Last Warrior Standing

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Come join us to see who will be the Last Warrior Standing.  This will be both a fun and competitive race for both leisure runners and competitive runners.  We want lots of participants so we have designed the race so even a beginner runner can complete the first couple rounds.  This race is a fundraiser for the United Community Center and the funds generated will go toward covering the costs associated with the upcoming events and programs we are providing for the community.  Register here. Here is a link to the community center’s facebook page. Registration includes a goodie bag full of goodies from our amazing sponsors and a race shirt.  The Last Warrior Standing will be the sole winner of the custom designed Last Warrior Standing medal.

The race starts at 1pm on Sunday with a horn start. Men and women will complete one mile (4 laps around the track) at whatever pace they choose, but they MUST complete each mile in the allotted amount of time for each round.  Those that complete the mile under the allotted amount of time for that round  will earn the right to continue to the next round.  Same rules apply for every round. The race continues in this format until there is only one “Warrior” remaining (standing). The lone athlete must be standing at the starting line ready for the next start to be declared the Last Warrior Standing and the winner.  In the event that the last remaining athletes do not complete the final mile in the allotted amount of time, the athlete with the fastest mile ran for that round will be declared the Last Warrior Standing.

Round number and allotted time per round:

Round 1: 15:00 minutes

Round 2: 14:00 minutes

Round 3: 13:00 minutes

Round 4: 12:00 minutes

Round 5: 11:00 minutes

Round 6: 10:00 minutes

Round 7: 9:00 minutes

Round 8: 8:00 minutes

Round 9: 7:30 minutes

Round 10: 7:00 minutes

Round 11: 6:30 minutes

Round 12: 6:00 minutes

Round 13: 5:30 minutes

Round 14: 5:00 minutes

Round 15: 4:30 minutes