February 2018 Indoor Track Meet Results
Don't stress about the mid-winter jicker when you're racing on the indoor track!
9:00am Sunday February 18
Barton Hall, Cornell University | FLRC

FLRC’s February 2018 indoor track meet is in the books! On Sunday, 230 runners piled into Cornell’s Barton Hall to compete in the 2 mile, 800m, 200m, 1 mile, and 4x400m relay. We had runners as young as 5 and as old as 70 (sometimes in the same heat). Everything went swimmingly (runningly?) and good times were had by all, both on and off the track.

In the 2 mile, Sam Lagasse seeded himself at 10:00, and then proceeded to give a master class on pacing while running at 9:49, lapping even second-place Joe Thompson, who finished in 10:55. Local runner Rich Heffron had also seeded himself at 10:00 and might have been able to give Lagasse some competition, but Rich was unable to make the meet given that his wife gave birth to their first child a few hours before. Congratulations, Rich! For the women, Veronica Dailey ran a 12:52 for first place, with 52-year-old Anne Shafer-Nolan (coming off a strong performance at the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile) not far behind in 13:03.

We had 9 heats of the 800m next, and it was a strong field, with 15 runners going under 2:10. In the final heat of the day, Corning-Painted Post West’s Bryce Derick took the lead in the last lap and managed to hold off a spirited kick by teammate Quinn Nicholson, winning in 1:59.9 to Nicholson’s 2:00.2. The women’s race was almost as close, with Alyssa Walker of the Crusaders running a 2:21.0 to beat Corning-Painted Post West’s Alyssa Walker by 1 second.

Next up were the sprinters in the 200m, and Jhamir Brown of Elmira took the crown with a masterful 24.05. After him came a tight pack of Lance Jensen of the Candor CSD Club Runners, second in 24.85, Steven Shepard of Chenango Forks, third in 24.88, and Tyreek Billups of the Cornell Track & Field Club, fourth in 24.98. Similarly closely contested was the women’s race, with Isobel Sheffey of Watkins Glen beating Elora Ferrie of Corning-Painted Post West 27.54 to 27.79.

The most popular race of the day was the 1 mile, with 80 runners spread across 8 heats. It also proved one of the most exciting as all the runners in the fastest heat went out in a tight pack for three laps. Eventually, though, it broke up a bit, and Mik Kern went to the front at the start of the final lap and threw down a ferocious kick to beat Steven Segal of Notre Dame High School 4:41 to 4:43. The women ran strong as well, with Aneisa Dodson of Elmira crossing the finish line in 5:27, 1 second ahead of Katherine Mertus of Corning-Painted Post West.

Finally, in the 4x400m relay, Lance Jensen anchored a powerful Candor CSD Club Runners team to clock a 3:51.6, not quite 2 seconds ahead of Elmira’s team, anchored by Patrick Hemmenway, which finished in 3:53.0.

This was one of our smoothest meets yet, thanks to the efforts of an increasingly experienced volunteer team, and they deserve huge thanks for putting on 5-hour event for hundreds of runners and spectators. Scott Wehrwein was head timer, with Aaron Proujansky as backup timer; he also did double duty counting laps for leaders. Jullien Flynn set new speed records of her own in getting results out after each event (with help from David Keifer and Casey Carlstrom), and her work in entering day-of-meet entries and changing seed times made everything run well. Becca Lovenheim exercised a calm hand while wrangling runners as clerk of course, and Bob Swizdor shepherded each heat to the starting line. Tom Rishel, a past president of FLRC, did a bang up job (sorry) of starting each race. Pete Kresock and Jesse Koennecke recorded finisher order, which is sometimes easier said than done when four runners finish within a second or two of each other. Jesse also took a break to run the mile and lower his PR by a few seconds before coming back and taking over as head timer for the relays. Tonya Engst ran registration and the 1 mile, lowering her 2018 personal best by 5 seconds in the process. And David Keifer was instrumental in both setup and teardown, along with handling rolling bib pickup and helping out wherever else he could. Thanks to all of you!


