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The 21 Run is a 5k Run/Walk at the Cornell Plantations in Ithaca, NY that honors the life and legacy of George Boiardi, a member of the Cornell Lacrosse Class of 2004. All funds raised at the event go to the Mario St. George Boiardi Foundation and are used to support the programs and causes that were close to George’s heart. Specifically, the Boiardi Foundation has passed the proceeds of the 21 Run on to the Ithaca Family Reading Partnership as a grant.

George was a captain of the Cornell Lacrosse team before his tragic passing during the 2004 season. As a passionate leader and loving friend, George touched countless lives, and continues to do so long after his passing. The 21 Run is our team’s biggest opportunity to honor and continue George’s legacy.

This year’s 21 Run will take place on Sunday, September 24th. Registration, bookmaking and read aloud will begin at 10:21 AM, followed by the 5K Run/Walk beginning at 11:21 PM. After the run there will be a raffle with a variety of prizes ranging from Cornell Lacrosse gear to Gift Cards from different businesses.

For individual runners, the registration fee is $21, for groups of 10-20 runners, the registration fee is $210, and for children under 13, registration is free. Pre-register at http://boiardifoundation.org/events/21-run-1/ or by emailing theboiaridfoundation@gmail.com. You can also register the day of. Additionally, we offer you the option to sponsor a runner! Each participant will also receive a 21 Run t-shirt and a Cornell Dairy Bar coupon

Whether you are running, walking, or just attending the 21 Run, the Cornell Men’s Lacrosse Team, the Boiardi Foundation, and the Ithaca Family Reading Partnership appreciate any support and any donations that you can offer!