August 2022 Outdoor Track Meet Results
6:00pm Tuesday August 16
Lansing High School | FLRC

Although some rain blew through earlier in the day, by the meet time it was merely cool and damp, with high clouds and sun breaking through. In other words, perfect running weather! And we had company, thanks to the return of the Southern Tier SOAR team and a 15-person contingent from Woodbridge High School that make the 4-hour trek from New Jersey. It ended up being our largest meet of the year, with 74 runners completing at least one event and 165 individual efforts. We didn’t have a professional photographer on hand this time, but I captured a few great shots of volunteers clowning around along with speedy runners against a picturesque sky. If you have any more to contribute, please upload them!

The meet kicked off on time with six heats of the 100m, with the first one focusing on “littles” like 2-year-old Guinevere Goldberg and Joel Kresock, plus 3-year-old Ava Hathaway. By the time we’d worked our way up to the final fast heat, Chris Ganley took the win for the men in 11.02 seconds, followed closely by Jacy Wilson in 11.14. The first woman was Liz Adebola of Woodbridge in 13.57, edging out her teammate Tatiana Camilo, who finished in 13.91.

Next up, in the 1600m race, Alexander Simpson ran away from the pack early on to take the win in 4:35, easily outpacing Woodbridge’s Joshua Manez in 5:07. On the women’s side, Melina Updale of Woodbridge ran an extremely strong 5:35 for the win, with Lansing’s Kathleen Sullivan second in 6:19. Also of note were Abigail Wagner of Southern Tier SOAR and Sophie Templier, age 11 and 10 respectively, who ran 6:24 and 6:24—impressive times for their ages. Kudos as well to 70-year-old Mike Homeyer, who dropped his 1600m time all summer, with a 7:40 in June, a 7:36 in July, and a 7:30 in August!

After the 1600m, we took a break for a five-team 4x100m relay, with the Woodbridge team winning in a speedy 56.07 seconds and a Lansing XC girls team placed second in 58.99.

Back at the individual races, we tried a 200m this month and ended up with seven heats. Woodbridge took the first five places and swept for both men and women, with Omar Dieguez first in 24.44, slipping past Cornelius Jackson in 24.82. Liz Adebola (29.58) and Tatiana Camilo (30.08) repeated their places from the 100m.

Our final individual event of the evening was the 400m, where Woodbridge achieved another sweep, with Osei Akuamoah-Boateng placing first in 55.81, just ahead of teammate Anthony Bechtold in 56.67. Melina Updale took her second win of the day in 1:03.74, besting teammate Lila Ulmer in 1:11.95.

But the meet wasn’t over, with our traditional 4x200m relay to close things out. Unsurprisingly, the Woodbridge A team posted a smoking fast 1:43 for the win, followed by the Woodbridge B team in 1:55. Third was a combined Lansing and New Jersey team in 2:04, but the real competition came in fourth and fifth, where the Lansing XC Daughters showed the Lansing XC Dads their heels, outpacing them by over 7 seconds.

As always, the meet was made possible by the highly amiable and capable efforts of the dedicated track volunteer team. Carl Franck reprised his role from July as head timer, Tom Rishel once again served as starter, with Adam Pacheck recording bibs for the 1600m and managing relay handoffs along with Jamie Loehr and Steve Wagner. Matt Scheffler set up the PA system and provided the Lansing starting blocks for our sprinters. Bob Talda stepped into the clerk of course role and kept everyone lining up on time. Jesse Koenecke managed Meet Manager with help from Dave Kania, who also timed and performed other essential tasks that cropped up. Tonya Engst held down the bib pickup table, recruited for the relays, and and answered runner questions. Heather Cobb did backup timing and helped wrangle the lane timers, including Aaron Proujansky, Brittany Cronk, Damian Clemons, and Michelle Wood. Thanks to everyone—and anyone I missed!—and for those who might like to join us next year, note that many of us went up to Scoops for some post-meet ice cream and socializing.

With luck, we’ll see everyone indoors in Barton Hall for our winter track series!


1Chris GanleyM21Unattached11.02
2Jacy WilsonM17Unattached11.14
3Kaleb LawrenceM15Unattached11.86
4Omar DieguezM20Woodbridge HS11.90
5Cornelius JacksonM18Woodbridge HS11.95
6Osei Akuamoah-BoatengM17Woodbridge HS12.09
7Bikramjit SinghM16Woodbridge HS12.46
8Liam UpdaleM14Woodbridge HS12.86
9Andres ValenciaM17Woodbridge HS13.18
10Abdur-Rahman OladojaM16Woodbridge HS13.39
11Dana WoodM46Unattached13.42
12Benjamin LambertM15Unattached13.53
13Liz AdebolaW16Woodbridge HS13.57
14Tatiana CamiloW15Woodbridge HS13.91
15Samuel CollinsM14Southern Tier SOAR14.05
16Kathleen SullivanW15Unattached14.58
17Mairead LyerlaW15Unattached14.73
18Lila UlmerW14Woodbridge HS14.76
19Liam IvesM10Unattached16.00
20Benjamin CollinsM12Southern Tier SOAR16.63
21Jack SalisburyM56Unattached16.99
22Aisley RuffW9Unattached17.98
23Leo MorseM10Unattached18.75
24David TsyrennikovM8Unattached18.78
25Magnolia RakowW8Unattached18.89
26Karen EllsworthW59Unattached19.27
27Danylo TsyrennikovM5Unattached19.84
28Joseph CollinsM10Southern Tier SOAR19.93
29Johnny CollinsM8Southern Tier SOAR20.00
30Kinsley SchefflerW7Unattached20.49
31Jesse CollinsM6Southern Tier SOAR20.57
32Matt HartmanM9Unattached21.40
33Clare HathawayW7Unattached23.13
34Gunner RodriguezM5Unattached24.39
35Jasper ChilsonM7Unattached25.28
36Simon WoodsM6Unattached26.10
37Guinevere GoldbergW2Unattached46.40
38Ava HathawayW3Unattached48.23
39Joel KresockM2Unattached1:57.93


