June 2018 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday June 19
Lansing High School | FLRC

FLRC’s first summer meet of 2018 at Lansing High School was a rousing success, with 142 runners participating, thanks to large groups from the Ithaca Youth Bureau and the new Lansing Lightning club. They brought a ton of young children, joining our usual clubs: the Auburn Pulsars, Southern Tier SOAR, and Team PREFO. That’s at least 50% more runners than the summer meets drew last year, and it was great (and utterly hilarious) see kids as young as 3 and 4 scampering down the track, weaving between lanes, and sometimes failing entirely to understand the concept of a finish line (“Come back, come back,” we’d yell as they headed into the turn after the 100m).

The meet kicked off with the 2 mile, a race that we may be swapping out for the 3000m next year, given that it’s never run in any competitive meets anymore. Joshua Derrick ran away from the field, clocking sub-5:00 miles to finish in 9:57, followed by Chris Mason of the Auburn Pulsars in 11:09. The lone woman in the race was Althea Johnston of the Ithaca Youth Bureau, who finished in a thoroughly impressive 17:54, given that she’s only 7 years old.

Next up was the 100m dash, which was the most popular event of the meet, given all the kids, with 86 finishers. Mike D’Angelo won it in 11.34 seconds, just edging out Eric Ryan in 11.51 and Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars in 11.53. Elizabeth Shaw of the Lansing Lightning took the women’s crown with a 15.01, edging out her teammate Emma Beckley, who ran 15.09. Props to Kaarina Granroth, who managed to cover the 100 meters in 31.69 at age 3, beating out a couple of 4- and 5-year-olds.

The 800m proved to be an exciting race with Sean Satchwell of the 315 Elite TC winning in 2:11, followed closely by Franklin Skarupinski and Jason Tuori in 2:13.03 and 2:13.84. The top women’s times were identical at 3:06, but unfortunately 67-year-old Coreen Steinbach and 10-year-old Kyleen Brady weren’t in the same heat, so we didn’t get to see them battling to the finish.

One of the highlights of the meet was a race-walking clinic put on by nationally acclaimed race walker Erin Taylor-Talcott, fresh from a 3rd place finish in the 5K Race Walk at Nationals. After her clinic, we had an exhibition heat of the 800m for race walkers, with Kevin Nelson taking the tape in 5:02.

As so often happens, though, the mile was once again the highlight of the meet. After the gun, the pack settled in behind Scott Dawson for the first lap, with a four-man pack breaking free after that, including 2018 Twilight 5K winner Ethan Seltzer, Joshua Derrick (trying to double from the 2 mile), Cornell University grad student Adam Pacheck (who won both the Skunk Half Marathon and Monster Half Marathon in 2017), and Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars, who ran the 800 in 1:52 for the University of Buffalo. Just past the halfway point, Pacheck took the lead, followed by Atkins, and together they pulled away from Derrick and Seltzer. Pacheck still held the lead at the final bell lap, but Atkins unleashed a ferocious kick to win in 4:32, putting 6 seconds on Pacheck in that last lap even as he was kicking too to come through in 4:38.

The race was far from over though. Derrick and Seltzer battled to the line for third and fourth, with Derrick outleaning Seltzer by 0.18 seconds in 4:48. Then, after Jason Tuori cruised in fifth in 5:12, 15-year-old Hayden Belanger of Southern Tier SOAR barely nipped 37-year-old Phil Kwasney of STRC by 0.41 seconds in 5:14. And then, Scott Dawson — remember him from the first lap? — ended up running a 1 mile PR in 5:17 just days after running a half-marathon PR with an 8th place finish in the Gorges Half Marathon.

The top women’s finishers weren’t close, but it was another multi-generational finish, with 52-year-old Michelle Rohl winning in 5:51 and 10-year-old Kyleen Brady second in 6:48.

As always, the meet ran smoothly thanks to the efforts of our experienced volunteers. Scott Wehrwein served as head timer for the final time before he leaves Ithaca for Western Washington University next month, Adam Pacheck ran backup timing until his race, after which Tonya Engst took over. Julie Quinn and Aaron Proujansky recorded finishers, and Jullien Flynn managed race entries, seeding, and results with aplomb, thanks in part to help from Kristina Schwartz. Becca Lovenheim and Carl Franck adroitly wrangled getting everyone into heats as clerks of course. Tonya Engst and David Keifer handled registration. And Bruce Roebal reprised his traditional role as starter while Tom Rishel was away. Then we all ate subs and enjoyed the fabulous sunset!


