Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile Results 2018
51st Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile
10:00am Saturday January 20
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC | 1 mile

Full results are now available, and if you want to see individual lap splits for any competitor, check the Leone Timing live results. You can also download a PDF of the 2018 results and meet records.

Scroll below the results to see a link to photos, videos of all the races, and some race reports (send yours to Adam Engst).

The 2018 Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile was sponsored by the Finger Lakes Runners Club with support from: Cayuga Medical Center, The Ainslie Reilly Group at Morgan Stanley, Bangs Ambulance, The Hartshorne Family, Sean Nicholson, Joe Daley, Ken Zeserson, Bill Quinlisk, Felder Track & Field, and a grant from the Community Foundation of Tompkins County’s Myrtle Dee Nash Memorial Fund.


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Mark Williams45Columbia, NJ4:31.8190.00%
2Dave Welsh40Haddon Twp, NJ4:34.1885.90%
3Scott Weeks45Groton, NY4:35.0888.93%
4Mike Padilla43Phoenixville, PA4:39.6786.14%
5Kent Lemme51Pittsfield, MA4:42.7690.74%
6Tim Rieth42Rochester, NY4:55.9780.79%
7Mike Nier53Rochester, NY4:56.8087.86%
8Stuart Galloway56Fonthill, ON4:58.1489.70%
9Jeff Conston49Hopewell Junction, NY4:58.5284.57%
10Kevin Burke44Buffalo, NY5:04.0679.84%
11Alexander Colvin50Ithaca, NY5:05.1183.41%
12Dale Flanders52Allegany, NY5:13.1582.60%
13Robert Jackson62Fredericton, NB5:13.4989.86%
14Quinn Batson57New York, NY5:19.4584.42%
15Scott Armstrong55Pottstown, PA5:19.5782.97%
16Neal Coffey56Cazenovia, NY5:23.5182.66%
17Scott Dawson44Trumansburg, NY5:23.9174.95%
18Keith Eggleston58Groton, NY5:31.3282.09%
19Jean-Luc Jannink51Ithaca, NY5:35.8876.39%
20Timothy Riccardi59Marietta, NY5:38.3681.09%
21Thomas Mullins50Cortland, NY5:40.2874.79%
22Robert Swizdor52Ithaca, NY5:42.7775.46%
23Francis Burdett52Worcester, MA5:47.3874.46%
24Gregory Green45Ithaca, NY5:48.4770.20%
25Steven Vanek46Ithaca, NY5:58.8868.71%
26Mark Rybinski62Manlius, NY6:01.4677.93%
27Rod Garratt54Santa Barbara, CA6:04.1472.22%
28Caleb "Spider" Rossiter"66Washington, DC6:13.5578.20%
29David Bowen65Port Byron, NY6:15.4177.10%
30Ted Paget66Niagara Falls, ON6:16.8777.51%
31Joel Leff67Ithaca, NY6:25.8576.41%
32Ken Hodges64Ithaca, NY6:25.9274.32%
33Rick Cleary61Wellesley, MA6:30.8571.44%
34Jack Salisbury51Tully, NY6:31.2765.57%
35Kevin Nelson53Owego, NY6:35.6065.92%
36Kevin Kelly66Chittenengo, NY6:48.5271.51%
37Robert Nolan57Ithaca, NY6:50.6665.67%
38Tim Payne67Oro-Medonte, ON6:51.0571.73%
39Anthony Boyadjis59Maplewood, NJ6:51.4366.69%
40David Keifer71Dryden, NY6:53.9374.38%
41James Miner69Dryden, NY7:14.2869.25%
42Terry Mattice59Ithaca, NY7:23.2661.90%
43Tito Antonetty60Rochester , NY7:32.6761.14%
44Joseph Reynolds73Newfield, NY8:49.9259.74%
45Harland Bigelow71Lisle, NY9:10.9655.88%
46John Saylor70Brooktondale, NY9:55.8351.04%
47Ted Sullivan85Williamsville, NY16:01.9443.59%
48Dixon Hemphill93Fairfax Station, VA16:50.0960.34%
49Richard Sullivan89Buffalo, NY16:58.0348.26%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Sascha Scott42Syracuse, NY4:59.0590.74%
2Christy Peterson43North Wales, PA5:17.3186.51%
3Alisa Harvey52Manassas, VA5:26.4493.97%
4Dianne Deoliveira47Brick, NJ5:28.2887.72%
5Anne Shafer-Nolan52Ithaca, NY6:06.6783.66%
6Julie Barclay44Groton, NY6:09.6775.14%
7Mary Swan56Jamesville, NY6:30.5682.87%
8Coreen Steinbach66Pompey, NY6:36.5594.64%
9Kimberly Jackson49Cortland, NY6:47.9572.36%
10Christine Reynolds47Newfield, NY6:50.6970.12%