1Omar DieguezM20Woodbridge HS24.44
2Cornelius JacksonM18Woodbridge HS24.82
3Bikramjit SinghM16Woodbridge HS26.11
4Liam UpdaleM14Woodbridge HS27.24
5Marcus CatipayM15Woodbridge HS28.17
6Dana WoodM46Unattached28.54
7Oliver LambertM17Unattached28.58
8Liz AdebolaW16Woodbridge HS29.58
9Tatiana CamiloW15Woodbridge HS30.08
10Liam IvesM10Unattached36.73
11David TsyrennikovM8Unattached41.92
12Aisley RuffW9Unattached42.58
13Magnolia RakowW8Unattached42.79
14Danylo TsyrennikovM5Unattached47.83
15Joe FrankM74Unattached49.28
16Jasper ChilsonM7Unattached1:11.64


1Osei Akuamoah-BoatengM17Woodbridge HS55.81
2Anthony BechtoldM16Woodbridge HS56.67
3Harry GreeneM31Unattached57.32
4Joshua ManezM19Woodbridge HS58.01
5Kaleb LawrenceM15Unattached1:00.72
6Abdur-Rahman OladojaM16Woodbridge HS1:02.77
7Benjamin LambertM15Unattached1:03.33
8William BosciaM13Unattached1:03.34
9Melina UpdaleW18Woodbridge HS1:03.74
10Thomas WellsM17Unattached1:05.67
11Samuel CollinsM14Southern Tier SOAR1:08.20
12Michael ThomasM17Woodbridge HS1:09.70
13Lila UlmerW14Woodbridge HS1:11.95
14Kathleen SullivanW15Unattached1:12.25
15Abigail WagnerW11Southern Tier SOAR1:13.27
16Damian ClemonsM48Unattached1:20.36
17Sophia MercurioW16Woodbridge HS1:20.77
18Liam IvesM10Unattached1:25.00
19Benjamin CollinsM12Southern Tier SOAR1:25.11
20Madison DoranW10Southern Tier SOAR1:27.35
21Leo MorseM10Unattached1:33.39
22Aisley RuffW9Unattached1:33.97
23Joseph CollinsM10Southern Tier SOAR1:34.81
24Magnolia RakowW8Unattached1:40.76
25David TsyrennikovM8Unattached1:42.10
26Kinsley SchefflerW7Unattached1:42.55
27Johnny CollinsM8Southern Tier SOAR1:45.77
28Karen EllsworthW59Unattached1:49.64
29Danylo TsyrennikovM5Unattached1:54.63
30Jesse CollinsM6Southern Tier SOAR1:59.89
31Eva ArisW4Unattached2:18.93
32Simon WoodsM6Unattached2:22.93
33Jasper ChilsonM7Unattached2:23.79


1Alexander SimpsonM20Unattached4:35
2Joshua ManezM19Woodbridge HS5:07
3Anthony BechtoldM16Woodbridge HS5:20
4Nicolas TemplierM38Unattached5:21
5Toby SalisburyM20Unattached5:26
6Isaac HendricksonM13Unattached5:28
7Melina UpdaleW18Woodbridge HS5:35
8William BosciaM13Unattached5:43
9Hugo TemplierM12Unattached5:53
10Cristos ArisM9Unattached5:56
11Michael ThomasM17Woodbridge HS6:01
12Pete KresockM39Unattached6:15
13Kathleen SullivanW15Unattached6:19
14Damian ClemonsM48Unattached6:23
15Sophia MercurioW16Woodbridge HS6:24
16Abigail WagnerW11Southern Tier SOAR6:24
17Sophie TemplierW10Unattached6:25
18Michelle WoodsW47Unattached6:29
19Jack SalisburyM56Unattached6:45
20Carrie HathawayW40Unattached6:57
21Duncan BellM57Unattached7:05
22Molly DoranW10Southern Tier SOAR7:08
23David TsyrennikovM8Unattached7:10
24Madigan WhiteW13Unattached7:23
25Mike HomeyerM70Unattached7:30
26Jamie LoehrM60Unattached7:39
27Liam IvesM10Unattached8:30
28Aisley RuffW9Unattached8:31
29Joseph SullivanM64Unattached8:40

4x100m RESULTS

1Woodbridge HS56.07
2Lansing XC Daughters58.99
3Tsyrennikov Bolts1:09.81
4Southern Tier SOAR1:19.89

4x200m RESULTS

1Woodbridge HS A1:43.52
2Woodbridge HS B1:55.45
3Lansing + NJ2:04.32
4Lansing XC Daughters2:09.48
5Lansing XC Dads2:16.61
6Southern Tier SOAR2:18.67
7Tsyrennikov Bolts2:53.53
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