1Jhamir BrownMElmira24.05
2Lance JensenMCandor CSD Club Runners24.85
3Steven ShepardMChenango Forks24.88
4Tyreek BillupsMCornell Track & Field Club24.98
5Pavel LavrinovichMChenango Forks25.52
6Nate BenjaminMBinghamton Running Club25.69
7Jeb ParilloMCandor CSD Club Runners26.17
8Derek CarleyMChenango Forks26.20
9AJ DarlingMUnattached26.25
10Brian FallotMUnattached26.58
11Christian HaynesMCandor CSD Club Runners26.98
12Corey WhatleyMCandor CSD Club Runners27.08
13Cameron FitzgeraldMCandor CSD Club Runners27.17
14Carleton GarnesMUnattached27.32
15Isobel ScheffeyFWatkins Glen27.54
16Elora FerrieFCorning-Painted Post West27.79
17Alex YeaterMSouthern Tier SOAR27.83
18Audem JacksonFElmira28.46
19Jayla SkeeteFCorning-Painted Post West28.51
20Robert MozoMSyracuse Track Club29.04
21Alexa WagnerFElmira29.10
22Justin MatthewsonMElmira29.10
23Charlie SlusserFSouthern Tier SOAR29.25
24Piper YoungFNotre Dame29.29
25Jillian PerraultFB Team29.34
26John HazlettMSouthern Tier SOAR29.60
27Hayden AllingtonMCorning Hawks29.89
28Alexis TennyFCorning Hawks29.91
29Mya MarshFCandor CSD Club Runners29.96
30Kadin HermanMCorning Hawks29.96
31Moriah BrooksFElmira30.25
32Trey WarnerMUnattached30.70
33Leah O'ConnellFCandor CSD Club Runners30.75
34Lillian JensenFCandor CSD Club Runners30.77
35Raghav TandonMCorning Hawks31.20
36Erin BruttomessoFCandor CSD Club Runners31.21
37Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached31.33
38Raquel MorehouseFCornell Track and Field Club31.43
39Lauren GerowFCorning Hawks31.49
40Cassandra HowardFCorning Hawks31.72
41Allison WagnerFElmira32.45
42Ann RowlandsFElmira32.60
43Maggie HoupFSouthern Tier SOAR32.97
44Lexi TuckerFTroy33.17
45Ayinde HarewoodMCorning Hawks33.85
46Ava BrucieFCorning Hawks34.34
47Ian MarshMCorning Hawks34.71
48Charlee StromanFSouthern Tier SOAR34.87
49Emma SuttonFCorning Hawks35.12
50Sadie BeresFSouthern Tier SOAR35.77
51Coreen SteinbachFAthena Track Club35.91
52Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR36.39
53Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR36.86
54Kennedy HermanFCorning Hawks37.38
55Lucas SaurbaughMCorning Hawks37.91
56Bentley StromanMUnattached38.18
57Owen RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR38.25
58Jade BrocknerFUnattached38.44
59Caitlyn SlavinFSouthern Tier SOAR38.46
60Wood MeriaFChenango Forks38.74
61James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR39.08
62Bella BeresFSouthern Tier SOAR39.20
63Alexandria NaylorFB Team39.32
64Madison MortonFSouthern Tier SOAR39.71
65McKenna WaffleFChenango Forks40.42
66Sabou DiakiteFSouthern Tier SOAR42.09
67Anya BeresFSouthern Tier SOAR42.56
68Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR43.41
69Veronica NevinsFCorning-Painted Post West44.02
70Hannah KauffmanFSouthern Tier SOAR45.40
71Brody ZeiglerMSouthern Tier SOAR45.53
72Jasmine WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR46.36
73Kyle GarnesMUnattached48.96
74Deborah BlissFUnattached51.06
75Morgan SchultzFAuburn Pulsars51.89
76Cameron O'LearyMUnattached52.00
77Katelyn BraymanFUnattached55.09
78Leah KauffmanFSouthern Tier SOAR55.57


