June 2023 Outdoor Track Meet Results
All-comers track meet for all ages and abilities!
6:00pm Tuesday June 27
Ithaca High School | FLRC

The weather was fickle for our June meet, being hot and sunny for setup before drenching us during registration and forcing a delay in starting the events. But everyone hung out with good cheer, the rain eventually passed, and we were able to hold the entire meet, with 109 runners completing 189 events. Scroll down for full results, and we have hundreds of meet photos in our public album from Tammy Walsky and Ruth Sproul —contribute yours too!

We kicked the meet off with nine heats of the 100m, culminating in Kyren Young’s win in 11.11 seconds, just nipping Aidan Tierney’s 11.23 and Dylan Sedorus’s 11.41. 12-year-old Selena Rollins of the SOAR Running Club took the win for the women in 14.26, just edging her 12-year-old sister Serenity Rollins in 14.28.

Our next event went from short to long, with 27 runners across three heats of the 1600m. After a slightly slow start, Seth Bywater took control of the race and ran unchallenged for the win in 4:45, though second and third came down to a sprint where Adrian Haws snuck ahead of Patrick Milano by 3 tenths of a second: 4:51 to 4:52. Liz Hartman ran a strong PR-tying 5:48 to place first for the women, followed by Kylee O’Hara in 6:15 and Kathleen Sullivan in 6:23.

We focused more on sprints this month to provide more events for kids, and the 200m gave Michael Durski the opportunity to block Kyren Young’s quest for a double sprint win. Durski ran 22.42 for the win, just ahead of Young’s 23.77, with Tristin Weeks of the Groton Project third in 24.30. The Groton Project fared better on the women’s side, with Matty Lucey laying down a 27.43 ahead of Kathleen Sullivan’s 30.65 and Selena Rollins’s 31.08 for SOAR.

In the final individual running event of the day, the 400m, Carter Naginey of the Groton Project enjoyed a commanding win in 52.73, followed by David Patterson in 55.65 and Groton teammate Ross Bush in 56.04. Running her first 400m since high school, Ronke Ilegbusi surprised everyone—including herself—by winning the women’s 400m in a blazing 64.72. Grad student and former Cornell runner Kate McCormick, who coached our Tuesday night kids workouts all winter in Barton, took second in 69.39, with Liz Hartman third in 74.31.

Throughout the meet, Brett Shelton of the SOAR managed the long jump, with 24 athletes completing a jump. David Patterson hit the winning distance‚ 18 feet, 5 inches, on his first jump, and second-place Ross Bush came close on his second, leaping 18 feet. Third place went to Matthew Funicelli with a 17-foot, 7-inch jump. SOAR’s Selena Rollins claimed her second win for the day with a 10-foot, 1-inch jump, just in front of teammate Vanessa Topielec, who jumped 10 feet. Rasa Warren took third for the women, jumping 9 feet, 5 inches.

For the first time I can remember, we featured three throwing events, the shot put, discus, and TurboJav (a short, soft-tipped javelin), courtesy of Steve Wagner of SOAR and volunteers coordinated by Scott Weeks of the Groton Project. Wet conditions reduced participation, but Matthew Funicelli topped both the shot put with a toss of 51 feet, 5 inches (16-pound shot) and the discus with a throw up 146 feet, 5 inches (2-kilogram discus). Collin Karl was second in both with a shot put of 41 feet, 4 inches and a discus throw of 96 feet, 6 inches. Janice Carter of the Groton Project took the discus win for women with an 86-foot throw (1-kilogram discus), and she was second in the shot put with a 23-foot, 4-inch throw (8-pound shot), just behind winner and teammate Jennifer Jones, who threw 25 feet, 7 inches, also with an 8-pound shot. In the TurboJav, Travis Durfee distinguished himself with a 75-foot, 3-inch throw (450-gram TurboJav), just ahead of Benson Patterson’s 74-foot, 1-inch throw. 11-year-old Molly Doran of SOAR was the top woman with a throw of 28 feet (450-gram TurboJav), beating out 9-year-old Isla Durfee, who threw 24 feet, 4 inches with a 300-gram TurboJav.

The night’s final event was the 4x200m relay, where 13 teams ran across two heats. Five teams broke 2:00 this month, with the win going to an unattached team anchored by Aiden Tierney in 1:48, followed by a High Noon & Friends team in 1:49, a Groton Project team in 1:50, and a Watkins Glen team in 1:51.

Our volunteers deserve extra acclaim for their grace under pressure while dealing with the rain, wind, and delays. Carl FranckTonya EngstPaula Kilts, and Shane Eversfield showed up early to set up. Carl served as head timer when he wasn’t running his heat of the 1600m. Tom Rishel was our starter, and Heather Cobb and Rich Bernstein managed the heats. Jesse Koenecke kept everything running smoothly in Meet Manager with help from Dave Kania, producing results in record time. Tonya Engst and Rebecca Lambert reprised their roles at the bib pickup table, recruited for the relays, and answered runner questions. Lansing track and XC star Trent Thibault was unflappable while recording bibs for the 1600m and relay, Alan Lockett handled backup timing, and Ammon Koenecke counted laps for the leaders. Our sprint timing team was Amy DawsonScott DawsonAmalia SkiltonRuth SproulKeith EgglestonAmmon Koenecke, and Bob Swizdor. Thanks to you all!


