Indoor Track Meet January Results 2017
Masters runners, test your legs in the mile before next weekend’s Hartshorne Masters Mile!
9:00am Sunday January 15
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Sunday’s indoor track meet was one for the record books, with well over 300 registrants and 267 finishers across five events. It was also our longest meet ever because of having so many runners — we didn’t finish until 2 PM, thanks to needing 19 heats of the 60m, 23 heats of the 400m, and 8 heats of the mile. And some of those 400m and mile heats were twice as large as we’d normally run!

There were numerous great performances as well, with Ben Ericksen of Norwich winning an exciting 5000m in 17:00. He held off Dave Cook of Auburn in 17:07 and Nate Bowers of Owego Free Academy in 17:09. On the women’s side, Kylee O’Hara won in 20:27, with Ithaca High alumna Julia Sinton second in 20:58.

We worked our way up through the 19 heats of the 60m to culminate with Damoy Allen’s 7.25, a hair ahead of Noah Bosket’s 7.27 and Peter Sigona’s 7.33. Elinor Kops of Ithaca took the women’s crown, with a 8.78 that beat out Leila Vargas of Team PREFO’s 8.96 and Maia Wright of Owego Free Academy’s 9.03.

In the 400m, Leon Atkins of the Auburn Pulsars continued his dominance of the event at FLRC meets with 50.59, well ahead of Clayton Wolfe of Owego Free Academy, who still ran an impressive 54.53. Elizabeth Lucason of the Syracuse Track Club took the women’s race in 1:07.6, beating out Katie Laris’s 1:08.09 and Laurel Vargas of Team PREFO’s 1:08.93. The 400m was the most popular event of the day, with 142 finishers.

In the mile, which is the first installment in FLRC’s MITHACAL MILE SERIES, Camden Zaidel of Corning-Painted Post West ran a 4:49.4, outkicking perennial masters champion Jim Derick by 1 second. Nathan Lawson of Corning-Painted Post West was close behind in 4:54.3. Elizabeth Lucason of the Syracuse Track Club doubled her wins for the day, taking the women’s mile in 5:24.2, ahead of Alyssa Walker of Team PREFO in 5:28.7 and her sister Morgan Lucason in 5:49.6. Watch the Lucason sisters — they’re going places!

We’ll be working on the MITHACAL MILE SERIES results soon, since masters runners get to add to their best four race tally at the upcoming Hartshorne Masters Mile. Non-masters runners will have to wait until the February FLRC meet to post another time for the series. Remember, the runners with the best four mile times across all FLRC track meets in 2017 — broken out by age groups, of course! — will win prizes in a special end-of-summer award ceremony.

None of this would have been possible without outstanding performance from our volunteers as well. Alex Colvin stepped in to act as head timer, Tom Rishel took over as starter, Steve Shaum recorded finisher numbers, Tonya Engst and Carl Franck herded the cats as clerks of course, Nancy Kleinrock kept registration moving and did backup timing, Ved Gund manned the computer for race seeding and results entry, David Keifer helped with setup and lots more, Jullien Flynn did backup timing and results entry, Ruth Sproul managed the lap counter, Jesse Koenecke and Mike Stewart helped with results entry, and Alan Evans and Sara Sparling provided additional backup timing help. Thanks to all of you!


