Keuka Lake Relay Rally

Event Details

Join us for a unique running event- a cross between a relay and a road rally.  Gather up your team members, set your own route, hit the check-points, and return to the starting point for a post-race picnic.

Unlike other runs, YOU organize your team and YOU set your route.

See a road that’s a shortcut but has a steeper hill?  Make the climb or choose an alternate route.  This is the only race that lets YOU decide where you’ll run and how many miles each team member will run.

Teams are comprised of 3-8 individuals, with at least one runner on the ground at all times.  How you break up the legs of the race between your teammates is a decision for YOU to make.

Along the lake you’ll have 5 checkpoints to hit.  Stop in to each checkpoint and continue your journey the approximately 45 miles along beautiful Keuka Lake.

Finish back at Keuka Lake State Park for a post-race cook-out along the shores of Keuka Lake.