Indoor Track Meet February Results 2017
Don't miss the two-person post-Valentine's Relay, with bonus points for smooching!
9:00am Sunday February 19
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

We had another huge one for FLRC’s February 19th meet, with 252 runners across 4 individual events and 2 relays (42 heats all told) for a grand total of 536 entries. Phew! It was a record number of teams too, with 18 teams coming from all over New York and even several from Pennsylvania.

We always start with the longest race, which this month was the 2 mile, where Ace Serianni outlasted Joseph Thompson to take the tape in 10:37. Olivia Lovejoy of Elmira won the women’s race in 12:06, with Amrita Ramamurthy of the Cornell Running Club in second in 13:17.

After 20 heats of the 200m, we ended up with nine runners under 25 seconds, with Alex Spicer of Corning-Painted Post finishing strong in 24.05 to edge his teammate Carrington Vaughn’s 24.06. The women’s race was almost as close, with Elmira’s Agrieanna Mathewson running 27.22 to beat her teammate Hannah Brooks’s 27.33.

The 800m proved to be one of the most exciting races of the meet, with Corning-Painted Post’s Kevin Moshier, one of the top cross-country runners in New York State last fall, winning in 1:58.1 over Owego’s Clayton Wolfe, who came through just a half-second later in 1:58.6. In another nail-biter, Alyssa Walker of Team PREFO took the women’s crown in 2:25.7, outleaning Elmira’s Madaleen Nelan, who finished just two-tenths of a second later in 2:25.9.

In the 1 mile, Kevin Moshier paced his Corning-Painted Post teammates through the first five or six laps before dropping out to let Quinn Nicholson and Jack Ustanik battle for the win. Nicholson took it in 4:32, with Ustanik back just slightly in 4:36. It was another deep race, with the top ten men all under 5:00. On the women’s side, Kristina Kronauer of Red Newt Racing won handily with a 5:09, followed by a trio from Corning-Painted Post — Katherine Mertus, Emily Nui, and Cleo Baker — all of whom finished within tenths of a second in 5:19. Sadly, the second mile heat was marred when world-class super-vet runner Coreen Steinbach went down shortly after the start, breaking her clavicle. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery, Coreen!

Although we were tempted to dock some of the teams in the post-Valentine’s Day 2x400m relay for insufficient smooching, we resisted the urge, and Owego’s middle distance runners took the top two spots, with Clayton Wolfe’s team running a 1:51.2 to beat Vince Duvall’s team’s 1:54.2. In the more traditional 4x400m relay, Corning-Painted Post’s Alex Spicer followed up on his 200m victory to anchor the winning relay team in a smoking 3:39.6, beating out Owego’s 3:55.8, anchored again by Clayton Wolfe.