1Damoy AllenMUnattached7.25
2Noah BosketMUnattached7.27
3Peter SigonaMUnattached7.33
4Derek SunderlandMOwego Free Academy7.34
5Cam NieraMOwego Free Academy7.48
6Shjon AmakerMUnattached7.57
7Ethan PryorMOwego Free Academy7.81
8Richard PriestleyMCorning Modified8.02
9Noah HunkeleMCorning Modified8.03
10Mike LawrenceMOwego Free Academy8.06
11Alex TompkinsMUnattached8.26
12Lucas PrattMCorning Modified8.44
13Nick JubileeMCorning Modified8.49
13Quyi CaoMIthaca8.49
15Thomas HanserMBolts8.56
15Nolan DanielsMCorning Modified8.56
17Matt HongMCorning Modified8.69
18Ben ChalkMUnattached8.72
19Dillan HallMCorning Modified8.75
20Elinor KopsFIthaca8.78
21Adam PestaMUnattached8.79
22Chris MechalkeMCorning Modified8.93
23Leila VargasFTeam PREFO8.96
24Sam WakemanMCorning Modified9.00
25Maia WrightFOwego Free Academy9.03
26Milla GonzalezFBolts9.05
26Emma ZanenFIthaca9.05
26Jadyn MunsonFBolts9.05
29Kadin HermanMCorning Modified9.06
30Josiha JohnsonMSAS ATOMS9.10
31Wiley BolandMOwego Free Academy9.20
32Cian Dennis GeorgeMUnattached9.21
33Aditya ParidaMCorning Modified9.27
34Gavin GonzalezMCorning Modified9.28
35Vanessa KellyFUnattached9.31
35Chloe FreelandFCorning Modified9.31
37Caleb BelangerMSouthern Tier SOAR9.42
38Jahmeire KeyserMSouthern Tier SOAR9.50
38Chanel SalbegoFCorning Modified9.50
38Julien SmithMBolts9.50
41Indira ClairborneFGIAC Navigators9.54
42Garrison BalashMSouthern Tier SOAR9.55
42Hugo SuttonMCorning Modified9.55
44Hayden AllingtonMCorning Modified9.57
45Thelma Meyer-RachnerFOwego Free Academy9.63
45Sarah DinardoFCorning Modified9.63
47Akiha TagawaFCorning Modified9.64
48Austin TompkinsMUnattached9.67
48Liam HansenMIthaca9.67
50Michael MillowMSouthern Tier SOAR9.68
51Nate HarpsterMCorning Modified9.69
52Lane NicholsMTeam PREFO9.70
53Aleks SmietanaMBolts9.75
54Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS9.83
55Monika BustamanteFCorning Modified9.84
56Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR9.85
57Julian CarreiroMIthaca9.91
58Kristy HuangFCorning Modified9.96
59Luca PepeMGIAC Navigators10.02
60Samuel VelasquesMGIAC Navigators10.03
61Opal DietrichFGIAC Navigators10.06
62Leonard DezmoniqueMUnattached10.07
63Nick ButlerMCorning Modified10.08
64Connor BenitezMSouthern Tier SOAR10.13
64Kaitlyn ColuccioFCorning Modified10.13
66Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR10.17
66Aitan AvgarMIthaca10.17
68Chole MontgomeryFSAS ATOMS10.31
69Tully WaltonMTeam PREFO10.37
70Roderick BurdickMCorning Modified10.39
71Noah HeathMOwego Free Academy10.40
72Neal SinghMCorning Modified10.45
73Noah EllsworthMBolts10.51
74Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO10.54
75Yakina Silca-AmoahFSAS ATOMS10.61
76Amanda SmietanaFBolts10.62
77Atlas BolandMOwego Free Academy10.63
78Taegan ManwarrenFBolts10.64
79Ashton BabcockMCorning Modified10.65
80Jhamez BrittMSouthern Tier SOAR10.69
81Gavin HeathMOwego Free Academy10.70
81Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR10.70
83Ira WestMSouthern Tier SOAR10.71
84Berlyn ArnoldFCorning Modified10.76
85Paris SmithFIthaca10.80
86Caitlyn SlavinFSouthern Tier SOAR10.81
87Brianna CiriglianoFBolts10.84
88Samson TelfordMTeam PREFO10.89
88Ryan NixonMIthaca10.89
90Oriah BolandFOwego Free Academy10.96
90Naomi GarciaFSAS ATOMS10.96
92Jacob CurreriMCorning Modified11.01
93Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS11.13
94Xavier PaganoMSouthern Tier SOAR11.16
95Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS11.20
96Ally BalashFSouthern Tier SOAR11.21
97Barrett RoachMBolts11.23
97Conchetta BrockwayFCorning Modified11.23
97Barrett RoachMBolts11.23
100Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS11.37
101Britni DukeFUnattached11.57
102Mohoniss GrahamFSAS ATOMS11.61
103Molly CorbinFSouthern Tier SOAR11.83
104Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO12.22
105Braedon BakerMBolts12.25
106Ryder SparlingMSouthern Tier SOAR12.26
107Finn BakerMBolts12.85
108James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR12.92
109Hannah McdonaldFSAS ATOMS12.95
110Ava-Rose CiriglianoFBolts13.45
111Jazmine O'DellFBolts13.49
112Brynn CorbinFSouthern Tier SOAR15.35
113Leondra MayoFUnattached16.81
114Griffin ConradMGIAC Navigators17.72
115Adriana AlonzoFTeam PREFO19.20
116Collin BurrMTeam PREFO20.21
117Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO20.98
118Joe ReynoldsMUnattached21.70


