February 2020 Indoor Track Meet Results
Don't stress about the mid-winter jicker when you're racing on the indoor track!
9:00am Sunday February 23
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

Talk about unexpected! Normally, when we include a 5000m race in one of FLRC’s indoor track meets, it gets 15–20 brave souls who can count all 25 laps—we’ve never run more than one section. When I seeded the race on Saturday night, we had 86 entrants, forcing me to create three sections and figure out how we’d do a special box start to deal with the fact that one of the sections had 25 starters. Illness knocked the numbers down a bit, but we still ended up 71 finishers, well above all the other events. The numbers for the sprints were down a bit due to coinciding with the public school winter break, but still… Scroll down for full results.

So, about that 5000m. For the first two-thirds of the race, we had a tight four-man pack, with James Felice, Rich Heffron, Jack Gregorski, and Steve Esposito, trading the lead back and forth. Then Felice took control of the race and stretched out a several-second lead that he extended in the end for a masterful 15:58. Corning-Painted Post West’s Gregorski held off Esposito, 16:08 to 16:09, and Heffron wasn’t far behind in 16:11. The first woman was Cornell grad student Bella Burda, who tucked herself into the middle of the fastest section and laid down an impressive 16:50 for 11th overall. Second woman was another Cornell grad student, Jenny Berkowitz, who ran a smooth 18:40 in the second section. Also of note were the 29:29 and 29:57 racewalking times posted by Abby Perry and Angelea Collins, respectively, of Corning-Painted Post West.

Our next race was the 800m, and although James Felice tried to repeat, he wasn’t able to compete with Jason Matthewson, who won with a commanding 2:02, beating Steven Segal (2:03) and Ashton Bange (2:06) of Corning-Painted Post West, with Felice fourth in 2:09. Claire Mason of Corning-Painted Post West took the honors for the women with a 2:24, followed closely by Elizabeth Ostrander in 2:26.

The sprints were dominated by Nicholas Abdo, who bested Roosevelt Lee in the 60m, 6.84 seconds to Lee’s 6.96, with Silas Wagaman third in 7.02. For the women, Team SOAR’s Makenna Keough ran 8.41 seconds to beat the 8.85 posted by Lauren White of Chenango Forks.

Abdo had to work harder in the 400m, winning a judge’s decision over Kyle Zaidel of Corning-Painted Post West in 51.44 seconds to Zaidel’s 51.45. Zaidel’s teammate Otto Sutton finished third in 53.06. Equally impressive was the 58.91 run by Charlotte Nevins of Corning-Painted Post West, passing her teammate Jayla Skeete in the second lap—Skeete came through in 1:00.18.

Thanks to all the teams who came: the Auburn Pulsars, Chenango Forks, Corning Painted-Post West, Elmira, the Ithaca College crew team, the Ithaca College Running Club, SUNY Broome, the Syracuse University Running Club, Team SOAR, and Watkins Glen.

As always, the meet couldn’t have happened without FLRC’s highly capable and amiable volunteer team. Past FLRC president Lorrie Tily served as head timer, with and even further-back-in-history past president Tom Rishel swapping between a whistle (for little kids) and starting pistol to get each race off the line. Jullien Flynn worked her usual magic with the seeding and results with help from Bob Talda. Tonya Engst and Jesse Koennecke handled registration and bib pickup with aplomb. Bill Watson juggled over 150 runners while organizing and lining up each race. Adam Pacheck recorded finisher bibs and managed the finish line with help from Henry Deitcher, who also served as lap counter. Aaron Proujansky did backup timing and made sure everyone broke in after staggered starts. Mickie Sanders-Jauquet (another past president—these track meets are catnip!) managed clothing sales. Ved Gund joined Bob, Adam, Aaron, Jesse, Lorrie, and Tonya in timing the races run in lanes. And thanks to everyone for the help setting up and breaking down!