1Alex SpicerMCorning-Painted Post West24.05
2Carrington VaughnMCorning-Painted Post West24.06
3Arnoldo BurnettMUnattached24.42
4Zack RaceMBolts24.43
5Isaac CornifieldMCorning-Painted Post West24.54
6Jhamir BrownMElmira24.70
7Andrew MarcellinMCorning-Painted Post West24.80
8Austin StarksMUnattached24.83
9Justin StarksMUnattached24.87
10Tanner KurtulMUnattached25.17
11Aidan TierneyMUnattached25.20
11Thompson MillerMElmira25.20
13Bailey ChoyMUnattached25.22
14Nick WallingMUnattached25.39
15Shjon AmakerMNew Roots25.45
16Alex JohnsonMTroy25.93
17Brandin PaulhausMUnattached25.99
18Joey MathewsonMElmira26.00
19Kailob SalisburyMElmira26.25
20Mark RenMCornell Track & Field Club26.38
21Alex TompkinsMA Team26.39
22Donny IadanzaMUnattached26.91
23Christopher LavalleMUnattached26.99
24Agrieanna MathewsonFElmira27.22
25Hannah BrooksFElmira27.33
26Andrew CaldwellMBroome Running Club27.51
27Sawyer TierneyMIthaca27.55
28Derek EverettMUnattached27.75
29Amanda CohenFCorning-Painted Post West29.06
30Thomas HanserMBolts29.47
31JT LandisMTroy29.48
32Aaron DennisMUnattached29.91
33Sadie SheddenFTroy30.28
34Jordan ThompsonMUnattached30.40
35Sophie SheddenFTroy30.67
36Jadyn MunsonFBolts31.05
37Milla GonzalezFBolts31.34
38Morgan GreybillFTroy31.83
39Emma ZanenFIthaca31.96
40Oliver FowlerMNew Roots32.11
41Elinor KopsFIthaca32.13
42Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached32.58
43Chase RipleyMUnattached33.00
44Julien SmithMBolts33.18
45Liam HansenMIthaca33.29
46Gabe SuttonMBolts33.31
47Austin TompkinsMA Team33.88
48Billy RussellMTeam PREFO34.09
49Cian Dennis GeorgeMUnattached34.26
50Lacey HinmanFTroy34.45
51Rohan MakepeaceMGIAC Navigators34.55
51Amrita RamamurthyFCornell University34.55
53Pamela HamptonFUnattached34.61
54Aitan AvgarMUnattached34.90
55Grayson TimmonsMSouthern Tier SOAR35.53
56Owen BeigelMIthaca35.88
57Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR35.99
58Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS36.00
59Opal DietrichFGIAC Navigators36.29
60Nguengeti NgwenMGIAC Navigators36.74
61Owen RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR36.90
62Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR37.21
63Ryan NixonMIthaca37.83
64Taegan ManwarrenFBolts37.91
65Sara BronsonFUnattached38.80
66Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS38.87
67Griffin ConradMGIAC Navigators38.97
68Ira WestMSouthern Tier SOAR39.44
69Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS39.75
70Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR40.89
71Noah EllsworthMBolts40.96
72Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS41.49
73Day KibildsFUnattached41.84
74Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO42.27
75Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR43.53
76Lucas NortonMTroy43.97
77Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS44.91
78Tenzin DhondupMGIAC Navigators46.24
79Jazzy ThompsonFUnattached46.27
80Noelle ThompsonFUnattached46.57
81Samson TelfordMTeam PREFO46.77
82Joe ReynoldsMUnattached47.10
83James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR47.21
84Raziah CoxFGIAC Navigators48.07
85Charlie LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR48.11
86Reeves BellingerMTroy48.18
87Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO48.65
88Stephanie KruschFUnattached48.67
89Samuel RodriquezMGIAC Navigators48.96
90Tully WaltonMTeam PREFO49.57
91Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR49.98
92Jackson TimmonsMSouthern Tier SOAR51.29
93Collin BurrMTeam PREFO52.24
94Alexis BellingerFTroy53.84
95Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO54.23
96Eliyah RodriquezMGIAC Navigators55.42
97Katelyn BraymanFUnattached1:03.23
98Charlie WukovitzMSouthern Tier SOAR1:06.74


