Congratulations to the stalwart milers who posted the fastest times across at least four of FLRC’s seven 2017 track meets and thus won awards in our first ever MITHACAL MILE SERIES! You can see the full final results online.

We had an award ceremony at the Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon Store (thanks, Ian and Cate!) on September 1st, where winners enjoyed sushi and macaroons and received (as appropriate) copies of the classic novel “Once a Runner” or the fabulous “The Perfect Mile.” The runners were joined by their coaches and families, plus volunteers who have been essential to the track meets.

Our goal in creating this series was to encourage runners young and old not just to run their best, but to do so consistently. It was especially great to see so much competition in the 1-10 and 11-15 age groups, where there were as many as five kids who ran four races.

Age Group  Winner       Avg. Time #Racers
 1-10  Elizabeth Baroody  6:12.42 12
 11-15 Faithe Ketchum     5:50.15 34
 40-49 Tonya Engst        6:57.23 16
 1-10  Owen Gasper        6:04.02 28
 11-15 Oliver Baroody     5:37.08 50
 16-19 Stephen Thompson   5:05.64 43
 30-39 Phil Kwasney       5:25.00 7
 40-49 Jesse Koennecke    6:01.78 22
 50-59 Keith Eggleston    5:32.93 30
 70+ David Keifer         6:51.08 8


We hope to see more people completing the necessary four races in the series in 2018! We’ll be kicking off the indoor season on January 14th, with subsequent meets on February 18th and March 4th. Mark your calendars!