1Mike D'AngeloM20Unattached11.34
2Eric RyanM17Unattached11.51
3Leon AtkinsM21Auburn Pulsars11.53
4Sean SatchwellM21315 Elite TC11.80
5John McEachenM48Syracuse Chargers12.82
6Gregory GreenM45High Noon13.65
7Marcus HomaM13Team PREFO14.91
8Noah RufferM13Team PREFO14.95
9Elizabeth ShawF12Lansing Lightning15.01
10Karl GranrothM45Granroth Racing15.02
11James SaundersM11Team PREFO15.05
12Emma BeckleyF14Lansing Lightning15.09
13Rowan CaldwellM13Lansing Lightning15.17
14Ashlyn TarbertF13Lansing Lightning15.24
15Anna LoweF11Team PREFO15.47
16Nate JonesM11Lansing Lightning15.56
17Tyler ReidM28Unattached15.74
18O ColM13Lansing Lightning15.83
19Gordie AucklandM51Unattached16.00
20Gregory HomaM11Team PREFO16.64
21Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR16.72
22Annoura StewartF11Lansing Lightning16.80
23Elena RufferF11Team PREFO17.06
24William BosciaM9Ithaca Youth Bureau17.18
25Amalie WhiteF10Ithaca Youth Bureau17.39
26Samson TelfordM12Team PREFO17.48
27Griffin ConradM10Ithaca Youth Bureau17.49
27Kieran StewartM13Lansing Lightning17.49
29Tayden Johnson-StaytonF11Unattached17.52
30Lucius DannM12Lansing Lightning17.53
31Nicholas MannM9Ithaca Youth Bureau17.62
32Maya BirchF9Ithaca Youth Bureau17.78
33Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR18.03
34Jax Johnson-StaytonM9Unattached18.38
35Ursula SilbertF8Ithaca Youth Bureau18.52
36Brayden RockefellarM9Lansing Lightning18.57
37James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR18.58
38Eva MichelucciF10Ithaca Youth Bureau18.82
39Chase Johnson-StaytonM9Unattached18.94
40Lincoln WoodallM11Ithaca Youth Bureau18.95
41L ColF7Lansing Lightning18.96
42Griffin Gold-RogersM9Ithaca Youth Bureau19.05
43Ana KielyF8Ithaca Youth Bureau19.36
44Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR19.50
45Zadie WangF9Ithaca Youth Bureau19.59
46Theodore SmithM8Ithaca Youth Bureau19.73
47Robert KongM9Ithaca Youth Bureau19.78
48Norah HowellF9Lansing Lightning19.93
49Aaren StewartM7Lansing Lightning19.96
50Lila MacLeanF7Ithaca Youth Bureau19.98
51Cameron O'LearyM4Unattached20.16
52Asher MoseleyM6Ithaca Youth Bureau20.17
53Milo MoseleyM6Ithaca Youth Bureau20.34
54Ben SweetM6Ithaca Youth Bureau20.38
55Maya FeschotteF7Ithaca Youth Bureau20.68
56Gracie BrazierF8Lansing Lightning20.83
57Toby MooreM7Lansing Lightning20.96
58Gabriella MannF11Ithaca Youth Bureau21.01
59Phoebe SkeideF7Ithaca Youth Bureau21.09
60Asher MartinM8Lansing Lightning21.33
61Claire RufferF7Team PREFO21.58
62Arya BasuM6Ithaca Youth Bureau22.05
63Sawyer RadcliffeM7Ithaca Youth Bureau22.11
64Fiona DannF6Lansing Lightning22.23
65Natalie LovenheimF6Lansing Lightning22.45
66Aliah WoodallF9Ithaca Youth Bureau22.75
67Ethan HesseM8Lansing Lightning23.04
68Ryan FreedM6Ithaca Youth Bureau23.21
69Mia MorseF9Lansing Lightning23.63
70Kathryn HollowayF8Ithaca Youth Bureau23.96
71Ethan LittlejohnM7Lansing Lightning24.16
72Alice MouF5Team PREFO24.25
73Griffin GuelpaM6Ithaca Youth Bureau24.79
74Josiah SwillerM5Ithaca Youth Bureau24.80
75Kellan SmithM6Ithaca Youth Bureau25.09
76Grace FolsomF7Ithaca Youth Bureau25.18
77Roslyn FolsomF4Unattached25.55
78Annaliese GranrothF6Granroth Racing26.01
79Rhodes WoodallM6Ithaca Youth Bureau26.47
80Leo MorseM6Lansing Lightning27.97
81Steven KongM7Ithaca Youth Bureau28.10
82Mason HesseM5Lansing Lightning29.22
83Kaarina GranrothF3Granroth Racing31.69
84Daniel LinM5Ithaca Youth Bureau32.74
85Marijn StewartM4Lansing Lightning34.93
86Avery RufferF4Team PREFO36.93


