Indoor Track Meet March Results 2017
It's your last chance for a fast indoor mile in the MITHACAL MILE Series!
9:00am Sunday March 19
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Our final indoor meet of 2017 wasn’t quite as large as the previous two meets, due to the high school indoor track season being over, but it was still a hopping good time for a lot of people. 184 runners competed in 45 heats across 4 individual events and 1 relay for 404 total entries!

If we had meet MVPs, those awards would certainly have gone to Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars and Allison Koch of Camden. Although his specialty is the 400m, since we didn’t have that event at this meet, Atkins ran almost everything else, taking first in the 200m and the 1 mile, second in the 60m, and anchoring the winning 4x400m relay team. Koch won the 60m and the 200m, and also anchored a women-only relay team.

But we wouldn’t realize how dominant they were going to be since the first race was the 3000m, which Evan Magnussen took out hard from the gun and held the lead all the way to the tape in 8:58. Patrick Queiroz of the University of Buffalo XC and Track Club took second in 9:05. For the women, Jordyn Naylon’s 10:40 outpaced the 11:04 by Karen Simmonds-Brady of the Auburn Pulsars.

In the 60m, Thomas White ran a commanding 6.69 to beat Leon Atkins, who crossed in 7.02. On the women’s side, Allison Koch of Camden took the win in 8.50 over Charlie Slusser of Southern Tier SOAR, who ran 8.70.

But after a false start that marred the final heat of the 200m, Leon Atkins showed what he could do, running a 23:59 to beat the 24.05 run by Justin Starks of the Cornell Track & Field Club by almost half a second. Similarly, Allison Koch of Camden doubled her victory count with a 28.03 that beat Annie Geiger of the Cornell Running Club’s 29.63.

Coming back in the 1 mile race, which he had never run before, Leon Atkins went out way too fast, like most novice milers, but then settled down and led the rest of the race and outkicking Clayton Wolfe of Owego Free Academy in the final lap to win in 4:37 over Wolfe’s 4:38. Elizabeth Lucason of Camden won the women’s race commandingly, with a 5:14, a full 10 seconds faster than her win in the January meet’s mile. Faithe Ketchum of Team PREFO was second in 5:36.

In the final event of the day, the 4x400m relay, Leon Atkins teamed with Clayton Wolfe and Vince Duvall of Owego Free Academy, and sprinter Alex Tompkins to win the relay in 3:48.5. Although impressive, that time remains only the second-fastest 4x400m of the year, behind Corning-Painted Post’s astonishing 3:39.6 in the February meet.


1Thomas WhiteMUnattached6.69
2Leon AtkinsMAuburn Pulsars7.02
3Justin StarksMCornell Track & Field Club7.23
4Austin StarksMCornell Track & Field Club7.28
5Sean WatertonMCornell Track & Field Club7.31
6Shjon AmakerMNew Roots7.40
7Jason RichardsMCamden7.43
8Edouard PeloquinMBryant & Stratton7.45
9Brenton WestbrookMCornell Track & Field Club7.50
10William ZuckerbergMCornell Track & Field Club7.52
11Phillip IsaacMNew Roots7.54
12Raekwon DarbyMBryant & Stratton7.57
13Bernard Baffoe-MensahMCornell Track & Field Club7.61
14Hunter KeilMCamden7.68
15Ethan ThompsonMUnattached7.77
16Sevon CaldwellMBryant & Stratton7.82
17Derek KohlMUnattached7.83
18Mark RenMCornell Track & Field Club7.89
19John McEachenMSyracuse Chargers7.90
20Josh WhitakerMAuburn Pulsars7.91
21Alex TompkinsMA Team7.95
22Ege SekkinMCornell Track & Field Club8.06
23Josh MartinMBryant & Stratton8.29
24Isiah Furman-HouckMUnattached8.31
25Ace SerianniMUnattached8.42
26Allison KochFCamden8.50
27Nicholas SmithMCornell University8.59
28Eric RomneyMBryant & Stratton8.63
29Charlie SlusserFSouthern Tier SOAR8.70
30Amanda JonesFCamden8.71
31Marcus HomaMTeam PREFO8.94
32Jacob BrownMCamden8.96
33Austin TompkinsMA Team9.19
34Rohan MakepeaceMGIAC Navigators9.28
35Caleb BelangerMSouthern Tier SOAR9.35
36Billy RussellMTeam PREFO9.55
37Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS9.56
38Indira ClairborneFGIAC Navigators9.62
39Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR9.72
40Garrison BalashMSouthern Tier SOAR9.83
41Michael MillowMSouthern Tier SOAR9.94
42Brittni DukeFA Team10.03
43Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR10.07
44Luca PepeMGIAC Navigators10.16
45Samuel VelasquesMGIAC Navigators10.22
46Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO10.29
47Gregory HomaMTeam PREFO10.55
48Nguengeti NgwenMGIAC Navigators10.56
49Andrew MorrisonMUnattached10.68
50Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS10.76
51Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS10.77
52Ira WestMSouthern Tier SOAR10.80
53Tully WaltonMTeam PREFO10.82
54Ally BalashFSouthern Tier SOAR10.95
55Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS11.09
56Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS11.55
57Hannon ShuttsMUnattached11.59
58Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR11.76
59Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR11.85
60Jaxon TeeterMSouthern Tier SOAR12.00
61Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR12.18
62James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR12.33
63Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO12.75
64Joe ReynoldsMUnattached13.08
65Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR13.10
66Raziah CoxFGIAC Navigators13.12
67Collin BurrMTeam PREFO13.25
68Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO14.45
69Katelyn BraymanFUnattached15.51
70Judah WhiteMUnattached24.59


