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Build a Better Running Body with FLRC’s Bodyweight Training Class

You know you should be incorporating strength work into your training to run faster and avoid injury. But gyms are closed and who wants to touch a weight machine anyway? To help our local running community get stronger, run better, and stay healthier, FLRC is organizing a 4-week class of twice-weekly outdoor bodyweight training sessions…. Read more »

RSVP for FLRC’s Annual Picnic on August 24th!

Please join us for fun, laughter, food and drink! FLRC will be hosting our Annual Picnic to appreciate our awesome volunteers and members. Bring the whole family—it’s a kid-friendly event. The picnic will take place from 4 to 7 PM at the pavilion at Upper Buttermilk State Park. Food will once again be provided by… Read more »

Upcoming Presentation! Gender Inclusivity in Running: Policy and Philosophy

Most sign-up forms for running races have a checkbox for Male and another for Female, but what about runners who don’t fit comfortably into one of those categories? This question has come up recently in FLRC board meetings, and now Kristine Newhall, an assistant professor of Kinesiology at SUNY Cortland, will be giving a presentation about the… Read more »

Annual Picnic at Upper Buttermilk State Park on August 25th from 4–7 PM

The FLRC annual picnic will take place on August 25th, 2018, from 4–7 PM at the Upper Buttermilk State Park pavilion. All members are welcome at this fun picnic, where we’ll have food from Jacob Marnell of Fitnell Foods Catering and beer from Hopshire Farm & Brewery, as well as other beverages and cake. Admission is free,… Read more »

Finger Lakes 50s: A Race of Ice and Fire

We really hope you’ve had a chance to cool down a little since race day. Now in the Fifties’ thirty-first year, the Finger Lakes National Forest dished out what we believe is the hottest race day on record. With temperatures reaching close to 100°F by mid-afternoon, we also doled out a record tonnage of ice…. Read more »

FLRC Annual Meeting Celebrates 50 Years of Running on March 18th

Join us for the 50th anniversary of the Finger Lakes Runners Club! On March 18th from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Joe’s Restaurant, we’ll be providing light appetizers and brief remarks about past, present, and future of the club. We’ll also have exhibits of memorabilia from the good old days of running in Ithaca…. Read more »