January 2020 Indoor Track Meet Results
Our 2022 January meet has been cancelled
9:00am Sunday January 12
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Despite unseasonably warm weather in the 60s, FLRC opened the 2020 track season with a fun, relaxing meet in Cornell’s Barton Hall. Along with some fast times and exciting races, we had numerous heats of kids, with Jude Heffron taking the prize for youngest runner at 23 months old. Full results are now available, and we’ve also published an album of photos.

Jude’s father Rich Heffron showed off for his son by outrunning James Felice in the 3000m to win in 9:17 over Felice’s 9:20. On the women’s side, Jenny Berkowitz ran a controlled race to win in 10:47, with Liz Hartman in second in 12:11.

Moving on to the 60m, we had 10 heats, culminating with 17-year-old Silas Wagaman’s 7.14 that just edged out 18-year-old Lance Jensen from the Candor CSD Club Runners by 0.02 seconds. Two other Candor high school runners were fourth and fifth, but third place was claimed by 38-year-old David Birk.

In our marquee event of the mile, 76 runners toed the line across six heats, but in the end, it was a repeat of the 3000m, with Rich Heffron running a 4:39 to outpace James Felice’s 4:42. The women’s race was won by 54-year-old former Olympian Michelle Rohl in 5:38 — look for her to place well at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile in a few weeks. Despite her win, Rohl wasn’t far ahead of 14-year-old Alia Spaker, whose 5:43 placed her second.

Candor’s Lance Jensen turned the tables on Silas Wagaman in the 200m, clocking at 23.59 to Wagaman’s 24.71. David Birk might have been more than twice their age, but he still turned in an impressive 25.97 to take third. And in the High Noon grudge match, Brian Lazzaro outleaned Josh Brockner by 0.02 seconds, 28.00 to 28.02. The top woman was 13-year-old Makenna Keough of the SOAR Running Club, who ran a 31.66 to beat the 33.32 laid down by Olivia Herrick of the Elmira Express.

The 4x200m relay provided lots of excitement and when the dust settled, Lance Jensen had anchored the Candor team to the win in 1:51, but barely edging out a hard-charging Auburn Pulsars team that finished in 1:53 and the University of Buffalo XC and Track Club in 1:54.

As always, the meet couldn’t have happened without FLRC’s highly capable and amiable volunteer team. Ved Gund returned to Ithaca from a several-year stint in Oregon to serve as head timer, with Tom Rishel swapping between a whistle (for little kids) and starting pistol to get each race off the line. Jullien Flynn hobbled in from foot surgery three days ago to manage the seeding and results. Tonya Engst and Jesse Koennecke handled registration and bib pickup with aplomb, after which Jesse assisted Bill Watson in calling and lining up heats. Adam Pacheck drove in from Philadelphia from an abortive flight to record finisher bibs and manage the finish line. Aaron Proujansky did backup timing and lap counting. Dave Kania filled in for Jullien at times on the computer, helped with setup, timed sprints, and assisted wherever he could be helpful. Carl Franck also provided essential setup and timing help, and lots of people helped break down the meet.