1Leon AtkinsMAuburn Pulsars50.59
2Clayton WolfeMOwego Free Academy54.53
3Noah BufaliniMNorwich55.72
4Noah BosketMUnattached56.35
5Peter SigonaMUnattached56.79
6Matt AmesMOwego Free Academy59.75
7Derek SunderlandMOwego Free Academy1:00.06
8Cam NeiraMOwego Free Academy1:00.50
9Duvall VincentMOwego Free Academy1:00.83
10Kyle ZaidelMCorning Modified1:01.00
11Noah HunkeleMCorning Modified1:01.37
12Alex TompkinsMUnattached1:01.94
13Conor O'HaraMUnattached1:02.91
14Mike LawrenceMOwego Free Academy1:03.46
15Shjon AmakerMUnattached1:03.67
16Damoy AllenMUnattached1:04.04
17Dylan BeckhornMUnattached1:04.29
18Sawyer TierneyMIthaca1:04.30
19Bruno SalcedoMUnattached1:04.56
20Lucas PrattMCorning Modified1:04.81
21Stanton BakerMBolts1:05.03
22Richard PriestleyMCorning Modified1:05.95
23Nolan DanielsMCorning Modified1:05.99
24Ethan PryorMOwego Free Academy1:06.32
25Sam WakemanMCorning Modified1:06.92
26Elizabeth LucasonFSyracuse Track Club1:07.06
27Yuzo UchigasakiMIthaca1:07.54
28Katie LarisFUnattached1:08.09
29Brennan FrostMCorning Modified1:08.76
30Laurel VargasFTeam PREFO1:08.93
31Dillan HallMCorning Modified1:09.40
32Noah BangeMCorning Modified1:09.63
33Forrest KingsleyMIthaca1:10.31
34Marcus HomaMTeam PREFO1:10.77
35Marissa SilbaFUnattached1:10.89
36Kristina KnightFUnattached1:11.13
37Matt HongMCorning Modified1:11.74
38Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached1:12.29
39Payton ThomasMCorning Modified1:12.42
40Leila VargasFTeam PREFO1:12.54
41Aditya ParidaMCorning Modified1:12.77
42Pamela HamptonFUnattached1:13.13
43Elinor KopsFIthaca1:13.29
44Morgan LucasonFSyracuse Track Club1:13.46
45Hayden AllingtonMCorning Modified1:13.80
46Thelma Meyer-RachnerFOwego Free Academy1:13.86
47Nick JubileeMCorning Modified1:14.33
48Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO1:14.40
49Maia WrightFOwego Free Academy1:14.41
50Chloe FreelandFCorning Modified1:14.51
51Hugo SuttonMCorning Modified1:14.85
52Ben ChalkMUnattached1:15.03
53Owen BeigelMIthaca1:15.77
54Adien SmithMCorning Modified1:16.09
55Lydia KeysFCorning Modified1:16.14
56Kadin HermanMCorning Modified1:16.27
57Vanessa KellyFUnattached1:16.43
58Cian Dennis GeorgeMUnattached1:16.49
59Kaitlyn ColuccioFCorning Modified1:16.57
60Brianna UrbanFCorning Modified1:16.82
61Liam HansenMIthaca1:18.00
62Gavin GonzalezMCorning Modified1:18.05
63Chris MechalkeMCorning Modified1:18.32
64Emma ZanenFIthaca1:18.86
65Malayna BumanFCorning Modified1:19.04
66Aleks SmietanaMBolts1:19.56
67Chanel SalbegoFCorning Modified1:19.72
68Rosa WhittakerFIthaca1:19.90
69Wiley BolandMOwego Free Academy1:20.37
70Kristy HuangFCorning Modified1:20.84
71Lane NicholsMTeam PREFO1:21.38
72Julien SmithMBolts1:22.43
73Caleb ChaffeeMCorning Modified1:22.46
74Garrison BalashMSouthern Tier SOAR1:22.70
75Aitan AvgarMIthaca1:22.88
76Avery TompkinsFUnattached1:23.08
77Tristen SmithMCorning Modified1:23.14
78Josiha JohnsonMSAS ATOMS1:23.85
79Nate HarpsterMCorning Modified1:24.22
80Gregory HomaMTeam PREFO1:24.46
81Monika BustamanteFCorning Modified1:25.35
82Billy RussellMTeam PREFO1:25.37
83Morgan LakotaFCorning Modified1:26.15
84Milla GonzalezFBolts1:26.19
85James GenselMCorning Modified1:26.42
86Anthony PaganoMSouthern Tier SOAR1:27.16
87Roderick BurdickMCorning Modified1:27.60
88Griffin ConradMGIAC Navigators1:27.63
89Austin TompkinsMUnattached1:27.77
90Ryan NixonMIthaca1:28.16
91Madelyn PalmFTeam PREFO1:29.45
92Nick ButlerMCorning Modified1:30.04
93Ava-Rose CiriglianoFBolts1:30.26
94Neal SinghMCorning Modified1:30.32
95Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS1:30.34
96Lilly Mazzo-ShefticFSAS ATOMS1:31.33
96Leonard DezmoniqueMUnattached1:31.33
98Berlyn ArnoldFCorning Modified1:31.36
99Akiha TagawaFCorning Modified1:31.40
100Bob AinsworthMUnattached1:31.50
101Ashton BabcockMCorning Modified1:32.83
102Ira WestMSouthern Tier SOAR1:33.15
103Noah EllsworthMBolts1:33.24
104Oriah BolandFOwego Free Academy1:33.59
105Leondra MayoFUnattached1:35.46
106Taegan ManwarrenFBolts1:35.49
107Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO1:35.86
108Caitlyn SlavinFSouthern Tier SOAR1:36.17
109Britni DukeFUnattached1:36.39
110Indira ClairborneFGIAC Navigators1:38.15
111Conchetta BrockwayFCorning Modified1:38.34
112Jhamez BrittMSouthern Tier SOAR1:39.72
113Tucker FlaitzMSouthern Tier SOAR1:39.94
114Chole MontgomeryFSAS ATOMS1:40.81
115Braedon BakerMBolts1:41.63
116Amanda SmietanaFBolts1:43.46
117Erin Taylor-TalcottFShore AC1:44.70
118Naomi GarciaFSAS ATOMS1:44.90
119Ally BalashFSouthern Tier SOAR1:45.13
120Finn BakerMBolts1:46.52
121Joe ReynoldsMUnattached1:47.15
122Christopher LawsonMTeam PREFO1:47.75
123Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR1:47.76
124Karen EllsworthFUnattached1:48.77
125Brianna CiriglianoFBolts1:49.26
126Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO1:49.83
127Jacob CurreriMCorning Modified1:50.09
128James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR1:50.31
129Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS1:50.86
130Adriana AlonzoFTeam PREFO1:51.74
131Samson TelfordMTeam PREFO1:52.98
132Collin BurrMTeam PREFO1:55.95
133Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS1:56.42
134Jennifer TompkinsFUnattached1:57.83
135Barrett RoachMBolts1:58.15
136Yakina Silca-AmoahFSAS ATOMS1:58.51
137Mohoniss GrahamFSAS ATOMS1:59.88
138Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS2:03.49
139Brynn CorbinFSouthern Tier SOAR2:05.65
140Hannah McdonaldFSAS ATOMS2:09.68
141Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO2:11.70
142Sarah HeathFOwego Free Academy2:15.56