1Kyren YoungM16Unattached11.11
2Aidan TierneyMUnattached11.23
3Dylan SedorusMGroton Project TC11.41
4Matthew FunicelliM23Unattached11.62
5Chris StevensM18Unattached11.73
6Dovid BirkMUnattached12.00
7Drew BushMGroton Project TC12.19
8Tony MatsyukMUnattached12.23
9Derran MorrisMGroton Project TC12.56
10Zack ArthurM34Unattached12.95
11Benjamin LambertM16Unattached13.04
12Patrick MilanoM33Unattached13.24
13Travis DurfeeM44Unattached13.93
14Jarryd WitzelM14Southern Tier SOAR14.03
15Selena RollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR14.26
16Serenity RollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR14.28
17Lindey SmithWUnattached15.98
18Truth SnyderWGroton Project TC16.08
19Madelyn WeeksWGroton Project TC16.54
20Gabriel SantorielloMUnattached16.64
21Gary BushMGroton Project TC16.70
22Shalom BoumaMUnattached17.07
23David TsyrennikovM9Unattached17.52
24Arden MillspaughM9Unattached17.55
25Lauren ChampionW11Unattached17.77
26Sasha DurfeeW7Unattached18.17
27Mendel BirkMUnattached18.38
28Jackson NagineyMGroton Project TC18.59
29Esti BirkWUnattached18.71
30Deena ThomasWUnattached18.75
31Bentley MorrisMGroton Project TC18.81
32Rasa WarrenW9Unattached19.10
33Tobias KennedyM10Unattached19.42
34Devorah BirkWUnattached20.10
35Nina DeMontW7Unattached20.48
36Evelyn VieselmeyerW6Unattached20.80
37Nadiia UrazgildiievaW7Unattached21.62
38Liora ReevesW10Unattached21.71
39Hannah FongW38Unattached21.78
40Amelia JacksonW6Southern Tier SOAR21.79
41Yisroel BirkMUnattached22.05
42Leora TrussellWUnattached22.07
43Maiya VandurmeWUnattached22.08
44Laelani VandurmeWUnattached23.02
45Yaakov JuniMUnattached23.39
46Asa ReevesM6Unattached24.52
47Amalesh BoumaMUnattached24.53
48Simon WoodsM7Unattached24.90
49Danylo TsyrennikovM6Unattached25.62
50Callum ArthurM5Unattached26.91
51Charlotte VieselmeyerW5Unattached29.15
52Skylar WeinerW4Unattached39.97
53Maeve ArthurW2Unattached48.80
54Joel KresockM3Unattached53.95
55Adrian KresockM3Unattached1:22.09


1Michael DurskiM19Unattached22.42
2Kyren YoungM16Unattached23.77
3Tristin WeeksMGroton Project TC24.30
4Aidan TierneyMUnattached25.11
5Matthew FunicelliM23Unattached25.92
6Colton FrancemoneMUnattached25.98
7Matty LuceyWGroton Project TC27.43
8Derran MorrisMGroton Project TC27.78
9Jarryd WitzelM14Southern Tier SOAR29.88
10Kathleen SullivanW16Unattached30.65
11Selena RollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR31.08
12Paceyn O'Grady SpechtW14Unattached31.57
13Jacob JandrokovicMGroton Project TC32.64
14Serenity RollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR32.76
15Madelyn WeeksWGroton Project TC35.67
16Arden MillspaughM9Unattached37.30
17Lily DeMontW11Unattached37.50
18Mendel BirkMUnattached38.49
19David TsyrennikovM9Unattached39.19
20Rasa WarrenW9Unattached39.53
21Danylo TsyrennikovM6Unattached40.25
22Adaline JacksonW9Southern Tier SOAR40.50
23Esti BirkWUnattached40.82
24Nina DeMontW7Unattached41.22
25Bentley MorrisMGroton Project TC45.76
26Devorah BirkWUnattached46.20
27Amelia JacksonW6Southern Tier SOAR46.34
27Nadiia UrazgildiievaW7Unattached46.34
29Yisroel BirkMUnattached49.98
30Yaakov JuniMUnattached50.11


