall of Cornell cruised through the tape in 11.40 seconds for the win, followed by Samuel Voak in 12.36 and John Saunders of Team PREFO in 13.19. Southern Tier SOAR’s Elsa Wood ran 17.01 to beat out Elena Ruffer of Team PREFO (17.43) and teammate Abigail Wagner (18.35).

He’d been told by his coach to take it easy, but Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars couldn’t resist running a 50.36 to win the 400m in his final FLRC meet before joining the University of Buffalo track team. Thomas Randall was second in 53.10. Elena Ruffer of Team PREFO ran 1:30.50 to edge out Southern Tier SOAR’s Abigail Wagner in 1:31.31.

As the final chance for runners to clock in for the MITHACAL MILE SERIES, the mile was by far the largest event, with 63 finishers across 5 heats. Adam Pacheck once again took Andrew Davis for a ride, coming through in 4:30 to Davis’s 4:48. Mikaela Garcia took the honors for the women, finishing in 5:56 and edging out Elizabeth Baroody of the Auburn Pulsars in 5:59.

Last, in the 4x200m relay, a team of Samuel Voak, Trevor Donovan, Michael Dee, and Andrew Davis, three of whom had run the mile in sub-5:00, took the win in 1:45. Not too bad for 800m!

Finally, these track meets wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers, and we had a great crew this month, including: Scott Wehrwein, Ved Gund, Bruce Roebal, Carl Franck, Julie Quinn, Jullien Flynn, Tonya Engst, Keith Eggleston, Kristina Kronauer Schwartz, Tom Rishel, Mickie Jauquet, and Bob Talda. Huge thanks to all of them! I’d like to thank Lansing High School for hosting our summer meets this year and the Lansing Sports Boosters for providing concessions, both of which were made possible only through the efforts of Lansing coach Becca Lovenheim.


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Thomas RandallM20-29Unattached11.40
2Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached12.36
3John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO13.19
4Benjamin EastonM11-15Team PREFO14.98
5James SaundersM1-10Team PREFO15.42
6Samir GulatiM11-15Southern Tier SOAR15.75
7Noah RufferM11-15Team PREFO15.87
7Caleb BelangerM11-15Southern Tier SOAR15.87
9Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR17.01
10Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO17.22
11Caiden PetersonM1-10Auburn Pulsars17.40
12Elena RufferF1-10Team PREFO17.43
13Samson TelfordM11-15Team PREFO17.44
14Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR18.35
15Elise GulatiF1-10Southern Tier SOAR18.53
16Declan WeideM1-10Unattached18.74
17James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR19.66
18Marcellna VitaleF1-10Auburn Pulsars19.69
19Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR19.88
20Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR19.91
21Josiah CzyzM1-10Auburn Pulsars20.05
22Ronan WeideM1-10Unattached21.04
23Claire RufferF1-10Team PREFO22.90
24Joseph CzyzM1-10Auburn Pulsars23.20
25Anna GasperF1-10Auburn Pulsars24.12
26Chase CoopperM1-10Auburn Pulsars30.95


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Leon AtkinsM20-29Auburn Pulsars50.36
2Thomas RandallM20-29Unattached53.10
3Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached1:00.14
4John SaundersM11-15Team PREFO1:01.19
5Gregory GreenM40-49FLRC1:01.35
6Benjamin EastonM11-15Team PREFO1:21.33
7Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO1:22.51
8Kevin NelsonM50-59Unattached1:23.46
9Brendan O'BrienM50-59Unattached1:27.33
10Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO1:29.73
11Samir GulatiM11-15Southern Tier SOAR1:30.06
12Elena RufferF1-10Team PREFO1:30.50
13Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR1:31.31
14James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR1:32.49
15Caiden PetersonM1-10Auburn Pulsars1:33.03
16Tucker FlaitzM1-10Southern Tier SOAR1:36.11
17Freddie CollinsM1-10Team PREFO1:36.47
18Michelle MarinoF60-69Unattached1:37.99
19Marcellna VitaleF1-10Auburn Pulsars1:39.47
20Elise GulatiF1-10Southern Tier SOAR1:39.58
21Claire RufferF1-10Team PREFO1:45.73
22Josiah CzyzM1-10Auburn Pulsars1:47.00
23Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR1:51.22
24Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR1:56.08
25Ronan WeideM1-10Unattached1:57.03
26Joseph CzyzM1-10Auburn Pulsars1:57.14
27Samson TelfordM11-15Team PREFO1:57.82
28Anna GasperF1-10Auburn Pulsars2:08.78
29Miley VitaleF1-10Auburn Pulsars2:18.50
30Declan WeideM1-10Unattached2:29.42
31Chase CoopperM1-10Auburn Pulsars2:45.94