1Leon AtkinsMAuburn Pulsars23.59
2Justin StarksMCornell Track & Field Club24.05
3Austin StarksMCornell Track & Field Club24.66
4Mark DellefaveMCornell University25.15
5Bryce WestbrookMCornell Track & Field Club25.18
6Clayton WolfeMOwego Free Academy25.19
7Eric RomneyMBryant & Stratton25.24
8Shjon AmakerMNew Roots25.26
9Kevin CheungMCornell Track & Field Club25.28
10Jason RichardsMCamden25.40
11Hunter KeilMCamden25.44
12Graham O'DonnellMUnattached25.48
13Ethan ThompsonMUnattached25.76
14Vince DuvallMOwego Free Academy26.14
15Josh MartinMBryant & Stratton26.20
16Raekwon DarbyMBryant & Stratton26.22
17Phillip IsaacMNew Roots26.26
18Alex TompkinsMA Team26.31
19Sevon CaldwellMBryant & Stratton26.32
20Josh WhitakerMAuburn Pulsars26.34
21Jared RaabMUnattached26.43
22Mark RenMCornell Track & Field Club26.47
23John McEachenMSyracuse Chargers26.57
24Adrian MilisavljevichMUnattached27.04
25Conor O'HaraMCamden27.07
26Simon SeidlMCamden27.78
27John PtakMUnattached27.95
28Allison KochFCamden28.03
28Nicholas SmithMCornell University28.03
30Alex WorsleyMCornell Track & Field Club28.21
31Annie GeigerFCornell University29.63
32Charlie SlusserFSouthern Tier SOAR29.73
33Elizabeth LucasonFCamden30.02
34Amanda JonesFCamden30.56
35Jacob BrownMCamden31.33
36Marcus HomaMTeam PREFO31.71
37Oliver FowlerMNew Roots32.03
38Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO32.14
39Billy RussellMTeam PREFO32.20
40Haley HindsFCamden32.35
41Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached32.81
42Austin TompkinsMA Team33.01
43Michael MillowMSouthern Tier SOAR33.09
44Nicole PearsonFBryant & Stratton33.28
45Edouard PeloquinMBryant & Stratton33.31
46Caleb BelangerMSouthern Tier SOAR33.43
47Nykayla FratacciaFCamden33.46
48Ryann SlussserFSouthern Tier SOAR33.76
49Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS33.77
50Rohan MakepeaceMGIAC Navigators33.94
51Garrison BalashMSouthern Tier SOAR34.32
52Christine CurtisFUnattached34.40
53Brittni DukeFA Team34.77
54Catherine SeidlFCamden34.81
55Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR34.94
56Samuel VelasquesMGIAC Navigators35.64
56Nguengeti NgwenMGIAC Navigators35.64
58Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR35.98
59Indira ClairborneFGIAC Navigators36.04
60Jaret TeeterMSouthern Tier SOAR36.22
61Ayla KerwanFSouthern Tier SOAR36.47
62Don TompkinsMA Team36.79
63Gregory HomaMTeam PREFO36.92
64Owen RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR37.22
65Luca PepeMGIAC Navigators37.35
66Hannah CrofuttFCamden38.13
66Brendan O'BrienMUnattached38.13
68Elizabeth WilcoxFUnattached38.34
69Ira WestMSouthern Tier SOAR38.68
70Xavier PaganoMSouthern Tier SOAR39.01
71Andrew MorrisonMUnattached39.42
72Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS39.53
73Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO39.71
74Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR40.19
75Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS40.40
76Ally BalashFSouthern Tier SOAR41.63
77Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR41.64
78Hannon ShuttsMUnattached42.75
79Tully WaltonMTeam PREFO43.34
80Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR43.53
81Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS44.24
82James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR44.83
83Jaxon TeeterMSouthern Tier SOAR44.86
84Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS46.29
85Joe ReynoldsMUnattached46.30
86Collin BurrMTeam PREFO46.50
87Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR46.53
88Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR47.09
89Stephanie KruschFUnattached47.52
90Raziah CoxFGIAC Navigators50.11
91Jennifer TompkinsFA Team50.46
92Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO50.55
93Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO58.89
94Katelyn BraymanFUnattached1:05.25

