January 2018 Indoor Track Meet Results
Masters runners, test your legs in the mile before next weekend’s Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile!
9:00am Sunday January 14
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

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FLRC’s first indoor track meet of 2018 is in the books, and there were some stunning performances! With 188 runners, attendance was down a bit from previous years, even though the previous day’s high school meet was canceled due to bad weather — the roads were still a bit treacherous and the SAS ATOMS team from Syracuse wasn’t able to come. We still had 300 race entries across five events.

Running for High Noon, Rich Heffron started the day off with a commanding win in the 5000m, running 16:40 to Jim Derick’s 17:13. Not content with a single 5K for the day, Rich then ran down to FLRC’s Winter Chill 5K, where he again took first in 19:05, albeit in extremely cold conditions. Claire Mason of Corning-Painted Post West took the women’s race in 20:50, besting several of her teammates by almost a minute. Also note that Erin Taylor-Talcott clocked a 24:54 while race walking — that’s about 5 minutes off the women’s world record.

In the 60m, Alex Spicer of Corning-Painted Post West ran a 7.25 for the win, just .3 seconds faster than Jesse Richard’s 7.55 — two other men ran under 8 seconds. For the women, Charlie Slusser of Southern Tier SOAR won in 8.70, beating Lillian Jensen of the Candor CSD Club Runners by .29 seconds.

Without Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars to continue his historical dominance in the 400m, Alex Spicer picked up his second win, running 53.14 to Keegan Cochran’s 54.00 and Lance Jensen’s 54.85. Jillian Perrault of the B Team took the women’s crown with a 1:05.21, handily finishing ahead of Leah O’Connell of the Candor CSD Club Runners, who came through in 1:08.64.

The 1 mile race was the most exciting of the day, given entries from some of the top high school runners in the area. In the final and ninth heat of the day, Dan Gahagan of Corning-Painted Post West led for most of the race, and fended off numerous challenges from brothers Gabe and Aaron Planty of Watkins Glen. Gahagan ran a 4:31, with Gabe Planty second in 4:32, Groton’s Richard Moore a strong third in 4:35, Aaron Planty fourth in 4:40, and Jason Matthewson of Elmira fifth 4:42. But it didn’t end there, with the next five runners also under 4:45! Alyssa Walker of the Crusaders won the women’s race in 5:25, with Olivia Lovejoy of Elmira second in 5:30.

In the middle of the mile, we were pleased to announce the news that Elmira native Molly Huddle set a new American record in the half marathon with a 1:07:25 at the Houston Half Marathon. She broke Deena Kastor’s 2006 record of 1:07:34 by 9 seconds, and in the process also set unofficial records for the 10 miles and 20K. Speaking as someone who was once outkicked by a then 17-year-old Molly Huddle in the mile in Barton Hall, it’s always great to see her running successes.

With six heats of the sprint medley (400-200-200-800) relay, there were a number of good races as well, with the final heat pitting Keegan Cochrane against Corning-Painted Post West’s Bryce Derick in the ultimate 800m. They traded leads several times in the four laps, and all eyes were on their furious sprint to the finish, with Cochrane outleaning Derick for the win by just a few hundredths of a second.

As always, coordinating a meet with so many runners and so many heats was possible only thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers. Jullien Flynn managed the essential computer tasks of race day entries, heat changes, and untangling of results with aplomb, with help from Zsofia Franck, who also helped line up young starters in the sprints. Tonya Engst, Becca Lovenheim, and Carl Franck wrangled all the heats, a task made trickier by needing to rearrange heats around the missing SAS ATOMS. Scott Wehrwein was head timer for most of the meet, ably backed by Josh Brockner, who took over running the Time Machine at the end. Aaron Proujansky did backup timing, Bob Swizdor and Hal Coghill recorded finishers, and Brenda Marchewka did a great job managing the lap counter for longer races. Lesley Middleton helped with registration, Lorrie Tily and Ximing Yin helped timed the 60m, Bert Bland and Bob Talda showed up early to help with setup. Thanks to you all!