We have one more track meet coming up on March 29th, and if you want to run some workouts to tune up for it, join our MITHACAL MILERS workouts.


1Nicholas AbdoM19Unattached6.84
2Roosevelt LeeM24Unattached6.96
3Silas WagamanM18Unattached7.02
4Ryan AguilarM19Unattached7.27
5Rob OstranderMUnattached7.51
6Steve Van HoofMI.C. Crew7.72
7Evan OrmsbyM20I.C. Crew7.85
8Collin GaylordMUnattached8.20
9Justin PizanoM20Unattached8.25
10James SaundersMUnattached8.29
11Makenna KeoughW13Southern Tier SOAR8.41
12Reuben MacNaughtonM20I.C. Crew8.48
13Lauren WhiteW17Chenango Forks8.85
14Sander BertschM15Unattached9.03
15Joe OllerenshawM18Chenango Forks9.09
16Peter JonesM13Unattached9.15
17Gregory HomaM12Southern Tier SOAR9.68
18Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR9.69
19Conor DeSantisM10Unattached10.05
20Jasmine WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR10.38
21Ange TalbotW15Chenango Forks10.56
22Arihaan BhargavaM6Southern Tier SOAR10.75
23Jaxon VangMSouthern Tier SOAR10.84
24Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR10.97
25Annika WoodW8Southern Tier SOAR11.01
26Anna GasperW7Auburn Pulsars11.16
27Pierce TerwilligerM9Southern Tier SOAR12.00
28GG KingW6Unattached12.20
29Rowan DeSantisW6Unattached12.52
30Ada MuellerW5Unattached13.47
31Ceci HilgendorfW5Southern Tier SOAR13.99
32David BakerM65Unattached15.84
33Matt HartmanM7Unattached18.08
34Wolf HohmM4Unattached22.03
35Jude HeffronM2Unattached56.36


1Nicholas AbdoM19Unattached51.44
2Kyle ZaidelMCorning-Painted Post West51.45
3Otto SuttonMCorning-Painted Post West53.06
4Roosevelt LeeM24Unattached53.70
5Harrison GreeneM29Unattached58.76
6Charlotte NevinsWCorning-Painted Post West58.91
7Dylan MitlofM20Unattached59.75
8Karnar UelandMIthaca College Running Club59.84
9Jayla SkeeteWCorning-Painted Post West1:00.18
10Chris HowardM13Auburn Pulsars1:00.85
11Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars1:03.18
12Brendan JonesM15Unattached1:03.78
13Nicholas MarnellMUnattached1:04.91
14Collin GaylordMUnattached1:05.83
15Justin PizanoM20Unattached1:06.53
16Andrew DawkinsMIthaca College Running Club1:07.07
17Nate MurphyMUnattached1:07.58
18Emily PinheiroW18Unattached1:08.91
19Sander BertschM15Unattached1:09.00
20Emma BronsonW14Unattached1:10.29
21Peter JonesM13Unattached1:10.62
22Shaylee MeierW15Chenango Forks1:12.13
23Jesse KoenneckeM49Unattached1:12.36
24Carissa FlynnW14Unattached1:13.02
25Sara BronsonWUnattached1:13.14
26Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR1:13.99
27MaryAlice PineauW12Auburn Pulsars1:16.67
28Gregory HomaM12Southern Tier SOAR1:17.33
29Matthew KeoughM10Southern Tier SOAR1:17.68
30Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars1:18.94
31Kathryn WhiteW16Chenango Forks1:18.96
32Abby RingwoodW12Auburn Pulsars1:20.62
33Hannah DewertW13Southern Tier SOAR1:21.76
34Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR1:22.29
35Meghan WinksW12Auburn Pulsars1:27.76
36Burke HilgendorfM8Southern Tier SOAR1:29.10
37Jacob VargaM10Auburn Pulsars1:30.40
38Cadence SullivanW9Auburn Pulsars1:33.23
39Arihaan BhargavaM6Southern Tier SOAR1:36.38
40Annika WoodW8Southern Tier SOAR1:36.94
41Anna GasperW7Auburn Pulsars1:37.77
42Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars1:40.76
43Conor DeSantisM10Unattached1:43.74
44Pierce TerwilligerM9Southern Tier SOAR1:48.41
45Jaxon VangMSouthern Tier SOAR1:49.02
46Jonathan YoungM11Auburn Pulsars1:51.69
47Ceci HilgendorfW5Southern Tier SOAR2:12.62
48David BakerM65Unattached2:17.25