1Bryce DerickMCorning-Painted Post West1:59
2Quinn NicholsonMCorning-Painted Post West2:00
3Michael TotaroMBinghamton Running Club2:01
4Connor DemoMUnattached2:02
5Aaron PlantyMWatkins Glen2:02
6Nico TripenyMUnattached2:02
7Gabe PlantyMWatkins Glen2:06
8Owen JuanMUnattached2:07
9Jason MatthewsonMElmira2:07
10Richard MooreMUnattached2:07
11Connor FitzpatrickMBinghamton Running Club2:08
12Matthew JohnsonMUnattached2:08
13JT RyanMB Team2:08
14Jaylen TownsendMElmira2:09
15Frank VassalloMB Team2:10
16Calvin GarnesMUnattached2:12
17Lance JensenMCandor CSD Club Runners2:14
18Rob OstranderMElmira2:16
19Hayden BelangerMElmira2:20
20Alyssa WalkerFCrusaders2:21
21Claire MasonFCorning-Painted Post West2:22
22Mariano CasciottiMElmira2:22
23Corey WhatleyMCandor CSD Club Runners2:22
24Ben AllenMElmira2:25
25Robert MozoMSyracuse Track Club2:25
26Olivia LovejoyFElmira2:25
27Aleziah BrooksFElmira2:26
28Cameron FitzgeraldMCandor CSD Club Runners2:27
29Olivia SteedFElmira2:27
30Caleb BelangerMElmira2:27
31Hayley CroninFUnattached2:27
32AJ DarlingMUnattached2:28
33Charlotte NevinsFCorning-Painted Post West2:30
34Tyler HillMUnattached2:30
35Bange AshtonMCorning Hawks2:31
36Brynne KetchumFCorning-Painted Post West2:32
37Elizabeth OstranderFElmira2:32
38Christian HaynesMCandor CSD Club Runners2:33
39Danny FlynnMChenango Forks2:34
40Peter HarewoodMUnattached2:37
41Josiah GlecknerMUnattached2:38
42Michelle RohlFMansfield2:39
43Toby SalisburyMUnattached2:39
44Leah O'ConnellFCandor CSD Club Runners2:43
45Jason BraymanMUnattached2:44
46Katherine HallinanFB Team2:47
47Lydia KeysFCorning-Painted Post West2:47
48Victoria CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West2:47
49Ian MarshMCorning Hawks2:49
50Jessica WandellFElmira2:49
51Kaiden MayMCorning Hawks2:50
52Abby PerryFCorning-Painted Post West2:50
53Trey WarnerMUnattached2:50
54Raquel MorehouseFCornell Track and Field Club2:52
55Howard IseriMFLRC2:52
56Ayinde HarewoodMCorning Hawks2:52
57Christina GaskieviczFCorning Hawks2:54
58Alexis PerrigoFElmira2:54
59Jenna O'ConnellFCandor CSD Club Runners2:55
60Raghav TandonMCorning Hawks2:55
61Coreen SteinbachFAthena Track Club2:55
62Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached2:58
63Aubrie ColeFUnattached2:59
64Anne Shafer-NolanFUnattached3:00
65Breanna CarlFWatkins Glen3:03
66Robert NolanMUnattached3:05
67Elsa WoodFSouthern Tier SOAR3:18
68Christopher LawsonMUnattached3:20
69Alaina KellerFUnattached3:21
70Ashley TubbsFCorning Hawks3:25
71Bentley StromanMUnattached3:28
72Evelyn KeysFCorning Hawks3:36
73Freddie CollinsMTeam PREFO3:48
74Hannah KauffmanFSouthern Tier SOAR4:05
75Angelea CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West4:06
76Deborah BlissFUnattached4:11
77Leah KauffmanFSouthern Tier SOAR4:13.0


1Mikhail KernMUnattached4:41
2Steven SegalMElmira Notre Dame High School4:43
3Nathan LawsonMCorning-Painted Post West4:45
4Connor DemoMUnattached4:47
5Dylan MitlofMBinghamton Running Club4:47
6Jasper SuhrMBinghamton Running Club4:48
7Michael DeeMUnattached4:53
8Jason TuoriMFLRC5:04
9Patrick HemenwayMElmira5:08
10Brian LazzaroMUnattached5:13
11Nate NelanMElmira5:14
12Phil KwasneyMSTRC5:16
13Nasir KingMElmira5:21
14Nick CannMCorning-Painted Post West5:24
15Reinhardt WendeMUnattached5:24
16Sasha CoyoteMUnattached5:25
17Aneisa DodsonFElmira5:27
17Dustin MooreMCorning-Painted Post West5:27
19Katherine MertusFCorning-Painted Post West5:28
20Michael StewartMHigh Noon5:31
20Cleo BakerFCorning-Painted Post West5:31
22Alicia LawsonFCorning-Painted Post West5:32
23Faithe KetchumFTeam PREFO5:37
24Caleb BelangerMElmira5:38
25Casey RomanFElmira5:39
26Brianna UrbanFCorning Hawks5:46
27Steven KellerMUnattached5:48
28Chase RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR5:49
29Jason BraymanMUnattached5:52
30Bryce JensenMElmira5:53
31Jesse KoenneckeMUnattached5:54
32Alivia CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West5:55
33Caleb ChafeeMCorning-Painted Post West5:59
34Howard IseriMFLRC6:02
35Josiah GlecknerMUnattached6:03
36Brandon MussoMUnattached6:03
37Julie BarclayFUnattached6:05
37Piper YoungFNotre Dame6:05
39Peter HarewoodMUnattached6:08
40John SalisburyMUnattached6:09
41Declan HoulihanMChenango Forks6:10
42Sarah LawsonMTeam PREFO6:11
43Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached6:13
44Angelea CollinsFCorning-Painted Post West6:16
45Julya SlaterFWatkins Glen6:17
46Nicolette SwanberyFCornell Track & Field Club6:24
47Christina GaskieviczFCorning Hawks6:27
48Jack SalisburyMUnattached6:27
49Jacob VargaMAuburn Pulsars6:37
50Chris MasonMAuburn Pulsars6:37
51Kim JacksonFUnattached6:39
52Cassandra CollinsFTeam PREFO6:43
53Colten KetchumMTeam PREFO6:45
54Aubrie ColeFUnattached6:50
55Tonya EngstFUnattached6:52
56Jenna O'ConnellFCandor CSD Club Runners6:53
57Maggie HoupFSouthern Tier SOAR6:54
58Evelyn KeysFCorning Hawks6:56
59Alexa LohmullerFSouthern Tier SOAR7:00
60Samantha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR7:03
61Kevin NelsonMHigh Noon7:04
62Abigail WagnerFSouthern Tier SOAR7:11
63Connor DuffyMAuburn Pulsars7:12
63James MinerMUnattached7:12
65Sadie BeresFSouthern Tier SOAR7:16
66Billy SchultzMAuburn Pulsars7:17
67James LovellMSouthern Tier SOAR7:18
68Alaina KellerFUnattached7:21
69Charlee StromanFSouthern Tier SOAR7:23
70Ryann SlussserFSouthern Tier SOAR7:30
71Owen RipleyMSouthern Tier SOAR7:59
72Dan SheppardMAuburn Pulsars8:02
73Brody ZeiglerMSouthern Tier SOAR8:07
74Amelia SparlingFSouthern Tier SOAR8:14
75Caitlyn SlavinFSouthern Tier SOAR8:22
76Sabou DiakiteFSouthern Tier SOAR8:24
77Terri WoodfordFUnattached8:29
77Ella VargaFAuburn Pulsars8:29
79Deborah BlissFUnattached8:58
80Tabitha OakesFSouthern Tier SOAR9:02