1Silas WagamanM17Unattached7.14
2Lance JensenM18Candor CSD Club Runners7.16
3David BirkM38Unattached7.54
4Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners7.83
5Mike WeinmannM29Candor CSD Club Runners7.90
6Oliver FerriterMElmira Express7.93
7Brendan JonesM15Unattached8.01
8Zuri RuffinM12Southern Tier SOAR8.09
9Don BollingerMElmira Express8.21
10Ja'Bare AllenMElmira Express8.34
11Owen ParilloM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.44
12Carter JonesM17Unattached8.53
13Taylor BrockM14Candor CSD Club Runners8.57
14Christian WaltonM8GIAC Navigators8.75
14Conor FiggsM17Candor CSD Club Runners8.75
16Matthew FitchM14Candor CSD Club Runners8.86
17Landon CookMElmira Express8.95
18Peter JonesM13Unattached9.06
19Sander BertchM15Unattached9.27
20Annoura StewartW13Unattached9.30
20Ajay PorterMElmira Express9.30
22Cameron LewisMElmira Express9.32
22Jakhy Watkins-WhiteMElmira Express9.32
24Gregory HomaM12Southern Tier SOAR9.33
25Olivia HerrickWElmira Express9.34
26Erin BruttomessoW18Candor CSD Club Runners9.38
27Khiden SwangerMElmira Express9.42
28Makenna KeoughW13Southern Tier SOAR9.48
29Ahmiya RoneyWElmira Express9.51
30David ClarkeM8GIAC Navigators9.52
31Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR9.60
32Jiven MannMElmira Express9.69
33Ramon VargasMElmira Express9.70
34Daniel ClarkeM8GIAC Navigators9.94
34Angel KinnerWElmira Express9.94
36Braxton HoughtellingMElmira Express9.96
37Conor DeSantisM9Unattached10.03
38Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR10.17
39Lucille BurnettW17Unattached10.30
40Cali MarshM11Candor CSD Club Runners10.32
41Alexis QuickM16Candor CSD Club Runners10.35
42Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR10.38
43Lilly RiceWElmira Express10.39
44Tyreail WhittyWElmira Express10.45
45Kylie SticklerWElmira Express10.63
46Khyrell JenkinsMElmira Express10.69
47Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR10.82
48Arihaan BhargavaM6Southern Tier SOAR10.95
48Christopher ForbesM7GIAC Navigators10.95
50Alexis KitchingWElmira Express11.07
51Leela WaltonW9GIAC Navigators11.46
52Elijah JacksonM9GIAC Navigators11.47
53Jakar Watkins-WhiteMElmira Express11.51
54Kaleese DennardW8GIAC Navigators11.60
55Sophia TennantW7GIAC Navigators11.62
56Annika WoodW8Southern Tier SOAR11.64
57Mendel BirkM9Unattached11.75
58Graham MuellerM5Unattached12.43
59GG KingW6Unattached12.84
60Rowan DeSantisW6Unattached13.11
61Esther BirkW7Unattached13.55
62Devorah BirkW5Unattached14.18
63Ada MuellerW5Unattached14.47
64Matt HartmanM7Unattached15.83
65Zoe TennantW7GIAC Navigators16.18
66Charlotte CappadoraW5Unattached16.21
67Samantha CappadoraW3Unattached26.49
68Aviya KingWUnattached30.55
69Jude HeffronM1Unattached36.98