1Jason MatthewsonMUnattached2:02
2Steven SegalMCorning-Painted Post West2:03
3Ashton BangeMCorning-Painted Post West2:06
4James FeliceM23Unattached2:09
5Braden Hayes-GlickMCorning-Painted Post West2:09
6Tim RiethM44Unattached2:10
7Matt HongMCorning-Painted Post West2:11
8Dylan MitlofM20Unattached2:13
9Alex MetcalfM19Unattached2:14
10Harrison GreeneM29Unattached2:15
11Chris HowardM13Auburn Pulsars2:21
12Sam CornfieldMCorning-Painted Post West2:22
13Claire MasonWCorning-Painted Post West2:24
14Keegan BradyM13Auburn Pulsars2:25
15Elizabeth OstranderWUnattached2:26
16Mark RansbottomM20Unattached2:26
17Brendan JonesM15Unattached2:27
18Faithe KetchumWCorning-Painted Post West2:28
19Alicia LawsonWCorning-Painted Post West2:31
20Lydia KeysWCorning-Painted Post West2:33
21Michelle RohlW54Unattached2:33
22Mike PostMIthaca College Running Club2:35
23Carissa FlynnW14Unattached2:39
24Sara BronsonWUnattached2:41
25Emma BronsonW14Unattached2:41
26Sarah LawsonWCorning-Painted Post West2:42
27Sander BertschM15Unattached2:45
28Jesse KoenneckeM49Unattached2:46
29Gary WilliamsM55Unattached2:46
30Liam WoodM15Chenango Forks2:48
31Kyleen BradyW11Auburn Pulsars2:48
32Victoria CollinsWCorning-Painted Post West2:48
33Emily PinheiroW18Unattached2:48
34MaryAlice PineauW12Auburn Pulsars2:52
35Brenda OsovskiW53Unattached2:53
36Samantha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR2:53
37Gregory HomaM12Southern Tier SOAR2:54
38Elizabeth GreenWCorning-Painted Post West2:54
39Andrew DawkinsMIthaca College Running Club2:54
40Peter JonesM13Unattached2:56
41Matthew KeoughM10Southern Tier SOAR2:56
42Abby RingwoodW12Auburn Pulsars3:00
43Hugo TemplierM10Unattached3:01
44Abigail WagnerWSouthern Tier SOAR3:01
45Christopher LawsonMCorning-Painted Post West3:01
46Colten KetchumM11Unattached3:02
47Megan GenselWCorning-Painted Post West3:06
48Hannah DewertW13Southern Tier SOAR3:11
49Burke HilgendorfM8Southern Tier SOAR3:18
50Spencer HillM54Unattached3:19
51Jacob VargaM10Auburn Pulsars3:31
52Cadence SullivanW9Auburn Pulsars3:31
53Elsa WoodWSouthern Tier SOAR3:33
54Madeline SenecaW13Auburn Pulsars3:38
55Allison ColeW20Unattached3:46
56Pierce TerwilligerM9Southern Tier SOAR3:56
57Tabitha OakesWSouthern Tier SOAR4:04
58Jonathan YoungM11Auburn Pulsars4:07
59David BakerM65Unattached5:00