1 mile RESULTS

1Leon AtkinsMAuburn Pulsars4:37.2
2Clayton WolfeMOwego Free Academy4:38.2
3Kody ParrottMUB XC and Track Club4:39.1
4Mike WarcholMUnattached4:46.9
5Sam SharlowMUnattached4:54.5
6Michael GabriellianMCornell University4:54.6
7Matthew SlominskiMUB XC and Track Club4:56.6
8Ethan SeltzerMCornell University5:00.1
9Dixon AtkinsMUB XC and Track Club5:01.2
10Joseph ThompsonMUnattached5:01.8
11Jason TuoriMUnattached5:03.9
12Kenny BurdickMUnattached5:04.7
13Evan McIlwainMUnattached5:05.1
14Stephen ThompsonMUnattached5:05.3
15Tyler SlominskiMUB XC and Track Club5:06.1
16Scott FergusonMUB XC and Track Club5:07.9
17Dylan BeckhornMUnattached5:09.6
18Alex ColvinMUnattached5:10.8
19WIll BeckhornMUnattached5:11.5
20Elizabeth LucasonFCamden5:14.0
21Vince DuvallMOwego Free Academy5:16.9
22Dylan MariuzzaMCornell University5:20.0
23Conor O'HaraMCamden5:22.7
24Jared RaabMUnattached5:24.8
25Andrew VaughnMCornell University5:25.8
26Leo KolshornMGreater Philadelphia TC5:26.4
27Simon SeidlMCamden5:27.7
28Jason RichardsMCamden5:32.4
29Matthew Francis-GaworsMUnattached5:34.4
30Ege SekkinMCornell Track & Field Club5:35.0
31Miles BaroodyMAuburn Pulsars5:35.5
32Oliver BaroodyMAuburn Pulsars5:35.8
33Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO5:36.0
34Ely GirouxMCornell University5:40.8
35Thomas KresslyMUnattached5:41.2
36Keegan BradyMAuburn Pulsars5:44.0
37Jason BraymanMUnattached5:47.3
37Tyler HillMUnattached5:47.3
39Matthew BraymanMCamden5:48.3
40Marcus HomaMTeam PREFO5:48.8
41Morgan LucasonFCamden5:49.5
42Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached5:49.6
43Thomas KetchumMTeam PREFO5:50.0
44Rebecca LovenheimFUnattached5:54.6
45Annie GeigerFCornell University5:56.1
46Owen GasperMAuburn Pulsars5:56.4
47Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached5:57.9
48Emerson CookMNew Roots6:08.6
49Jacob BryantMAuburn Pulsars6:10.3
50Christine CurtisFUnattached6:10.6
51Elizabeth BaroodyFAuburn Pulsars6:17.9
52Sarah BairdFCamden6:21.3
53Phillip PetersonMAuburn Pulsars6:21.7
54Caleb BelangerMSouthern Tier SOAR6:24.5
55Cassandra CollinsFTeam PREFO6:26.0
56Angelea CollinsFTeam PREFO6:26.4
57Alex TompkinsMA Team6:27.3
57Haley HindsFCamden6:27.3
59Oliver FowlerMNew Roots6:27.7
60Aubrie ColeFUnattached6:28.3
61Mason VitaleMAuburn Pulsars6:28.8
62Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO6:35.6
63Victoria CollinsFTeam PREFO6:38.4
64Amanda FastiggiFUnattached6:41.8
65Connor GasperMAuburn Pulsars6:43.6
66Justin SmithMUnattached6:46.3
67Gregory HomaMTeam PREFO6:50.2
68Ella VargaFAuburn Pulsars6:52.4
69Gabe DauerheimMAuburn Pulsars6:53.2
70David KeiferMUnattached6:54.3
71Jacob VargaMAuburn Pulsars6:54.7
72Matthew FennessyMAuburn Pulsars6:55.0
73Karen Simmonds-BradyFAuburn Pulsars6:56.4
74MaryAlice PineauFAuburn Pulsars6:56.7
75Tonya EngstFUnattached6:59.5
76Noah ColemanMAuburn Pulsars7:00.6
77Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR7:06.5
78Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR7:09.5
79Mary GasperFAuburn Pulsars7:10.2
80Nykayla FratacciaFCamden7:18.6
81Billy SchultzMAuburn Pulsars7:21.7
82Ayla KerwanFSouthern Tier SOAR7:22.3
83Hannah CrofuttFCamden7:28.8
84Jaret TeeterMSouthern Tier SOAR7:31.3
85Elizabeth WilcoxFUnattached7:38.4
86Freddie CollinsMTeam PREFO7:42.6
87Shjon AmakerMNew Roots7:46.9
88Tucker FlaitzMSouthern Tier SOAR7:51.3
89Xavier PaganoMSouthern Tier SOAR7:51.5
90Joe ReynoldsMUnattached7:54.7
91Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS8:03.9
92Andrew MorrisonMUnattached8:05.6
93Kyleen BradyFAuburn Pulsars8:14.9
94Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS8:18.0
95Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR8:20.2
96Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR8:51.2
97Brittni DukeFA Team8:51.7
98Austin TompkinsMA Team9:02.8
99Collin BurrMTeam PREFO9:05.7
100Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO9:13.3
101Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR9:19.0
102Don TompkinsMA Team9:36.2
103Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS9:39.3
104Stephanie KruschFUnattached9:45.7
105Jennifer TompkinsFA Team10:01.6
106Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS10:06.9
107Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS10:28.6