1Spicer, AlexMCorning-Painted Post West7.25
2Richard, JesseMUnattached7.55
3Skinner, PatrickMUnattached7.63
4DeVine, AlexM315 Elite TC7.69
5Fitzgerald, CameronMCandor CSD Club Runners8.17
6Mechalke, ChrisMCorning Hawks8.43
7Herman, KadinMCorning Hawks8.64
8Slusser, CharlieFSouthern Tier SOAR8.70
9Homa, MarcusMUnattached8.72
10Yeater, AlexMSouthern Tier SOAR8.79
11Jensen, LillianFCandor CSD Club Runners8.89
12Tandon, RaghavMCorning Hawks8.92
13Keough, CadenMCorning Hawks9.05
14Allington, HaydenMCorning Hawks9.08
15Van Leer, JamesMFLRC9.13
16Cleary, DanielMB Team9.20
17West, ConradMSouthern Tier SOAR9.26
18Millow, MichaelMSouthern Tier SOAR9.31
19Harewood, AyindeMCorning Hawks9.48
20Wheaton, AlexandreaFCorning Hawks9.55
21Caruso, JoeMCorning Hawks9.61
22Walker, GavinMSouthern Tier SOAR9.68
23Dickerman, SylvieFCorning Hawks9.78
23Smith, ReeceMCorning Hawks9.78
25Heath, GraceFCorning Hawks9.80
26Dessoye, HarleeFCorning Hawks9.83
27Ashton, BangeMCorning Hawks9.89
28Tubbs, AshleyFCorning Hawks10.10
29Lee, SeohyeonFCorning Hawks10.17
30Brucie, AvaFCorning Hawks10.19
31Bordon, PhilipMCorning Hawks10.20
32West, IraMSouthern Tier SOAR10.21
33Marsh, IanMCorning Hawks10.23
34Ohl, RobertMCorning Hawks10.26
35Sutton, EmmaFCorning Hawks10.34
36Sparling, AmeliaFSouthern Tier SOAR10.36
37Martin, LeoliaFCorning Hawks10.39
38Homa, GregoryMUnattached10.43
39Swan, OwenMCorning Hawks10.46
39Reddy, NeilMCorning Hawks10.46
41Herman, KennedyFCorning Hawks10.59
42Johnson, NathanMSouthern Tier SOAR10.61
43Casper, DanielMCorning Hawks10.62
44Templier, HugoMUnattached10.67
45Ormsby, AriellFCorning Hawks10.71
46Hursch, JackMCorning Hawks10.79
47Freelove, NateMCorning Hawks10.85
48Ripley, OwenMSouthern Tier SOAR10.88
49Wagner, AbigailFSouthern Tier SOAR10.89
50Baker, PierceMCorning Hawks11.08
51Slavin, CaitlynFSouthern Tier SOAR11.18
52Lawson, ChristopherFUnattached11.30
53Lovell, JamesMSouthern Tier SOAR11.31
54Beres, BellaFSouthern Tier SOAR11.50
55Beres, AnyaFSouthern Tier SOAR11.54
56Kauffman, HannahFSouthern Tier SOAR11.63
57Curreri, JacobMCorning Hawks11.70
58Oakes, TabithaFSouthern Tier SOAR12.02
59Wagner, JasmineFSouthern Tier SOAR12.07
60Templier, SophieFUnattached12.73
61Skinner, SeanMUnattached13.12
62Reynolds, JoeMUnattached13.84
63Schultz, MorganFAuburn Pulsars14.12
64Kauffman, LeahFSouthern Tier SOAR14.15
65Wukovitz, CharlieMSouthern Tier SOAR14.81
66Donovan, AuroraFUnattached23.23
67Donovan, TrevorMUnattached23.50