1Sam LagasseMUnattached9:49
2Joe ThompsonMUnattached10:55
3Thomas KresslyMUnattached11:03
4Chris MasonMAuburn Pulsars11:05
5Ximing YinMUnattached11:17
6Aaron PerryMTCRC11:25
7Jeb ParilloMCandor CSD Club Runners11:28
8Casey CarlstromMHighnoon AC11:31
9Eric StamerMIthaca Crew11:38
10Andy McCabeMIthaca Crew11:38
11Jacob BelcherMUnattached11:54
12Steven KellerMUnattached12:10
13Tyler HillMUnattached12:15
14Reinhardt WendeMUnattached12:19
15Mark RybinskiMGVH12:31
16Aaron KellerMUnattached12:34
17Devin MottMIthaca Crew12:40
18Janak JuddMIthaca Crew12:41
19Howard IseriMFLRC12:42
20Klaas van WijkMFLRC12:49
21Veronica DaileyFUnattached12:52
22Michael RohlMMansfield12:54
23Nathaniel CutieMIthaca Crew13:02
24Anne Shafer-NolanFUnattached13:03
25Seth OrmsbyMIthaca Crew13:03
26Ian PhilipMIthaca Crew13:04
27Brandon MussoMUnattached13:06
28Cameron MeierMIthaca Crew13:15
29Ben ZerivitzMIthaca Crew13:17
30Hunter FlammMIthaca Crew13:18
31Reuben MacNaughtonMIthaca Crew13:19
32Steve Van HoofMIthaca Crew13:29
33Stephen CadouxMIthaca Crew13:39
34Spencer CadleyMIthaca Crew13:40
35Lance AmarilioMIthaca Crew13:46
36Gerrit Van LoonMUnattached13:51
37Alexa LohmullerFSouthern Tier SOAR13:52
38Andrew WilsonMIthaca Crew13:55
39Jack LampmanMIthaca Crew13:58
40Eric BredthauerMIthaca Crew14:05
41Kevin NelsonMHigh Noon14:24
42Colby McKayMIthaca Crew14:27
43Odell SanchezMIthaca Crew14:40
44Ethan MainesMIthaca Crew14:49
45James MinerMUnattached15:16
46Tom MassamMIthaca Crew15:32
47Vince CasianoMIthaca Crew15:42
48Shane AudetMIthaca Crew16:09
49Tito AntonettyMUnattached16:49
50Alex RizzoMIthaca Crew17:01
51Deborah BlissFUnattached17:28
52Robin Hadlock SeeleyFUnattached17:29


1Team JensenCandor CSD Club Runners3:51.6
2Team HemmenwayElmira3:53.0
3Team NelanElmira4:21.7
4Team SteedElmira4:27.4
5Team LavrinovichChenango Forks4:31.0
6Team BrooksElmira4:35.1
7Team KresslyUnattached4:53.1
8Team HermanCorning Hawks4:54.0
9Team O'ConnellCandor CSD Club Runners4:56.6
10Team UrbanCorning Hawks5:10.4
11Team ScheffeyWatkins Glen5:11.8
12Team TandonCorning Hawks5:12.7
13Team SlusserSouthern Tier SOAR5:24.1
14Team GaskieviczCorning Hawks6:00.9
15Team HoupSouthern Tier SOAR6:12.6
16Team SlusserSouthern Tier SOAR6:27.2
17Team SheppardAuburn Pulsars6:38.6
18Team WagnerSouthern Tier SOAR7:12.0
19Team DiakiteSouthern Tier SOAR7:43.1
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