1Camden ZaidelMCorning-Painted Post West4:49.4
2James DerickMTeam PREFO4:50.4
3Nathan LawsonMCorning-Painted Post West4:54.3
4Cameron SzaboMOwego Free Academy4:58.4
5Torrey Jacobsen-EvansMCorning-Painted Post West5:01.4
6Nate BowersMOwego Free Academy5:03.1
7Hunter ClarkMUnattached5:04.8
8Stephen ThompsonMUnattached5:05.4
9John LyonsMUnattached5:06.0
10Casey CarlstromMUnattached5:09.9
11Andrew StantonMUnattached5:11.6
12Dylan BeckhornMUnattached5:17.2
13Kyle ZaidelMCorning Modified5:18.8
14Bruno SalcedoMUnattached5:19.9
15Ryan JohnsonMOwego Free Academy5:22.1
16Conor O'HaraMUnattached5:22.3
17Cody RipleyMUnattached5:23.4
18Elizabeth LucasonFSyracuse Track Club5:24.2
19Alyssa WalkerFTeam PREFO5:28.7
20Will BeckhornMUnattached5:29.1
21Gavin WatkinsMOwego Free Academy5:31.3
22Micheal CardozaMNorwich5:32.1
23Keith EgglestonMUnattached5:32.2
24Michael StewartMUnattached5:32.9
25Stanton BakerMBolts5:33.5
26Matt RebisMCorning-Painted Post West5:37.2
27Gary WilliamsMFLRC5:40.4
28Oliver BaroodyMAuburn Pulsars5:43.1
29Camden AllenMUnattached5:45.1
30Miles BaroodyMAuburn Pulsars5:45.9
31Andre GardinerMUnattached5:46.5
32Brennan FrostMCorning Modified5:49.1
33Morgan LucasonFSyracuse Track Club5:49.6
34Jaxyn MahoneyMSouthern Tier SOAR5:51.7
35Jason BraymanMUnattached5:53.1
36Jimmy VasileMAuburn Pulsars5:53.3
37Angelea CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West5:53.5
38Josh BrocknerMUnattached5:55.5
39Max DauerheimMAuburn Pulsars5:56.2
40Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO5:57.3
41Marcus HomaMTeam PREFO5:58.0
42Alissa FrenchFUnattached6:00.9
43Laura CooperFUnattached6:01.9
44Marian CooperFCorning-Painted Post West6:02.3
45Howard IseriMFLRC6:02.9
46Forrest KingsleyMIthaca6:04.7
47Aaron DennisMUnattached6:05.3
48Dave LarisMUnattached6:06.5
49Elias StroockMUnattached6:08.7
50Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached6:08.8
51Paul SweeneyMCorning Track Club6:10.1
52Kristina KnightFUnattached6:10.3
53Payton ThomasMCorning Modified6:10.8
54Noah BangeMCorning Modified6:12.9
55Marissa SilbaFUnattached6:14.0
56Alicia LawsonFTeam PREFO6:14.4
57Mason LehmanMIthaca6:14.8
58Lydia KeysFCorning Modified6:17.4
59Sarah LawsonFTeam PREFO6:17.5
60Adien SmithMCorning Modified6:18.5
61Adam PestaMUnattached6:18.7
62Silas RichersonMIthaca6:20.2
63Lane NicholsMTeam PREFO6:20.5
64Owen GasperMAuburn Pulsars6:20.6
65James GenselMCorning Modified6:21.0
66Connor GasperMAuburn Pulsars6:21.2
67Elizabeth BaroodyFAuburn Pulsars6:21.5
68Caleb BelangerMSouthern Tier SOAR6:22.9
69Tatum WoodardMOwego Free Academy6:23.0
70Tristen SmithMCorning Modified6:23.4
71Brianna UrbanFCorning Modified6:26.4
72Noah HeathMOwego Free Academy6:31.4
73Owen BeigelMIthaca6:31.7
74Cassandra CollinsFTeam PREFO6:32.3
75Mason VitaleMAuburn Pulsars6:33.0
76John HeathMOwego Free Academy6:34.0
77Caleb ChaffeeMCorning Modified6:35.0
78Michael MillowMSouthern Tier SOAR6:37.4
79Emerson CookMUnattached6:37.5
80Jahmeire KeyserMSouthern Tier SOAR6:39.9
80Victoria CollinsFTeam PREFO6:39.9
82Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO6:40.2
83Caroline DuthieFIthaca6:46.4
84Chase RipleyMUnattached6:46.8
85Kevin NelsonMUnattached6:47.1
86Claire ColvinFIthaca6:47.7
87Mariah LoehrFIthaca6:51.2
88Mary GasperFAuburn Pulsars6:53.4
89Avery TompkinsFUnattached6:58.0
90Malayna BumanFCorning Modified6:58.4
91Bridget CrandallFTeam PREFO6:59.8
92Noah ColemanMAuburn Pulsars7:00.2
93Ella VargaFAuburn Pulsars7:01.7
94Morgan LakotaFCorning Modified7:02.0
95Tonya EngstFUnattached7:02.5
96Cian Dennis GeorgeMUnattached7:05.8
97Lorrie TilyFUnattached7:06.4
98Gregory HomaMTeam PREFO7:06.7
99Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR7:10.4
100David KeiferMUnattached7:10.7
101Matthew FennessyMAuburn Pulsars7:11.1
102Ariel EcklundFUnattached7:14.0
103Erin Taylor-TalcottFShore AC7:16.7
104Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR7:17.2
105Owen RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR7:19.7
106Gavin HeathMOwego Free Academy7:20.1
107Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS7:21.7
108Ayla KerwanFSouthern Tier SOAR7:21.8
109Atlas BolandMOwego Free Academy7:23.9
110Madelyn PalmFTeam PREFO7:24.0
111Jacob VargaMAuburn Pulsars7:24.3
112Tucker FlaitzMSouthern Tier SOAR7:24.6
113Dave TalcottMShore AC7:26.2
114Connor BenitezMSouthern Tier SOAR7:27.8
115Gabe DauerheimMAuburn Pulsars7:30.5
116Freddie CollinsMTeam PREFO7:31.9
117Billy RussellMTeam PREFO7:33.5
118Connor DuffyMAuburn Pulsars7:38.5
119Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR7:49.5
120Ryder SparlingMSouthern Tier SOAR8:20.0
121Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO8:21.2
122Xavier PaganoMSouthern Tier SOAR8:26.5
123Joe ReynoldsMUnattached8:28.0
124Collin BurrMTeam PREFO8:45.0
125Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR8:58.0
126Mia RichardsonFSouthern Tier SOAR9:04.2
127Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS9:06.22
128Josiha JohnsonMSAS ATOMS9:10.6
129Leondra MayoFUnattached9:13.7
130Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS9:18.7
131E J GeorgeFUnattached9:19.0
132Chole MontgomeryFSAS ATOMS9:25.1
133Yakina Silca-AmoahFSAS ATOMS9:32.0
134Hannah McdonaldFSAS ATOMS9:58.5
135Stephanie KruschFUnattached10:28.63
136Naomi GarciaFSAS ATOMS10:33.8