1Spicer, AlexMCorning-Painted Post West53.14
2Cochran, KeeganMUnattached54.00
3Jensen, LanceMCandor CSD Club Runners54.85
4DeVine, AlexM315 Elite TC55.33
5Parillo, JebMCandor CSD Club Runners57.09
6Richard, JesseMUnattached57.55
7Donovan, TrevorMUnattached57.75
8Warney, DonjuanMUnattached58.78
9Whatley, CoreyMCandor CSD Club Runners59.38
10Haynes, ChristianMCandor CSD Club Runners59.40
11Fitzgerald, CameronMCandor CSD Club Runners1:01.14
12Coyote, SashaMUnattached1:02.06
13Vaow, CalebMCandor CSD Club Runners1:02.24
14Brayman, JasonMUnattached1:02.85
15Whitmore, NashMCandor CSD Club Runners1:03.99
16Perrault, JillianFB Team1:05.21
17Allington, HaydenMCorning Hawks1:07.19
18Keough, CadenMCorning Hawks1:08.04
19Dyson, EricMUnattached1:08.31
20O'Connell, LeahFCandor CSD Club Runners1:08.64
21Brooks, MoriahFElmira1:09.57
22Marsh, MyaFCandor CSD Club Runners1:09.69
23Homa, MarcusMUnattached1:09.95
24Jensen, LillianFCandor CSD Club Runners1:10.61
25Ray, SelahFCandor CSD Club Runners1:11.00
25Wandell, JessicaFElmira1:11.00
25Ashton, BangeMCorning Hawks1:11.00
28Ketchem, FaitheFUnattached1:12.00
28Mechalke, ChrisMCorning Hawks1:12.00
28Ripley, ChaseMSouthern Tier SOAR1:12.00
31Herman, KadinMCorning Hawks1:13.00
31Bruttomesso, ErinFCandor CSD Club Runners1:13.00
31Tandon, RaghavMCorning Hawks1:13.00
34Marnell, NicholasMUnattached1:14.00
34Caruso, JoeMCorning Hawks1:14.00
36Marsh, IanMCorning Hawks1:15.00
37Balash, GarrisonMSouthern Tier SOAR1:16.00
37Beres, JoshMSouthern Tier SOAR1:16.00
39Wheaton, AlexandreaFCorning Hawks1:17.00
40Heath, GraceFCorning Hawks1:18.00
40Harewood, AyindeMCorning Hawks1:18.00
42Dessoye, HarleeFCorning Hawks1:19.00
42Smith, ReeceMCorning Hawks1:19.00
44Martin, LeoliaFCorning Hawks1:21.00
44Dickerman, SylvieFCorning Hawks1:21.00
46Walker, GavinMSouthern Tier SOAR1:22.00
46Ketchum, ColtenMUnattached1:22.00
48Kesterson, PaigeFCorning Hawks1:23.00
48Homa, GregoryMUnattached1:23.00
50Brucie, AvaFCorning Hawks1:24.00
50Slussser, RyannFSouthern Tier SOAR1:24.00
52Millow, MichaelMSouthern Tier SOAR1:25.00
52Tubbs, AshleyFCorning Hawks1:25.00
54West, IraMSouthern Tier SOAR1:27.00
55Lee, SeohyeonFCorning Hawks1:28.00
55Sutton, EmmaFCorning Hawks1:28.00
55Ohl, RobertMCorning Hawks1:28.00
55Freelove, NateMCorning Hawks1:28.00
59Beres, SadieFSouthern Tier SOAR1:29.00
59Herman, KennedyFCorning Hawks1:29.00
61Flaitz, TuckerMSouthern Tier SOAR1:30.00
62Templier, HugoMUnattached1:31.00
63Beres, BellaFSouthern Tier SOAR1:32.00
63Swan, OwenMCorning Hawks1:32.00
65Tily, LorrieFUnattached1:35.00
66Reddy, NeilMCorning Hawks1:37.00
67Baker, PierceMCorning Hawks1:38.00
68Lawson, ChristopherFUnattached1:39.00
69Bordon, PhilipMCorning Hawks1:40.00
69Casper, DanielMCorning Hawks1:40.00
71Beres, AnyaFSouthern Tier SOAR1:47.00
72Reynolds, JoeMUnattached1:49.00
73Kauffman, HannahFSouthern Tier SOAR1:52.00
74Templier, SophieFUnattached1:59.00
74Kauffman, LeahFSouthern Tier SOAR1:59.00
76Hursch, JackMCorning Hawks2:01.00
77Curreri, JacobMCorning Hawks2:02.00
78Wukovitz, CharlieMSouthern Tier SOAR2:04.00
79Schultz, MorganFAuburn Pulsars2:27.00