1Carter NagineyMGroton Project TC52.73
2David PattersonM17Unattached55.65
3Ross BushMGroton Project TC56.04
4Dylan SedorusMGroton Project TC57.55
5Patrick MilanoM33Unattached59.33
6Colton FrancemoneMUnattached1:00.64
7Aderonke IlegbusiWUnattached1:04.72
8Benson PattersonM16Unattached1:06.51
9Gabriel SantorielloMUnattached1:07.48
10Travis DurfeeM44Unattached1:08.39
11Kate McCormickW28Unattached1:09.39
12Tony MatsyukMUnattached1:13.96
13Liz HartmanW41Unattached1:14.31
14Kathleen SullivanW16Unattached1:15.43
15Molly DoranW11Southern Tier SOAR1:16.77
16Dalton KennettMGroton Project TC1:17.55
17Kylee O'HaraWUnattached1:18.70
18Shana SnyderWGroton Project TC1:23.42
19David TsyrennikovM9Unattached1:29.87
20Rasa WarrenW9Unattached1:30.49
21Kevin NelsonM58Unattached1:34.01
22Adaline JacksonW9Southern Tier SOAR1:36.08
23Lily DeMontW11Unattached1:37.34
24Jilene DeMontW38Unattached1:37.59
25Danylo TsyrennikovM6Unattached1:43.00
26Devorah BirkWUnattached1:47.25
27Yaakov JuniMUnattached2:00.31
28Nadiia UrazgildiievaW7Unattached2:02.04
29Simon WoodsM7Unattached2:08.77
30Yisroel BirkMUnattached2:10.87
31Chase FrancemoneMUnattached3:13.55


1Seth BywaterMUnattached4:45
2Adrian HawsM28Unattached4:51
3Patrick MilanoM33Unattached4:52
4Lewis RaceM21Unattached4:55
5Zack ArthurM34Unattached5:08
6Daniel DedrickM19Unattached5:22
7Alasdair SmithM14Unattached5:22
8Joesene SotoM28Unattached5:27
9Peter FrazierM44Unattached5:31
10Columbia WarrenM46Unattached5:46
11Liz HartmanW41Unattached5:48
12Jason JenksM26Unattached5:56
13Kylee O'HaraWUnattached6:15
14Kathleen SullivanW16Unattached6:23
15Paceyn O'Grady SpechtW14Unattached6:29
16Abigail BrownWUnattached6:31
17David TsyrennikovM9Unattached6:47
18Chelsea VandurmeW35Unattached6:48
19Madigan WhiteW14Unattached6:53
20Amalia SkiltonW31Unattached6:55
21Bryan GorgesMGroton Project TC7:12
22Hannah Gibbons-ArthurWUnattached7:25
23Rasa WarrenW9Unattached7:29
24Kevin NelsonM58Unattached7:40
25Vanessa TopielecW11Southern Tier SOAR7:49
26Tonya EngstW55Unattached7:51
27Carl FranckM70Unattached8:24

4x200m RESULTS

2High Noon & FriendsRace1:49
3Groton Project TCSedorus1:50
4Watkins GlenYoung1:51
5Groton Project TCBush1:52
6Southern Tier SOARWitzel2:06
9Groton Project TCKemp2:33
10Chabad SquadSantoriello2:55
12Mixed SOAR/GPTCTopielec3:00
13Rapid RashesBouma3:17


1David PattersonM17Unattached18-05
2Ross BushMGroton Project TC18-00
3Matthew FunicelliM23Unattached17-07
4Tommy PinkowskiMGroton Project TC17-05
5Drew BushMGroton Project TC17-05
6Aidan TierneyMUnattached17-03
7Benson PattersonM16Unattached14-06
8Jarryd WitzelM14Southern Tier SOAR13-02
9Derran MorrisMGroton Project TC13-01
10Noble SnyderMGroton Project TC11-11
11Dalton KennettMGroton Project TC10-10
12Selena RollinsW12Southern Tier SOAR10-01
13Vanessa TopielecW11Southern Tier SOAR10-00
14Tobias KennedyM10Unattached9-06
14Shalom BoumaMUnattached9-06
16Rasa WarrenW9Unattached9-05
17Danylo TsyrennikovM6Unattached8-11
18Isla DurfeeW9Unattached8-05
19Adaline JacksonW9Southern Tier SOAR7-04
20Yaakov JuniMUnattached7-00
21Gunner RodriguezMUnattached6-09
22Amelia JacksonW6Southern Tier SOAR6-05
23Liora ReevesW10Unattached6-02
24Guinevere GoldbergW3Unattached2-02


1Matthew FunicelliM23Unattached146-052k
2Collin KarlMUnattached96-062k
3Cameron CronMUnattached92-111.6k
4David SheaMGroton Project TC92-041.6k
5Shea YoungM18Unattached90-031.6k
6Janice CarterWGroton Project TC86-001k
7Noble SnyderMGroton Project TC51-041k


PlaceNameAgeTeamDistance Weight
1Matthew FunicelliM23Unattached51-0616lb
2Collin KarlMUnattached41-0416lb
3Sean SheaMGroton Project TC33-0916lb
4David SheaMGroton Project TC33-0212lb
5Jennifer JonesWGroton Project TC25-078lb
6Janice CarterWGroton Project TC23-048lb
7Josie RossWGroton Project TC12-018lb
8Yaakov JuniMUnattached10-008lb


1Travis DurfeeM44Unattached75-03450g
2Benson PattersonM16Unattached74-01450g
3David PattersonM17Unattached71-04450g
4Arden MillspaughM9Unattached40-01300g
5Molly DoranW11Southern Tier SOAR28-00450g
6Isla DurfeeW9Unattached24-04300g
7Sasha DurfeeW7Unattached16-04300g
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