1Kevin MoshierMCorning-Painted Post West1:58.10
2Clayton WolfeMOwego1:58.60
3Vince DuvallMOwego2:09.30
4Cam SzaboMOwego2:09.80
5Ace SerianniMUnattached2:13.30
6Stephen ThompsonMUnattached2:13.90
7Donny IadanzaMUnattached2:14.70
8Ryan JohnsonMOwego2:16.20
9Bailey ChoyMUnattached2:18.10
10Jared RaabMUnattached2:18.90
11Casey CarlstromMHigh Noon2:19.50
12Blaise WichrowskiMUnattached2:20.00
13Jason MathewsonMElmira2:22.30
14Rob OstranderMElmira2:23.80
15AJ DarlingMUnattached2:25.20
16Conor O'HaraMSyracuse Track Club2:25.40
17Phil KwasneyMSTRC2:25.50
18Alyssa WalkerFTeam PREFO2:25.70
19Bruno SalcedoMUnattached2:25.80
20Madaleen NelanFElmira2:25.90
21Andrew VaughnMCornell University2:28.10
22Andrew CaldwellMBroome Running Club2:28.30
23Elizabeth OstranderFElmira2:28.50
24Arnoldo BurnettMUnattached2:29.40
25Claire MasonFCorning-Painted Post West2:29.60
26Mariano CasciottiMElmira2:29.80
27Elizabeth LucasonFSyracuse Track Club2:30.00
28Casey RomanFElmira2:30.30
29Shjon AmakerMNew Roots2:31.20
30Alex TompkinsMA Team2:31.80
31Andy McCabeMI.C. Crew2:32.80
32Gary WilliamsMUnattached2:33.40
33Eileen ReinhardtFUnattached2:33.50
34Yuzo UchigasakiMIthaca2:33.90
35Annie GeigerFCornell University2:34.40
36Graham O'DonnellMUnattached2:34.60
37Christopher LavalleMUnattached2:35.00
38Alex HoerigMI.C. Crew2:36.20
39Lindsey ButlerFCorning-Painted Post West2:36.40
40Morgan LucasonFSyracuse Track Club2:37.90
41Camden AllenMUnattached2:38.20
42Emily SaltsmanFElmira2:38.60
43Kayla KnoxFElmira2:40.30
44Sophie HerrmannFCorning-Painted Post West2:40.90
45Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO2:42.50
46Nicholas SmithMCornell University2:48.10
47Kristina KnightFUnattached2:48.80
48Ember DengerMIthaca2:49.90
49Shyanne LawtonFUnattached2:52.30
50Trey WarnerMUnattached2:53.20
51Marissa SilbaFUnattached2:57.00
51Amanda FastiggiFUnattached2:57.00
53Brooke HinmanFTroy2:58.40
54Cassandra CollinsFTeam PREFO2:58.60
55Claire ColvinFIthaca2:59.40
55Lane NicholsMTeam PREFO2:59.40
57Casey GeigerFUnattached3:00.10
58Kevin NelsonMUnattached3:00.30
59Casey BevanMBroome Running Club3:01.30
60Pamela HamptonFUnattached3:02.10
61Oliver FowlerMNew Roots3:02.60
62Anna GrasFIthaca3:05.10
63Victoria CollinsFTeam PREFO3:05.90
64Elizabeth WilcoxFUnattached3:06.00
65Loretta WatcherFUnattached3:06.50
66Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO3:06.70
67Bailey JohnsonFTroy3:07.00
68Emily AnoldFUnattached3:07.30
69Billy RussellMTeam PREFO3:12.40
70Avery TompkinsMA Team3:12.60
71Austin TompkinsMA Team3:16.30
72Mckenzi BellingerFTroy3:17.40
73Sara BronsonFUnattached3:20.40
74Opal DietrichFGIAC Navigators3:20.90
75Rohan MakepeaceMGIAC Navigators3:21.90
76Justin SmithMBroome Running Club3:22.60
77Grayson TimmonsMSouthern Tier SOAR3:24.00
78Griffin ConradMGIAC Navigators3:30.20
79Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR3:36.00
80Nguengeti NgwenMGIAC Navigators3:37.00
81Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS3:44.70
82Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR3:44.80
83Day KibildsFUnattached3:51.70
84Stephanie KruschFUnattached3:52.60
85James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR3:53.40
86Amrita RamamurthyFCornell University3:53.90
87Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO3:55.20
88Joe ReynoldsMUnattached3:56.40
89Brynn WaltonFTeam PREFO4:00.70
90Collin BurrMTeam PREFO4:01.90
91Samson TelfordMTeam PREFO4:02.20
92Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS4:02.90
93Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS4:04.10
94Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS4:12.40
95Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS4:23.70
96Tenzin DhondupMGIAC Navigators4:46.00
97Melanie PetersonFTeam PREFO5:20.00