1Sean SatchwellM21315 Elite TC2:11
2Franklin SkarupinskiM20Unattached2:13.03
3Jason TuoriM27Unattached2:13.84
4Jacob BlaszkowM19315 Elite TC2:22
5John McEachenM48Syracuse Chargers2:24
6John SaundersM15Team PREFO2:29
6Jerry CzyzM13Auburn Pulsars2:29
8Keegan BradyM12Auburn Pulsars2:32
9Marcus HomaM13Team PREFO2:33
10Tyler ReidM28Unattached2:37
11O ColM13Lansing Lightning2:50
12Karl GranrothM45Granroth Racing2:51
13Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO3:01
14Coreen SteinbachF67Athena Track Club3:06
15Kyleen BradyF10Auburn Pulsars3:06.35
16Karen Simmonds-BradyF44Auburn Pulsars3:06.59
17David CookM34Unattached3:10.19
18Mary BushallowF46Unattached3:10.50
19Gregory HomaM11Team PREFO3:11
20Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR3:13
20Tyler DalyM53Unattached3:13
22James MouM10Team PREFO3:15
23Anna LoweF11Team PREFO3:17
24Taylor FarrellF12Team PREFO3:18
25Brendan O'BrienM58Unattached3:20
25Maddie SchattingerF19Unattached3:20
27William BosciaM9Ithaca Youth Bureau3:21
27Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR3:21
29Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR3:23
30L ColF7Lansing Lightning3:27.49
31Charlie SegalM12Lansing Lightning3:27.77
32Sebastian BartishevichM9Ithaca Youth Bureau3:28
33Ben SweetM6Ithaca Youth Bureau3:40
34Oscar JenesM7Ithaca Youth Bureau3:42
35Eva MichelucciF10Ithaca Youth Bureau3:47
36Freddie CollinsM10Team PREFO3:48.72
37Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR3:48.91
38Robert KongM9Ithaca Youth Bureau3:57
39Midula LejeuneF8Ithaca Youth Bureau3:58
40Samson TelfordM12Team PREFO4:02
41Cameron O'LearyM4Unattached4:06
42Alice MouF5Team PREFO4:14
43Ryan FreedM6Ithaca Youth Bureau4:15
44Althea JohnstonF7Ithaca Youth Bureau4:15.60
45Ursula SilbertF8Ithaca Youth Bureau4:16
46Ana KielyF8Ithaca Youth Bureau4:17
47Annaliese GranrothF6Granroth Racing4:21
48Cindy DalyF59Unattached4:22
49Josiah SwillerM5Ithaca Youth Bureau4:27
50Elijah SmithM10Ithaca Youth Bureau4:50
51Steven KongM7Ithaca Youth Bureau5:18
52Roslyn FolsomF4Unattached5:24
53Kaarina GranrothF3Granroth Racing5:50


1Kevin NelsonM53Unattached5:02
2Gordie AucklandM51Unattached5:19
3Debby ScheragaF69Unattached6:07
4Chanhom GreenF44Unattached6:27
5Amelia Habicht (400m)F51Unattached6:48