1Lance JensenM18Candor CSD Club Runners23.59
2Silas WagamanM17Unattached24.71
3David BirkM38Unattached25.97
4Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners26.82
5John SalisburyM20Unattached27.66
6Brian LazzaroM45Unattached28.00
7Josh BrocknerM44Unattached28.02
8Brendan JonesM15Unattached28.17
9Oliver FerriterMElmira Express28.61
9Taylor BrockM14Candor CSD Club Runners28.61
11Ja'Bare AllenMElmira Express29.10
12Owen ParilloM17Candor CSD Club Runners29.43
13Zuri RuffinM12Southern Tier SOAR29.86
14Matthew FitchM14Candor CSD Club Runners30.02
15Conor FiggsM17Candor CSD Club Runners30.11
16Don BollingerMElmira Express30.28
17Carter JonesM17Unattached30.84
18Makenna KeoughW13Southern Tier SOAR31.66
19Peter JonesM13Unattached32.07
20Christian WaltonM8GIAC Navigators32.26
21Jack SalisburyM53Unattached32.49
22Ajay PorterMElmira Express33.30
23Olivia HerrickWElmira Express33.32
24Erin BruttomessoW18Candor CSD Club Runners33.56
25Raegan VanGordenW11Southern Tier SOAR33.75
26Matthew KeoughM10Southern Tier SOAR34.15
27Angel KinnerWElmira Express34.33
28Lilly RiceWElmira Express34.40
29Jenna O'ConnellW16Candor CSD Club Runners34.41
30Ahmiya RoneyWElmira Express34.50
31Olivia BennettM15Candor CSD Club Runners35.46
32Annoura StewartW13Unattached35.56
33Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR35.75
34Alexis QuickM16Candor CSD Club Runners37.63
35Jamesse MiltonWElmira Express37.97
36Caroline BrocknerW41Unattached38.37
37Lucille BurnettW17Unattached38.88
38Cali MarshM11Candor CSD Club Runners39.27
39Conor DeSantisM9Unattached39.39
40Daniel ClarkeM8GIAC Navigators40.29
41Arihaan BhargavaM6Southern Tier SOAR40.48
42Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR40.66
43Leela WaltonW9GIAC Navigators40.82
44David ClarkeM8GIAC Navigators40.94
45Charlie WukovitzM8Southern Tier SOAR41.29
46Mendel BirkM9Unattached42.61
47Maple HubiszW8Unattached42.77
48Annika WoodW8Southern Tier SOAR43.97
49Kaleese DennardW8GIAC Navigators45.05
50Sophia TennantW7GIAC Navigators45.11
51Graham MuellerM5Unattached46.26
51Elijah JacksonM9GIAC Navigators46.26
53Esther BirkW7Unattached46.98
54GG KingW6Unattached49.87
55Rowan DeSantisW6Unattached50.60
56Zoe TennantW7GIAC Navigators51.80
57Devorah BirkW5Unattached58.20
58Christopher ForbesM7GIAC Navigators58.22
59Charlotte CappadoraW5Unattached1:00.65


1Rich HeffronM36Unattached4:39
2James FeliceM23Unattached4:42
3Ahren SpakerM19Unattached4:51
4Jay HubiszM40Unattached4:59
5Matt PalmerM31Unattached4:59
6Brian LazzaroM45Unattached5:03
7Nathanial OlsonM36Unattached5:06
8Michael StewartM38Unattached5:11
9Lance JensenM18Candor CSD Club Runners5:14
10Mike BronsonM48Unattached5:16
11Dale FlandersM54Unattached5:17
12Jerry CzyzM14Auburn Pulsars5:19
13Sam CornfieldMUnattached5:20
14Jaxyn MahoneyM12Southern Tier SOAR5:21
15Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars5:23
16Miles BaroodyM13Auburn Pulsars5:24
17Aaron KingM36Unattached5:25
18Casey CarlstromM60Unattached5:31
19Chris HowardM13Auburn Pulsars5:31
20Eaan HacketM18Unattached5:33
21Tobias SalisburyM18Unattached5:33
22Peter FrazierM41Unattached5:34
23Michelle RohlW54Unattached5:38
24Alia SpakerW14Unattached5:43
25AJ DarlingM21Unattached5:44
26Doug CornfieldMUnattached5:45
27Tristan LambertM43Unattached5:47
28Elizabeth BaroodyW13Auburn Pulsars5:48
29Sara BronsonWUnattached5:54
30Connor DahlM16Unattached5:54
31Tyler HillM19Candor CSD Club Runners5:59
32Riley HubiszM12Unattached6:02
33Sean RingwoodM11Auburn Pulsars6:04
34Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars6:04
35Emma BronsonW14Unattached6:05
36Brendan JonesM15Unattached6:07
37Julie BarclayW46Unattached6:10
38Sander BertchM15Unattached6:11
39Austin FerrinM12Auburn Pulsars6:14
40Luke FerrinM38Auburn Pulsars6:15
41Ben DizerM15Candor CSD Club Runners6:18
42Matthew KeoughM10Southern Tier SOAR6:21
43Jack SalisburyM53Unattached6:22
44John SalisburyM20Unattached6:23
45Oliver LambertM14Unattached6:23
46Gregory HomaM12Southern Tier SOAR6:25
47Matthew FitchM14Candor CSD Club Runners6:27
48Peter JonesM13Unattached6:29
49Raegan VanGordenW11Southern Tier SOAR6:30
50Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR6:33
51Kyle WesterveltMElmira Express6:34
52Ta'hjay Molina-BacomeMElmira Express6:41
53Abby RingwoodW12Auburn Pulsars6:42
54Sandra GregorichW57Unattached6:42
55Ella KennedyWElmira Express6:43
56Morgan ShermanW20Unattached6:43
57Kim JacksonW51Unattached6:49
58Coreen SteinbachW68Unattached6:49
59Benjamin LambertM13Unattached6:58
60Joe DalyM69Unattached7:09
61Jacob VargaM10Auburn Pulsars7:17
62Charlie WukovitzM8Southern Tier SOAR7:24
63Ayden ColemanMElmira Express7:36
64Meghan WinksW12Auburn Pulsars7:41
65Jenna O'ConnellW16Candor CSD Club Runners7:42
66Madeline Bauthier-SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars7:42
67Olivia BennettM15Candor CSD Club Runners7:48
68Cadence SullivanW9Auburn Pulsars7:50
69Erin BruttomessoW18Candor CSD Club Runners7:51
70Mallory HornWElmira Express7:55
71Reagan ReidyWElmira Express8:10
72Grace TaftWElmira Express8:14
73Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR8:19
74Bea McCarthyWElmira Express8:27
75Tawnee-Rae MathewsWElmira Express9:06
76Thalia GarciaWElmira Express9:14