1Gahagan, DanMCorning-Painted Post West4:31.00
2Planty, GabeMUnattached4:32.00
3Moore, RichardMUnattached4:35.00
4Planty, AaronMUnattached4:40.00
5Matthewson, JasonMElmira4:42.00
6Vassallo, FrankMB Team4:43.00
7Derick, BryceMCorning-Painted Post West4:43.15
8Jacobsen-Evans, TorreyMCorning-Painted Post West4:43.95
9Milliken, PatMElmira4:45.00
9Cleary, JohnMCorning-Painted Post West4:45.00
11Ryan, JTMB Team4:47.00
12Wilber, MatthewMUnattached4:49.00
13Connolly, MatthewMB Team4:52.00
14Zaidel, CamdenMCorning-Painted Post West4:58.00
15Parillo, JebMCandor CSD Club Runners5:03.00
16Cochran, KeeganMUnattached5:04.00
17Cleary, DanielMB Team5:08.00
18Ostrander, RobMElmira5:09.00
19Tuori, JasonMFinger Lakes Running Club5:11.00
20Nelan, NathanMElmira5:13.19
21Belanger, HaydenMSouthern Tier SOAR5:13.75
22Templier, NicolasMUnattached5:14.00
23Coyote, SashaMUnattached5:15.18
24Jackson, JaydenMSouthern Tier SOAR5:17.87
25Kwasney, PhilMSTRC5:19.00
25Allen, BenMElmira5:19.00
27Jensen, LanceMCandor CSD Club Runners5:22.00
28Walker, AlyssaFCrusaders5:25.00
29Richardson, SilasMUnattached5:29.10
30Dawson, ScottMFLRC5:29.49
31Lovejoy, OliviaFElmira5:30.52
32Eggleston, KeithMUnattached5:30.90
33Baroody, OliverMAuburn Pulsars5:32.00
33Vaow, CalebMCandor CSD Club Runners5:32.00
33Cronin, HayleyFUnattached5:32.00
36Spaker, AliaFUnattached5:33.22
37Brayman, JasonMUnattached5:33.71
38Baker, CleoFCorning-Painted Post West5:34.00
39Belanger, CalebMSouthern Tier SOAR5:36.00
39Brooks, AleziahFElmira5:36.00
41Mahoney, JaxynMSouthern Tier SOAR5:37.00
42Cecce, LoganMSouthern Tier SOAR5:38.00
42Mertus, KatherineFCorning-Painted Post West5:38.00
44Lawson, AliciaFCorning-Painted Post West5:39.00
45Ketchum, BrynneFCorning-Painted Post West5:40.00
46Ketchem, FaitheFUnattached5:41.00
47Williams, GaryMFLRC5:43.23
48Quanz, TaeliFElmira5:43.84
49Gensel, JamesMCorning Hawks5:46.00
49Wheeler, JeremyMSouthern Tier SOAR5:46.00
51Warney, DonjuanMUnattached5:47.00
52Roman, CaseyFElmira5:50.00
53Homa, MarcusMUnattached5:56.00
53Haynes, ChristianMCandor CSD Club Runners5:56.00
55Ostrander, ElizabethFElmira5:57.00
56Baroody, ElizabethFAuburn Pulsars5:58.00
57Young, PiperFNotre Dame5:59.00
58Nevins, CharlotteFCorning-Painted Post West6:01.00
59Perry, AbbyFCorning-Painted Post West6:02.00
60Moore, DustinMUnattached6:04.00
61Fitzgerald, CameronMCandor CSD Club Runners6:05.00
62Musso, BrandonMUnattached6:06.00
63Shafer-Nolan, AnneFUnattached6:09.00
64Cowley, AlexFUnattached6:13.00
65West, ConradMSouthern Tier SOAR6:18.00
66Whitmore, NashMCandor CSD Club Runners6:23.00
67Chafee, CalebMCorning-Painted Post West6:24.00
68Beres, JoshMSouthern Tier SOAR6:27.00
69Ringwood, SeanMAuburn Pulsars6:30.00
70Pineau, MaryAliceFAuburn Pulsars6:31.00
70Van Loon, GerritMUnattached6:31.00
72Connolly, CarolineFUnattached6:32.00
72Keys, LydiaFCorning-Painted Post West6:32.00
74Hallinan, KatherineFB Team6:33.00
75Cleary, MargaretFCorning Hawks6:36.00
75Gaskievicz, ChristinaFCorning Hawks6:36.00
75Ketchum, ColtenMUnattached6:36.00
78Dyson, EricMUnattached6:40.00
79Zogaria, BreeFCandor CSD Club Runners6:46.00
80Dauerheim, GabeMAuburn Pulsars6:50.00
81Homa, GregoryMUnattached6:53.00
82Brady, KyleenFAuburn Pulsars6:54.00
83Oakes, SamanthaFSouthern Tier SOAR6:56.00
84Engst, TonyaFUnattached7:00.00
85Marsh, MyaFCandor CSD Club Runners7:09.00
85Flaitz, TuckerMSouthern Tier SOAR7:09.00
87Duffy, ConnorMAuburn Pulsars7:12.00
88Beres, SadieFSouthern Tier SOAR7:13.00
89Tily, LorrieFUnattached7:14.00
90Nolan, RobertMUnattached7:15.00
91Ray, SelahFCandor CSD Club Runners7:21.00
92Lovell, JamesMSouthern Tier SOAR7:24.00
92Ringwood, AbbyFAuburn Pulsars7:24.00
94Templier, HugoMUnattached7:27.00
95Wagner, AbigailFSouthern Tier SOAR7:28.00
96Schultz, BillyMAuburn Pulsars7:33.00
97Varga, JacobMAuburn Pulsars7:38.00
98Douglas, MarkMAuburn Pulsars7:57.00
99Sheppard, DanMAuburn Pulsars8:18.00
100Slavin, CaitlynFSouthern Tier SOAR8:22.00
101Sparling, AmeliaFSouthern Tier SOAR8:25.00
102Templier, RuiFUnattached8:28.00
103Reynolds, JoeMUnattached8:35.00
103Patricia, RistowFUnattached8:35.00
105Krusch, StephanieFGVH9:54.00