1 mile RESULTS

1Leon AtkinsM21Auburn Pulsars04:32.8
2Adam PacheckM26Unattached04:38.8
3Joshua DerrickM20Unattached04:48.6
4Ethan SeltzerM20Unattached04:48.8
5Jason TuoriM27Unattached5:12
6Hayden BelangerM15Southern Tier SOAR05:14.4
7Phil KwasneyM37STRC05:14.8
8Scott DawsonM44High Noon AC5:17
9Franklin SkarupinskiM20Unattached5:24
10Michael StewartM36High Noon Athletic Club5:27
11Caleb BelangerM13Southern Tier SOAR5:42
12Jack GregorskiM14Team PREFO5:47
13Tobias SalisburyM16Unattached5:49
14Michelle RohlF52Unattached5:51
15Noah RufferM13Team PREFO05:54.3
16Keegan BradyM12Auburn Pulsars05:55.0
17Jerry CzyzM13Auburn Pulsars6:02
18Jason JenksM21Unattached6:04
19Tyler ReidM28Unattached6:09
20Karl GranrothM45Granroth Racing6:26
21Jack SalisburyM51Unattached6:29
22Aidan ArcherM13Auburn Pulsars6:33
23Michael RohlM53Unattached6:34
24Chase Johnson-StaytonM9Unattached6:41
25Nicholas MannM9Ithaca Youth Bureau6:47
26Tucker FlaitzM9Southern Tier SOAR6:48
27Kyleen BradyF10Auburn Pulsars6:48
28James MouM10Team PREFO6:49
29Karen Simmonds-BradyF44Auburn Pulsars6:49
30Mike D'AngeloM20Unattached6:49
31Mary BushallowF46Unattached06:52.4
32David CookM34Unattached06:52.7
33Kevin NelsonM53Unattached6:53
34Taylor FarrellF12Team PREFO7:06
35Brendan O'BrienM58Unattached7:09
36James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR7:14
37Jax Johnson-StaytonM9Unattached7:23
38Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR7:25
39Carl FranckM65HN/FLRC7:44
40Sebastian BartishevichM9Ithaca Youth Bureau7:50
41Julia LovenheimF8Lansing Lightning7:52
42Charlie BrazierM9Lansing Lightning8:15
43Alivia KirkF10Lansing Lightning8:35
44Asher MartinM8Lansing Lightning8:36
45Robert KongM9Ithaca Youth Bureau9:00
46Tayden Johnson-StaytonF11Unattached9:06
47Amelia MartinF7Lansing Lightning9:28

2 mile RESULTS

1Joshua DerrickM20Unattached9:57
2Chris MasonM29Auburn Pulsars11:09
3Dustin MooreM23Unattached11:25
4David CookM34Unattached11:27
5Daniel KingsleyM15Unattached11:40
6Michael StewartM36High Noon Athletic Club11:54
7Zachary HwangM13Lansing Lightning14:50
8Brendan O'BrienM58Unattached14:53
9Remy FeschotteM9Ithaca Youth Bureau16:24
10Oscar JenesM7Ithaca Youth Bureau16:28
11Althea JohnstonF7Ithaca Youth Bureau17:54

4x400m RESULTS

1Team AtkinsAuburn Pulsars04:19.8
2Team RufferTeam PREFO04:55.3
3Team BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR05:02.9
4Team TarbettLansing Lightning05:23.3
5Team MouTeam PREFO05:41.0
6Team DannLansing Lightning05:42.4
7Team DalyUnattached06:12.0
8Team ConradIthaca Youth Bureau06:13.6
9Team MichelucciIthaca Youth Bureau06:21.4
10Team FlaitzSouthern Tier SOAR06:33.6
11Team CollinsTeam PREFO06:34.2
12Team MannIthaca Youth Bureau06:40.5
13Team E. HesseLansing Lightning06:52.9
14Team SmithIthaca Youth Bureau06:58.8
15Team ColeLansing Lightning06:59.5
16Team BirchIthaca Youth Bureau07:04.9
17Team SilbertIthaca Youth Bureau07:20.1
18Team MoseleyIthaca Youth Bureau07:21.2
19Team M. HesseLansing Lightning08:16.6
20Team JohnstonIthaca Youth Bureau08:45.3
21Team LinIthaca Youth Bureau08:54.7
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