1Ben EricksenMNorwich17:00
2Dave CookMUnattached17:07
3Nate BowersMOwego Free Academy17:09
4Jasper SuhrMUnattached17:15
5Matt JohnsonMUnattached17:45
6Cameron SzaboMOwego Free Academy17:46
7Ian Wilkie-TomasikMIthaca17:48
8Paul ZimmerMUnattached18:03
9Joseph ThompsonMUnattached18:11
10Robert SpierlingMUnattached18:32
11Antonio D'ArpinoMUnattached18:36
11Taidgh Dennis GeorgeMUnattached18:36
13James RobinsonMUnattached18:50
14Howard IseriMFLRC20:06
15Kylee O'HaraFUnattached20:27
16Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached20:42
17Matt AmesMOwego Free Academy20:49
18Julia SintonFUnattached20:58
19Jason BraymanMUnattached21:23
20Pete KresockMUnattached22:16
21Joe DaleyMUnattached22:48
22Kevin NelsonMUnattached22:51
23Joe SchlimmerMUnattached22:58
23Ray KneerMSyracuse Chargers TC22:58
25Skylar PierceFOwego Free Academy23:00
26Mary BushallowFUnattached23:11
27David KeiferMUnattached23:20
28Erin Taylor-TalcottFShore AC23:34
29Dave TalcottMShore AC24:15
30Don TompkinsMUnattached29:10
31Britni DukeFUnattached30:13
31Alex TompkinsMUnattached30:13
33Jennifer TompkinsFUnattached31:08
34Stephanie KruschFUnattached33:51