1 mile RESULTS

1Quinn NicholsonMCorning-Painted Post West4:32.10
2Jack UstanikMCorning-Painted Post West4:36.00
3Zachary MalikMUnattached4:38.30
4Daniel YoungMTCRC4:39.80
5Camden ZaidelMCorning-Painted Post West4:42.90
6Nathan PrisellaMCorning-Painted Post West4:48.30
7John ClearyMCorning-Painted Post West4:48.70
8Jordan VaranoMTCRC4:54.80
9Garrett BenedictMTCRC4:56.80
10Aaron PerryMTCRC4:59.70
11Romiro SosaMUNAT-Mansfield5:00.20
12Kyle FitzgeraldMCornell University5:00.60
13Daniel BostromMUnattached5:04.20
14Nathaniel DiamondMCornell University5:04.40
15Cody RipleyMElmira Express5:04.60
16Joseph ThompsonMUnattached5:04.80
17Michael GildeaMUnattached5:06.70
18Matthew CaffreyMCornell University5:07.20
19Blaise WichrowskiMUnattached5:08.00
20Stephen ThompsonMUnattached5:09.00
21Kristina KronauerFRed Newt Racing5:09.70
22John NolisMUnattached5:17.10
23Bruno SalcedoMUnattached5:17.40
24Katherine MertusFCorning-Painted Post West5:19.20
25Emily NuiFCorning-Painted Post West5:19.50
26Cleo BakerFCorning-Painted Post West5:19.70
27Dylan BeckhornMUnattached5:21.50
28Elizabeth LucasonFSyracuse Track Club5:23.70
29Aiden HoulihanMUnattached5:25.60
30Owen WilliamsMTroy5:26.40
31Antonio D'ArpinoMUnattached5:28.60
31Will BeckhornMUnattached5:28.60
33Jeff AmesMUnattached5:29.30
34Keith EgglestonMFLRC5:29.70
35Nate NelanMElmira5:30.40
36Conor O'HaraMSyracuse Track Club5:31.00
37Phil KwasneyMSTRC5:31.40
38Maeve HolmanFCorning-Painted Post West5:31.50
39Jason BraymanMUnattached5:32.40
40Ben AllenMElmira5:33.20
41Andrew VaughnMCornell University5:36.50
42Max ThompsonMUnattached5:36.70
43Andre GardinerMUnattached5:38.80
44Brynne KetchumFCorning-Painted Post West5:39.10
45Taidgh Dennis GeorgeMUnattached5:41.50
46Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO5:42.10
47Madison KleinFUnattached5:44.80
48Morgan LucasonFSyracuse Track Club5:48.50
49T KetchumMTeam PREFO5:50.40
50Reilly TubbsFElmira5:50.90
51Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached5:55.50
52Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached5:58.10
53Howard IseriMFLRC5:58.40
54AJ DarlingMUnattached6:01.00
55Forrest KingsleyMIthaca6:01.90
56Miles MischkeMUnattached6:02.30
57Wendy NevilleFMansfield6:04.80
58Declan HoulihanMUnattached6:06.50
59Mason LehmanMIthaca6:08.00
60Pearl CooperFCorning-Painted Post West6:08.30
61Marian CooperFCorning-Painted Post West6:09.30
62Camden AllenMUnattached6:10.20
63Alissa FrenchFTeam PREFO6:11.70
64Marissa SilbaFUnattached6:12.60
65Amrita RamamurthyFCornell University6:14.20
66Kristina KnightFUnattached6:17.30
67Anna DevlinFElmira6:17.50
67Alivia CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West6:17.50
69Abby DejnekaFUnattached6:18.40
70Ember DengerMIthaca6:21.20
71Silas RichersonMIthaca6:21.40
72Abby PerryFCorning-Painted Post West6:22.80
73Lane NicholsMTeam PREFO6:23.80
74Aaron DennisMUnattached6:28.60
75Owen BeigelMIthaca6:38.90
76Cassandra CollinsFTeam PREFO6:49.90
77Kevin NelsonMUnattached6:54.00
78Amanda FastiggiFUnattached6:54.60
79Victoria CollinsFTeam PREFO6:55.70
80Angelea CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West7:01.90
81Allison BattagliaFUnattached7:02.40
82Elizabeth WilcoxFUnattached7:06.50
83Justin SmithMBroome Running Club7:07.70
84Cian Dennis GeorgeMUnattached7:15.10
85Maura GeorgeFUnattached7:15.50
86James MinerMUnattached7:20.00
87Casey BevanMBroome Running Club7:22.20
88Isaiah RineboldMTroy7:22.60
89Eileen KronauerFUnattached7:24.70
90Grayson TimmonsMSouthern Tier SOAR7:25.60
91Conrad WestMSouthern Tier SOAR7:34.30
92Michael MillowMSouthern Tier SOAR7:43.50
93Emily AnoldFUnattached7:47.70
94Collin BurrMTeam PREFO7:51.80
95Aiden BurrMTeam PREFO7:56.10
96Joe ReynoldsMUnattached7:59.40
97Freddie CollinsMTeam PREFO8:00.60
98Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR8:07.90
99Yousef MahmoudMSAS ATOMS8:09.50
100Mia WilliamsFSAS ATOMS8:11.00
101Jonathan CookMUnattached8:24.80
102Thomas JonesMSAS ATOMS8:28.80
103Day KibildsFUnattached8:31.60
104Ryder SparlingMSouthern Tier SOAR8:42.00
105Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR8:55.70
106E J GeorgeFUnattached9:12.40
107Don TompkinsMA Team9:12.90
108Stephanie KruschFUnattached9:22.20
109Mahmoud MahmoudMSAS ATOMS9:51.60
110Grace O'NeillFSAS ATOMS9:55.40

