Hammond Hill Trail Work 4/27—Volunteers Needed

Barkeaters and Stoneheads rejoice! Trail season is upon us, as the cherry trees blossom and the Mayapples burst forth. The spirit of Thom Bugliosi returns once again in two weeks for the FLRC’s spring trail opener, featuring one, two, or three loops for up to a full marathon’s worth of muddy mayhem!

This year our course is changing to spare the FLT section on the back portion of the course (off Y4), which adds a few feet to the course distance but is much more scenic and runnable. We will update the race website as soon as possible with this minor change. We figured y’all would appreciate the improved flow as you leap and bound through the forest.

To prepare the course, we are once again partnering with Mike Ludgate, Ann and Charlie Leonard, Red Newt Racing, and Friends of Hammond Hill for some trail work. Meet at the parking lot off Hammond Hill Road next Saturday, April 27, with hoes, rakes, shovels, and gloves — our goal is mostly water bar cleanup after a wet fall and spring. Meet at 9:00 AM at the Hammond Hill parking lot (the start of the Thom B race) on Hammond Hill Road. We should be done around noon-ish.

Our field is already half-full, with a cap of 150, so get with it and sign up today!

Your favorite zookeepers of Beastialis Barkeatis wishing you all a lovely spring—

~Mr. Hector & Mr. Eckshonn