SMR (4-2-2-8) RESULTS

PlaceTeam NameTeamTime
1Team WolfeOwego Free Academy3:51.8
2Team EricksenNorwich4:07.0
3Team NelsonUnattached4:17.2
4Team AtkinsAuburn Pulsars4:20.3
5Team ThompsonUnattached4:22.2
6Team ZaidelCorning Modified4:25.8
7Team LawsonCorning-Painted Post West4:33.0
8Team FrostCorning Modified4:48.7
9Team KingsleyIthaca4:55.7
10Team LucasonSyracuse Track Club5:00.1
11Team ThomasCorning Modified5:12.7
12Team StroockIthaca5:16.5
13Team ChaffeeCorning Modified5:27.3
14Team UrbanCorning Modified5:27.6
15Team CrandallTeam PREFO5:36.4
16Team DauerheimAuburn Pulsars5:39.2
17Team GenselCorning Modified5:41.7
18Team HomaTeam PREFO5:43.6
19Team LakotaCorning Modified5:51.0
20Team BaroodyAuburn Pulsars6:00.8
21Team VitaleAuburn Pulsars6:01.3
22Team MahoneySouthern Tier SOAR6:02.3
23Team BelangerSouthern Tier SOAR6:08.3
24Team OakesSouthern Tier SOAR6:37.0
25Team TompkinsUnattached6:42.1
26Team SinghOwego Free Academy6:48.9
27Team MillowSouthern Tier SOAR6:49.9
28Team MahmoudSAS Atoms6:58.6
29Team MontgomerySAS Atoms6:58.6
30Team LovellSouthern Tier SOAR7:18.9
31Team BalashSouthern Tier SOAR7:41.4
32Team LawsonTeam PREFO7:55.7
33Team McDonaldSAS Atoms8:02.6
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