1 mile RESULTS

PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Adam PacheckM20-29Unattached4:30.40
2Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached4:48.20
3Michael DeeM20-29Unattached4:50.60
4Trevor DonovanM30-39Unattached4:59.20
5Jason TuoriM20-29Mikkeller Running Club5:04.60
6Ethan ReilleyM16-19Auburn Pulsars5:11.80
7Leon AtkinsM20-29Auburn Pulsars5:25.40
8Phil KwasneyM30-39STRC5:28.60
9Samuel VoakM16-19Unattached5:30.30
10Max DauerheimM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:31.90
11Hayden BelangerM11-15Southern Tier SOAR5:33.50
12Oliver BaroodyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:36.00
13Keith EgglestonM50-59Unattached5:38.50
14Jack ThomasMBecca's Harriers5:45.60
15Keegan BradyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:49.00
16Jimmy VasileM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:55.40
17Connor GasperM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:55.80
18Mikaela GarciaFBecca's Harriers5:56.40
19Owen GasperM1-10Auburn Pulsars5:57.50
20Fred CollinsM50-59Team PREFO5:59.20
20Miles BaroodyM11-15Auburn Pulsars5:59.20
22Elizabeth BaroodyF11-15Auburn Pulsars5:59.40
23Robert SwizdorM50-59Unattached6:02.50
24Teddy BrennerMBecca's Harriers6:09.50
25Caleb BelangerM11-15Southern Tier SOAR6:11.00
26Leigh MillerFBecca's Harriers6:22.70
27Jacob BryantM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:25.30
28Jerry CzyzM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:30.10
29Noah RufferM11-15Team PREFO6:32.60
30Cassandra CollinsF11-15Team PREFO6:34.10
31Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO6:45.20
32John HummelM60-69Unattached6:52.20
33David PollackMBecca's Harriers6:53.30
34Tucker FlaitzM1-10Southern Tier SOAR6:53.80
35Teresa GarciaFBecca's Harriers6:56.40
36Brendan O'BrienM50-59Unattached6:57.50
37Tonya EngstF40-49Unattached6:58.10
38Michael YuM11-15Team PREFO6:58.30
39Mason VitaleM11-15Auburn Pulsars6:58.90
40Phillip PetersonM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:00.70
41Allison KeefeFBecca's Harriers7:09.30
42Mary GasperF11-15Auburn Pulsars7:09.80
43Gabe DauerheimM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:11.60
44Ella VargaF11-15Auburn Pulsars7:13.40
45Josh CzyzM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:15.70
46Taylor FarrellF11-15Team PREFO7:16.90
47Anders AxelsonMBecca's Harriers7:19.90
48Hana ThibaultFBecca's Harriers7:20.60
49Addison CooperF11-15Auburn Pulsars7:22.00
50Matthew FennessyM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:25.00
51Reese MalloryF1-10Auburn Pulsars7:29.10
52Trent ThibaultM1-10Unattached7:29.60
53Kyleen BradyF1-10Auburn Pulsars7:31.10
54Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR7:31.20
55Eric BehrmanM11-15Auburn Pulsars7:49.00
56Gina FennessyF40-49Auburn Pulsars7:52.60
57Nathan ZhouM1-10Team PREFO7:56.60
58Max WakshlagMBecca's Harriers7:58.10
59Freddie CollinsM1-10Team PREFO8:14.30
60Kaelin FennessyF1-10Auburn Pulsars8:58.50
61Irene VargaF40-49Auburn Pulsars9:28.60
62Alice MouF1-10Team PREFO9:36.70
63Shirlee KwasneyF60-69STRC10:14.40


PlaceAthleteGenderAge GroupTeamTime
1Adam PacheckM20-29Unattached15:29.70
2Andrew DavisM20-29Unattached16:03.70
3Jacquie HubenF20-29Unattached17:59.60
4Phil KwasneyM30-39STRC19:22.90
5Kevin NelsonM50-59Unattached21:52.20
6John HummelM60-69Unattached22:48.40
7Brendan O'BrienM50-59Unattached23:37.10
8James MouM1-10Team PREFO26:27.90
9Jason SokoloffM40-49Unattached30:03.10

4x200m RESULTS

PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team DavisUnattached1:45.8
2Team BaroodyAuburn Pulsars2:03.3
3Team RufferTeam PREFO2:09.4
4Team GasperAuburn Pulsars2:10.5
5Team BryantAuburn Pulsars2:20.8
6Team VargaAuburn Pulsars2:24.3
7Team DauerheimAuburn Pulsars2:37.4
8Team H.BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR2:44.1
9Team C.BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR2:49.7
10Team RufferTeam PREFO2:53.7
11Team MalloryAuburn Pulsars3:03.3
12Team VitaleAuburn Pulsars3:44.2
13Team PetersonAuburn Pulsars3:46.7
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