2 mile RESULTS

1Ace SerianniMUnattached10:37.00
2Joseph ThompsonMUnattached10:52.00
3Mike BronsonMUnattached11:03.00
4Nathaniel DiamondMCornell University11:08.40
5Antonio D'ArpinoMUnattached11:11.00
6Matthew CaffreyMCornell University11:19.00
7Alex MartinMI.C. Crew11:28.00
8Dylan BeckhornMUnattached11:31.00
9Will BrownMI.C. Crew11:33.00
10Eric StamerMI.C. Crew11:38.00
11Andy McCabeMI.C. Crew11:40.00
12Adam NastaMI.C. Crew11:49.00
13T KetchumMTeam PREFO11:54.00
14Will BeckhornMUnattached12:05.00
15Olivia LovejoyFElmira12:06.00
16John NolisMUnattached12:12.00
17Mason LehmanMIthaca12:15.00
18Bailey JungMI.C. Crew12:21.00
19Johnston TuckerMI.C. Crew12:23.00
20Howard IseriMFLRC12:31.00
21Alex HoerigMI.C. Crew12:35.00
22Danny DeckerMI.C. Crew12:55.00
23Stephen CadouxMI.C. Crew13:06.00
24Miles MischkeMUnattached13:13.00
25Amrita RamamurthyFCornell University13:17.00
26Ian PhilipMI.C. Crew13:19.00
27Ben DanielMI.C. Crew13:23.00
28Will MurtaghMI.C. Crew13:23.90
29Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached13:40.00
30Ben ZerevitzMI.C. Crew13:42.00
31Laurel McIntyreFUnattached13:43.00
32Gary WilliamsMUnattached13:54.00
33Nick TaggMI.C. Crew13:55.00
34Kevin NelsonMUnattached13:57.00
35Will Van BurenMI.C. Crew13:59.00
36Katherine PolakowskiFTroy14:07.00
37Mckenzi BellingerFTroy14:15.00
38James MinerMUnattached14:15.90
39Cam MeierMI.C. Crew14:25.00
40Jan HunsingerMUnattached14:57.00
41John PoscaMI.C. Crew14:58.00
42Jack LampmanMI.C. Crew15:19.00
43John WikieraMI.C. Crew15:25.00
44Isaiah RineboldMTroy15:48.00
45Max SheimanMI.C. Crew15:58.00
46Joe ReynoldsMUnattached16:00.00
47Day KibildsFUnattached16:11.00
48Bruno SalcedoMUnattached17:48.00
49Don TompkinsMA Team20:39.00

2x400m RESULTS

Alas, in our post-Valentine’s Day Relay, there were no smooches at the handoff, but we saw some sweaty congratulatory hugs at the finish!

PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team WolfeOwego1:51.2
2Team DuvallOwego1:54.2
3Team MalikUnattached1:55.2
4Team BrownElmira1:58.7
5Team ThompsonUnattached1:59.5
6Team RaabUnattached2:01.0
7Team SmithCornell University2:04.6
8Team VaughnCornell University2:05.5
9Team MathewsonElmira2:05.8
10Team SaltsmanElmira2:09.5
11Team AmesUnattached2:17.4
12Team O'HaraSyracuse Track Club2:21.0
13Team RamamurthyCornell University2:21.5
14Team DevlinElmira2:24.4
15Team UchigasakiIthaca2:29.6
16Team LawtonUnattached2:30.8
17Team KnightUnattached2:31.6
18Team KopsIthaca2:33.0
19Team ZanenIthaca2:34.6
20Team KronauerUnattached2:42.1
21Team HamptonUnattached2:42.9
22Team CollinsTeam PREFO3:00.8
23Team SalcedoUnattached3:09.8
24Team MillowSouthern Tier SOAR3:12.0
25Team KetchumTeam PREFO3:14.4
26Team TimmonsSouthern Tier SOAR3:23.2
27Team LovellSouthern Tier SOAR3:36.0
28Team O'NeillSAS ATOMS3:44.5
29Team NortonTroy3:57.2
30Team TelfordTeam PREFO4:17.1
31Team WagnerSouthern Tier SOAR4:47.8

4x400m RESULTS

PlaceRelay TeamTeamTime
1Team SpicerCorning-Painted Post3:39.6
2Team WolfeOwego3:55.8
3Team YoungTCRC4:00.2
4Team WallingUnattached4:01.9
5Team ChoyUnattached4:02.2
6Team MathewsonElmira4:04.7
7Team SmithCornell University4:10.4
8Team ThompsonUnattached4:15.6
9Team ButlerCorning-Painted Post4:30.8
10Team CasciottiElmira4:36.4
11Team LovejoyElmira4:40.7
12Team CaffreyCornell University4:43.5
13Team ThompsonUnattached4:50.9
14Team DengerIthaca4:58.9
15Team SheddenTroy5:25.3
16Team GonzalezBolts5:56.9
17Team BellingerTroy6:30.8
18Team WilliamsSAS ATOMS6:33.1
19Team DukeA Team6:38.4
20Team GeorgeUnattached6:59.1
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