IronHike Endurance Inaugural Series – Mohawk Mountain, Connecticut, USA

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We Bring the Highest Mountains to You!
We rent a ski resort for 5 days to bring you IronHike…

The IronHike Endurance Series at Mohawk Mountain is a single or multi-day event that is part hike, part trail run, part group camping trip, part one-of-the-hardest-damn-things-you’ve-ever-done, and full-on badass mountain footslog.

You versus you and the mountain…

The IronHike Endurance Series is part of a new classification of events that combines physical, mental, and spiritual gumption. These are NOT races. No Podium, no age group awards, and no records to break. These challenges will change your life! Extraordinary events for ordinary people reaching further outside of their comfort zones!

Invest in yourself…

Differentiate yourself from the other 8 Billion of us on this planet! This is about you and the mettle in your own heart. It is about your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself.  Each summit takes you closer to overcoming the super-hard and provides you the opportunity to let this epic experience change you for the better.

What you get…

For each mountain athlete, we provide the mountain, hot food options, hydration station, ski-patrol medical support, parking, base camp for tenting for you, your team, and up to 6 tenting spectators in your group, spectator areas, restrooms, facilities, electronic timing, custom punchbibs, and a beastly blinged-out finishers’ medal for Individuals, FlexRelay Trail Buddy, and Trail Teams!

What you’ll do…

Hike it, run it, alone or together, or in our unique FlexRelay format with your trail family.
Rest when you need to. You will summit and descend the same mountain until reaching the equivalent elevation of the namesake mountain of your event. This is your extreme mountain long haul to manage and conquer!

Four simultaneous events…

12-hour single-day 15-miler, 48-hour 43-miler, 72-hour 62-miler Everesting Trek and the holy grail of Beyond-Everesting-Challenges, our 84-hour, 72,000 feet of elevation gain and loss Challenge, named Olympus Mons after the highest mountain in the solar system on Mars!


Mohawk Mountain Ski Area
46 Great Hollow Road
Cornwall, CT US 06753