1Heffron, RichMHigh Noon AC16:40.0
2Derick, JamesMUnattached17:13.0
3Kressly, ThomasMUnattached18:00.0
4Yin, XimingMFLRC and Highnoon18:16.0
5Lawson, NathanMCorning-Painted Post West18:46.0
6Carlstrom, CaseyMUnattached18:53.0
7Mullins, ThomasMUnattached19:21.0
8Wheeler, JeremyMSouthern Tier SOAR19:22.0
9Maki, EricMUnattached19:52.0
10van Wijk, KlaasMUnattached20:30.0
11Van Loon, GerritMUnattached20:49.0
12Kresock, PeteMUnattached20:49.9
13Mason, ClaireFCorning-Painted Post West20:50.0
14Musso, BrandonMUnattached21:43.0
15Nelson, KevinMUnattached22:12.0
16Collins, AliviaFCorning-Painted Post West22:48.0
17Collins, VictoriaFCorning-Painted Post West23:39.0
18Collins, AngeleaFCorning-Painted Post West23:41.0
19Taylor-Talcott, ErinFUnattached24:54.0
20Tily, LorrieFUnattached24:57.0

SMR (4-2-2-8) RESULTS

1Team CochraneUnattached03:57.3
2Team DerickCorning-Painted Post West03:57.5
3Team ParilloCandor CSD Club Runners04:03.3
4Team MillikenElmira04:03.9
5Team ClearyB Team04:12.0
6Team RillorazaUnattached04:20.7
7Team VaowSouthern Tier SOAR04:36.8
8Team BrooksElmira04:41.3
9Team BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR04:47.4
10Team RomanElmira04:47.6
11Team O'ConnellCandor CSD Club Runners04:47.7
12Team WheelerSouthern Tier SOAR04:57.5
13Team KetchumCorning-Painted Post West04:58.1
14Team GenselCorning Hawks05:04.9
15Team CroninB Team05:05.8
16Team BaroodyAuburn Pulsars05:27.8
17Team RipleySouthern Tier SOAR05:30.9
18Team CarusoCorning Hawks05:31.1
19Team MahoneySouthern Tier SOAR05:33.4
20Team WestSouthern Tier SOAR05:33.9
21Team BaroodyAuburn Pulsars05:43.6
22Team GaskieviczCorning Hawks06:01.4
23Team ClearyCorning Hawks06:03.4
24Team KestersonCorning Hawks06:05.9
25Team ToveyCorning Hawks06:45.9
26Team OakesSouthern Tier SOAR06:46.0
27Team CasperCorning Hawks06:50.9
28Team FlaitzSouthern Tier SOAR06:51.4
29Team DuffyAuburn Pulsars06:54.3
30Team BeresSouthern Tier SOAR07:08.3
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