FLRC Challenge 2022: Brookton Hill & Dale

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The 10.4-mile Brookton Hill & Dale course is our long road course for the year, encompassing the scenic hills and valleys of Brooktondale.

Click for Google Maps showing the start/finish


For post-run food, look no further than Brookton’s Market, which has various options for breakfast and lunch, plus ice cream from the cooler. If you tell the counter-people that you’re participating in the FLRC Challenge, they’ll give you a free cup of coffee or tea, or 10% off a sandwich (not groceries). Also, if you’re running on a Saturday and are done between 10 and 1, you can also amble over to the Brooktondale Farmer’s Market at the Brooktondale Community Center.

Start at Brookton’s Market. We have permission to park at Brookton’s Market on the side with the sign—do not park on the other side of the building, which is a different landowner. If the Brookton’s Market lot is full or it’s a busy time like a weekend morning, they recommend parking at the Brooktondale Community Center or at the Brooktondale Post Office, both of which are about a quarter-mile away in opposite directions on Valley Road.

Turn-by-turn RunGo directions are available; you can view them online and download them to the RunGo app on your smartphone (iOS or Android) or Apple Watch. Alternatively, follow these directions for a counter-clockwise run on the course map:

  • Start at Brookton’s Market and head northwest on Brooktondale Road toward Ithaca.
  • Take a left on Middaugh Road and run up to the intersection with Coddington Road. This is your big hill.
  • Turn left on Coddington Road and run about 2.5 miles to Ridgeway Road.
  • Turn left on Ridgeway Road and run until it intersects with White Church Road.
  • Turn left on White Church Road and run 3.0 miles back to Brooktondale.
  • Cross Valley Road and the bridge over the creek, then continue up Lounsberry Road. It’s a short, steep hill with a turn at the top, so be careful of cars here!
  • At the top of the hill, bear left onto Landon Road and continue a little over 0.5 miles until you reach Van Demark Road.
  • Turn left onto Van Demark Road and run down it (you’re welcome) to Brooktondale Road.
  • Take a right on Brooktondale Road, and you’ll be at the finish in a quarter-mile.