1Rich HeffronM36Unattached9:17
2James FeliceM23Unattached9:20
3Ryan ToberMUB XC and Track Club9:34
4Jeremy HallM18Unattached9:42
5Adam BerkowitzM24Unattached9:43
6Nathanial OlsonM36Unattached9:54
7Matt PalmerM31Unattached10:02
8Eric ReppM18Unattached10:07
9Kody ParrottM22UB XC and Track Club10:07
10Chris MasonM31Auburn Pulsars10:18
11Jaxyn MahoneyM12Southern Tier SOAR10:18
12Chris CammisaM16Unattached10:46
13Jenny BerkowitzW23Unattached10:47
14Calum AveryM16Candor CSD Club Runners10:48
15Aaron KingM36Unattached10:58
16Steve CammisaM52Unattached11:02
17Omar RadwanM20UB XC and Track Club11:04
18Benjamin MuellerM37Unattached11:18
19Henry ChenMUB XC and Track Club11:30
20Connor DahlM16Unattached11:46
21Liz HartmanW37Unattached12:11
22Sander BertchM15Unattached12:17
23AJ DarlingM21Unattached12:18
24Liz BordoniW33Unattached12:28
25Samantha WalkerW22UB XC and Track Club12:36
26Gerrit Van LoonM58Unattached12:40


1Team JensenCandor CSD Club Runners1:51
2Team BradyAuburn Pulsars1:53
3Team ToberUB XC and Track Club1:54
4Team DahlUnattached2:02
5Team AveryCandor CSD Club Runners2:06
6Team FerriterElmira Express2:06
7Team VanGordenSouthern Tier SOAR2:13
8Team VargaAuburn Pulsars2:14
9Team BradyAuburn Pulsars2:18
10Team SwangerElmira Express2:19
11Team RoneyElmira Express2:21
12Team JonesUnattached2:22
13Team CookElmira Express2:27
14Team Molina-BacomeElmira Express2:27
15Team BruttomessoCandor CSD Club Runners2:30
16Team SullivanAuburn Pulsars2:41
17Team KeoughSouthern Tier SOAR2:42
18Team BhargavaSouthern Tier SOAR2:47
19Team KennedyElmira Express2:47
20Team SticklerElmira Express2:51
21Team BirkUnattached3:04
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