11Louise Mahar54Ithaca, NY6:56.0875.70%
12Amy Dawson44Trumansburg, NY6:57.4266.54%
13Tonya Engst50Ithaca, NY6:57.9571.53%
14Colleen Magnussen57Buffalo, NY7:00.3978.06%
15Lorrie Tily56Locke, NY7:05.8576.00%
16Christine Klein53Churchville, NY8:08.4163.64%
17Jane Leff67Ithaca , NY10:26.5460.87%
18Sandy Balling71Tonawanda, NY11:09.2360.94%
19Christa Maier77Ridgefield, CT11:16.7167.27%
20Edna Hyer83South Wales, NY12:52.2067.50%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Mark Williams45Columbia, NJ4:31.8190.00%
2Dave Welsh40Haddon Twp, NJ4:34.1885.90%
3Scott Weeks45Groton, NY4:35.0888.93%
4Mike Padilla43Phoenixville, PA4:39.6786.14%
5Tim Rieth42Rochester, NY4:55.9780.79%
6Jeff Conston49Hopewell Junction, NY4:58.5284.57%
7Kevin Burke44Buffalo, NY5:04.0679.84%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Sascha Scott42Syracuse, NY4:59.0590.74%
2Christy Peterson43North Wales, PA5:17.3186.51%
3Dianne Deoliveira47Brick, NJ5:28.2887.72%
4Julie Barclay44Groton, NY6:09.6775.14%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Kent Lemme51Pittsfield, MA4:42.7690.74%
2Mike Nier53Rochester, NY4:56.8087.86%
3Stuart Galloway56Fonthill, ON4:58.1489.70%
4Alexander Colvin50Ithaca, NY5:05.1183.41%
5Dale Flanders52Allegany, NY5:13.1582.60%
6Robert Jackson62Fredericton, NB5:13.4989.86%
7Quinn Batson57New York, NY5:19.4584.42%
8Scott Armstrong55Pottstown, PA5:19.5782.97%
9Neal Coffey56Cazenovia, NY5:23.5182.66%
10Francis Burdett52Worcester, MA5:47.3874.46%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Alisa Harvey52Manassas, VA5:26.4493.97%
2Anne Shafer-Nolan52Ithaca, NY6:06.6783.66%
3Mary Swan56Jamesville, NY6:30.5682.87%
4Coreen Steinbach66Pompey, NY6:36.5594.64%
5Colleen Magnussen57Buffalo, NY7:00.3978.06%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Scott Dawson44Trumansburg, NY5:23.9174.95%
2Keith Eggleston58Groton, NY5:31.3282.09%
3Jean-Luc Jannink51Ithaca, NY5:35.8876.39%
4Timothy Riccardi59Marietta, NY5:38.3681.09%
5Thomas Mullins50Cortland, NY5:40.2874.79%
6Robert Swizdor52Ithaca, NY5:42.7775.46%
7Gregory Green45Ithaca, NY5:48.4770.20%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Steven Vanek46Ithaca, NY5:58.8868.71%
2Mark Rybinski62Manlius, NY6:01.4677.93%
3Rod Garratt54Santa Barbara, CA6:04.1472.22%
4Caleb "Spider" Rossiter"66Washington, DC6:13.5578.20%
5David Bowen65Port Byron, NY6:15.4177.10%
6Ted Paget66Niagara Falls, ON6:16.8777.51%
7Rick Cleary61Wellesley, MA6:30.8571.44%
8Kevin Nelson53Owego, NY6:35.6065.92%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Joel Leff67Ithaca, NY6:25.8576.41%
2Ken Hodges64Ithaca, NY6:25.9274.32%
3Jack Salisbury51Tully, NY6:31.2765.57%
4Kevin Kelly66Chittenengo, NY6:48.5271.51%
5Robert Nolan57Ithaca, NY6:50.6665.67%
6Tim Payne67Oro-Medonte, ON6:51.0571.73%
7Anthony Boyadjis59Maplewood, NJ6:51.4366.69%
8David Keifer71Dryden, NY6:53.9374.38%
9James Miner69Dryden, NY7:14.2869.25%
10Terry Mattice59Ithaca, NY7:23.2661.90%
11Tito Antonetty60Rochester , NY7:32.6761.14%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Joseph Reynolds73Newfield, NY8:49.9259.74%
2Harland Bigelow71Lisle, NY9:10.9655.88%
3John Saylor70Brooktondale, NY9:55.8351.04%
4Ted Sullivan85Williamsville, NY16:01.9443.59%
5Dixon Hemphill93Fairfax Station, VA16:50.0960.34%
6Richard Sullivan89Buffalo, NY16:58.0348.26%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Kimberly Jackson49Cortland, NY6:47.9572.36%
2Christine Reynolds47Newfield, NY6:50.6970.12%
3Louise Mahar54Ithaca, NY6:56.0875.70%
4Amy Dawson44Trumansburg, NY6:57.4266.54%
5Tonya Engst50Ithaca, NY6:57.9571.53%
6Lorrie Tily56Locke, NY7:05.8576.00%
7Christine Klein53Churchville, NY8:08.4163.64%