1Evan MagnussenMUnattached8:58.2
2Patrick QueirozMUB XC and Track Club9:05.2
3Ace SerianniMUnattached9:15.9
4Andrew BoyceMUnattached9:17.1
5Dave CookMUnattached9:20.5
6Sam SharlowMUnattached9:48.2
7James DerickMTeam PREFO9:49.9
8Joseph ThompsonMUnattached9:58.2
9Dylan MariuzzaMCornell University10:31.0
10Jordyn NaylonFUnattached10:40.0
11Simon SeidlMCamden10:40.7
12Leo KolshornMGreater Philadelphia TC10:46.1
13Thomas KresslyMUnattached10:50.2
14Matthew CaffreyMCornell University10:57.9
15Karen Simmonds-BradyFAuburn Pulsars11:04.4
16Tyler HillMUnattached11:08.7
17Ely GirouxMCornell University11:16.4
18Morgan LucasonFCamden11:17.8
19Matthew Francis-GaworsMUnattached11:18.3
20Nate BarottMCornell University11:22.6
21Matthew BraymanMCamden11:31.9
22Gary WilliamsMUnattached11:37.0
23Jason BraymanMUnattached11:38.8
24Alivia CollinsMTeam PREFO12:00.1
25Brynne KetchumFTeam PREFO12:05.8
26Thomas KetchumMTeam PREFO12:06.3
27Mary BushallowFUnattached12:28.0
28Sarah BairdFCamden12:34.0
29Haley HindsFCamden12:34.8
30Nicolette SwanberyFCornell Track & Field Club12:39.4
31Brendan O'BrienMUnattached13:03.1
32Amanda FastiggiFUnattached13:32.7
33David KeiferMUnattached13:44.4
34Tucker FlaitzMSouthern Tier SOAR13:46.1
35Justin SmithMUnattached14:16.9
36Seth MadiganMUnattached14:17.3
37Dave TalcottMShore AC14:24.8
38Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached15:00.3
39Divya ShankarFUB XC and Track Club15:37.0
40Terra PetersonFUnattached15:47.3
41Joe ReynoldsMUnattached16:03.0
42Don TompkinsMA Team17:23.9
43Jennifer TompkinsFA Team19:24.8

4x400m RESULTS

PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team AtkinsUnattached3:48.5
2Team SharlowUnattached3:59.1
3Team ParrotUB XC and Track Club4:05.5
4Team TuoriUnattached4:08.3
5Team SeltzerCornell University4:08.9
6Team MartinBryant & Stratton4:10.8
7Team ThompsonUnattached4:11.5
8Team RichardsCamden4:12.6
9Team RaabUnattached4:18.1
10Team KetchumTeam PREFO4:25.0
11Team DerickTeam PREFO4:42.3
12Team OrcuttUB XC and Track Club4:48.2
13Team KochCamden5:02.9
14Team BraymanCamden5:08.3
15Team PtakUnattached5:10.6
16Team HomaTeam PREFO5:12.7
17Team SlusserSouthern Tier SOAR5:31.4
18Team SparlingSouthern Tier SOAR6:16.2
19Team MillowSouthern Tier SOAR6:34.4
20Team KetchumTeam PREFO6:59.5
21Team MahmoudSAS ATOMS7:36.6
21Team WagnerSouthern Tier SOAR7:43.8
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