1James FeliceM23Unattached15:57
2Jack GregorskiMCorning-Painted Post West16:08
3Steve EspositoM30Unattached16:09
4Rich HeffronM36Unattached16:11
5Matt GenselMCorning-Painted Post West16:18
6Jordan VaranoM40Unattached16:35
7Jeremy HallMUnattached16:38
8Max JaffeM19Unattached16:41
9Matt WoodMUnattached16:47
10Conrad WestMCorning-Painted Post West16:49
11Bella BurdaW22Unattached16:50
12Ved GundM30Unattached16:58
13Alex MetcalfM19Unattached17:00
14Eric ReppMUnattached17:15
15Nathan WebbMCorning-Painted Post West17:17
16Dale FlandersM54Unattached17:39
17Marcus HomaMCorning-Painted Post West17:45
18Nicolas TemplierM36Unattached17:56
19Mike BronsonM48Unattached18:07
20Nicholas MagariM20Unattached18:17
21Ian McHughM19Unattached18:26
22Sam BickhamM20I.C. Crew18:27
23Mark GregoryMIthaca College Running Club18:30
24Adam NastaMI.C. Crew18:36
25Robert PlyterM51Unattached18:37
26Jenny BerkowitzW23Unattached18:40
27Seth FreemanM18I.C. Crew18:49
28Christopher CammisaM16Unattached18:49
29Eric StamerMI.C. Crew18:53
30Noah GramittMIthaca College Running Club19:07
31Adam SchoeneM38Unattached19:26
32Karen Simmonds-BradyW45Auburn Pulsars19:34
33Francis BurdettM55Unattached19:39
34Steve Van HoofMI.C. Crew19:55
35Benjamin MuellerM37Unattached19:56
36Niko IngleM19Unattached19:57
37Aneisa DodsonWUnattached19:58
38Jacob LentzM19I.C. Crew20:00
39Colin McCarthyM19I.C. Crew20:31
40Giuseppe BadulamentiM19Unattached20:31
41Evan OrmsbyM20I.C. Crew20:33
42Reuben MacNaughtonM20I.C. Crew20:37
43Brian DonatoM37Unattached20:38
44Gillian MasonWCorning-Painted Post West20:47
45Seth OrmsbyM20I.C. Crew20:55
46Liz HartmanW37Unattached20:56
47Gerrit Van LoonM58Unattached20:57
48Gary WilliamsM55Unattached21:28
49Meghan BeahanW22Ithaca College Running Club21:32
50Julie BarclayW46Unattached21:33
51Cassandra CollinsWCorning-Painted Post West21:58
52Joan MattleWIthaca College Running Club22:10
53Isabel JohnstonWIthaca College Running Club22:28
54Liam PetersonM21I.C. Crew22:43
55Gus Dunn-HindleM20I.C. Crew22:46
56Bobby MacInnisM19I.C. Crew22:47
57Max HendricksM20I.C. Crew22:48
58Ethan MainesM20I.C. Crew22:52
59Hunter FlammMI.C. Crew22:53
60Benedetta CarnaghiW30Unattached22:53
61Elizabeth SteeleW22Unattached23:01
62Emily PinheiroW18Unattached23:36
63Matt WolfMI.C. Crew24:08
64Lucas GreenwayM20I.C. Crew24:13
65Ashley StalnackerWIthaca College Running Club24:35
66Izzy CallenW21Ithaca College Running Club25:14
67Spencer CadleyM21I.C. Crew25:17
68Angelea CollinsWCorning-Painted Post West29:29
69Abby PerryWCorning-Painted Post West29:57
70Aleksandra NasiukiewiczW18Unattached30:47
71Robert NasiukiewiczM43Unattached30:50


1Team OstranderUnattached3:59
2Team MetcalfUnattached4:06
3Team SegalCorning-Painted Post West4:30
4Team PineauAuburn Pulsars4:53
5Team UelandIthaca College Running Club5:07
6Team WoodSouthern Tier SOAR5:47
7Team Simmonds-BradyAuburn Pulsars6:05
8Team SenecaAuburn Pulsars6:21
9Team VangSouthern Tier SOAR7:06
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