PlaceNameAgeCity/St/ProvTimeAge Grad %
1Jane Leff67Ithaca , NY10:26.5460.87%
2Sandy Balling71Tonawanda, NY11:09.2360.94%
3Christa Maier77Williamsville, NY11:16.7167.27%
4Edna Hyer83South Wales, NY12:52.2067.50%


Steve Gallow has once again posted all his photos—check them out!


You can now relive the excitement of the 2018 Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile by watching the videos of each heat.

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Elite 40s 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Elite 50s 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section 1 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section 2 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section 3 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Men Section 4 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Elite 40s 2018

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Elite 50s 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Section 1 2017

Hartshorne Masters Mile Women Section 2 2017


Scott Dawson

Read Scott’s report on his blog.

Amy Dawson

Read Amy’s report on her blog.

Rick Cleary

It was fun to see many of you (and to put some faces with email names) at the Hartshorne mile this past weekend.  On behalf of my family and all the runners, a huge thank you to Adam, Charlie, Tom and all of the volunteers.  It really is a magnificent event, so well handled and such fun (except for the last 600 meters) all weekend.

A few observations on the weekend and my race:

  • It’s always fun to see which High Nooners from the old days show up from out of town.  A couple of years ago it was Mark North, and this time Rod Garratt.  Rod has a good reason to visit since he has a daughter at Cornell.  (And I have grandchildren in Lansing … no wonder he beat me!)
  • When I write my running book (any day now) I will devote a chapter to all of the comments about my form that I have collected over the years.  Rod had a very memorable one circa 1990 when we went to Schoelkopf track (then THE track) to do 400s.  It was the first really warm summer day and many women were doing stair workouts or walking in the outer lanes or just sunbathing.  Rod said, “Rick, would you mind doing something else today?  It really hurts our chances of looking good when they see that you can keep up.”
  • Then on Saturday Tom Rishel joined the club.  After my race he said, “You know, seeing that you can run that kind of time with that form should encourage people to give it a try.”
  • -Oh, yeah, the race.  It was a bit disappointing.  After 6:18 last year I felt a little slower and heavier this year, but not 12 seconds slower and heavier.  I knew I was about the slowest runner in my heat so I ducked right to the back and just tried to glue myself to the pack.  I enjoyed running with the crowd and felt smooth for the first 800 (3:09), but during lap five I could sense a gap forming.   I passed one person who slowed down even more than I did, but at 1000m I had lost contact with most of the group.  The last 600 I was all alone and I felt like I was working hard … well, it was HARD but slow and I stumbled home in 6:30.  Now three days later I wonder why I didn’t just stick with the pack longer.  It seems easy from a distance.
  • The banquet was great, as always.  Ann was really happy that the Sullivan brothers restricted themselves to one only slightly inappropriate joke.
  • Overall it’s still really good for me to think about racing a mile once a year.  I’ll be back.  Besides those grandkids are REALLY cute and spending Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with them made a bit of a disappointing time much easier to deal with.

Time to pick a new training goal.  I’m thinking 10K or 10 mile for spring.

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