July 2022 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday July 19
Lansing High School | FLRC

FLRC’s second summer track meet of the year went off without a hitch under hot, sunny skies. The meet was a bit smaller than last month, with 42 runners competing across 75 individual efforts, but that made it all the more relaxed and intimate, while not detracting from the performances. No photos this month, but if you took any that you’d like to contribute, contact meet director Adam Engst.

The meet started on time with five heats of the 100m, the first of which saw the toddling return of 3-year-old Skylar Weiner and 2-year-old twins Joel and Adrian Kresock. By the time we’d gotten to the faster heats, the times dropped significantly, with Jacy Wilson taking the crown in 11.13 seconds, just edging Christopher Simmons in 11.86, Kaleb Lawrence in 11.91, and Curtis Mann in 11.94. 14-year-old Elsa Wood won for the women in 15.20, with 8-year-old Lianna Simmons (sporting the snazziest spikes around) second in 17.67.

Next up was the 800m, where Alexander Simpson gave us a master class in negative splits, running 62-60 to win in 2:02, running away from 13-year-old William Boscia in 2:30. Michelle Woods won for the women in a strong 2:54, though her only competition was 10-year-old Annaliese Granroth and 7-year-old Kaarina Granroth finishing in 4:00 and 4:03.

The 400m proved to be one of the most exciting races of the night, with Christopher Simmons edging 15-year-old Kaleb Lawrence, 1:03 to 1:04. 13-year-old William Boscia had the next fastest time—1:06—despite being in the previous heat. 14-year-old Elsa Wood doubled her win count with a 1:25, again ahead of 8-year-old Lianna Simmons in 1:31.

Also exciting was the 1600m, where a four-man pack traded off the lead for the first three-and-a-half laps before Curtis Mann threw down a blistering last 200 meters to win in 4:44, followed by 14-year-old Trent Thibault in 4:50, 16-year-old Thomas Stallone in 4:55, and Adrian Haws in 4:58. In the second pack, Liz Hartman ran an impressive 5:48 to win for the women, with 53-year-old Kim Jackson in the other heat laying down a strong 6:50 for second place. Also of note in the 1600m: 70-year-old Mike Homeyer in 7:36, 8-year-old David Tsyrennikov in 7:56, and 64-year-old Joseph Sullivan in 8:37. It’s a race for all ages!

The heat thinned out the relay ranks, but three teams still competed in the 4x200m, with Team Wood winning in 2:25, ahead of Team Hartman in 2:34 (with third runner Liz Hartman retaking the baton for the fourth leg after their anchor runner pulled a muscle halfway through), and Team Urazgildiiev in 3:10.

Once again, the meet was made possible thanks to the highly amiable and capable efforts of our dedicated volunteers. Carl Franck stepped up to serve as head timer for the first time and performed admirably. Tom Rishel and Adam Pacheck reprised their traditional roles as starter and bib recorder. Bill Watson served as head clerk for the last time before he decamps for Boston and some little university there—Harvard-something. He’ll be missed. Meet clerk Dave Kania was able to bend Meet Manager to his will thanks to an external battery pack that kept our computer running this time. Tonya Engst managed bib pickup and adroitly fielded runner questions. Heather Cobb managed backup timing and helped out in general, along with our additional timers Brittany Cronk, Josh Brockner, Laura Morse, Peter Frazier, and Andy Vautrin. Thanks, all, and I hope you enjoyed the post-race subs—yet another perk of volunteering!


1Jacy WilsonM1711.13
2Christopher SimmonsM2711.86
3Kaleb LawrenceM1511.91
4Curtis MannM2711.94
5Sebastian BartishevichM1413.37
6Dana WoodM4613.42
7Samuel CollinsM1413.62
8Ildar UrazghildiievM5415.15
9Elsa WoodW1415.20
10Timur UrazgildiievM1216.08
11Benjamin CollinsM1216.20
12Dominik BartishevichM816.84
13Lianna SimmonsW817.67
14Graham MuellerM818.15
15Joseph CollinsM1018.40
16Annaliese GranrothW1018.82
17David TsyrennikovM818.94
18Johnny CollinsM819.10
19Ada MuellerW819.87
20Jesse CollinsM620.63
21Kaarina GranrothW720.99
22Danylo TsyrennikovM521.11
23Joseph SullivanM6422.04
24Matt HartmanM922.17
25Nadiia UrazgildiievaW622.71
26Jasper ChilsonM726.76
27Skylar WeinerW351.44
28Joel KresockM21:41.14
29Adrian KresockM21:59.94


1Christopher SimmonsM271:03
2Kaleb LawrenceM151:04
3William BosciaM131:06
4Samuel CollinsM141:08
5Sebastian BartishevichM141:08
6Dana WoodM461:16
7Dominik BartishevichM81:18
8Timur UrazgildiievM121:22
9Elsa WoodW141:25
10Ildar UrazghildiievM541:28
11Benjamin CollinsM121:29
12Lianna SimmonsW81:31
13Joseph CollinsM101:38
14David TsyrennikovM81:39
15Johnny CollinsM81:44
16Kaarina GranrothW71:48
17Annaliese GranrothW101:48
18Jesse CollinsM61:52
19Danylo TsyrennikovM51:52
20Joseph SullivanM641:52
21Nadiia UrazgildiievaW61:53
22Jasper ChilsonM72:26


1Alexander SimpsonM202:02
2William BosciaM132:30
3Andy VautrinM272:35
4Michelle WoodsW472:54
5Timur UrazgildiievM123:09
6Graham MuellerM83:20
7David TsyrennikovM83:40
8Annaliese GranrothW104:00
9Kaarina GranrothW74:03


1Curtis MannM274:44
2Trent ThibaultM144:50
3Thomas StalloneM164:55
4Adrian HawsM274:58
5Bill ThibaultM505:27
6Peter FrazierM435:37
7Liz HartmanW405:48
8Ben MuellerM395:51
9Andy VautrinM275:52
10Timur UrazgildiievM126:36
11Kim JacksonW536:50
12Mike HomeyerM707:36
13David TsyrennikovM87:56
14Joseph SullivanM648:37
15Annaliese GranrothW109:22

4x200m RESULTS

1Team Wood2:25
2Team Hartman2:34
3Team Urazgildiiev3:10
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